(OT) Horror2: TN vs App State 7:30 SECN Open Thread

Submitted by UMProud on September 1st, 2016 at 7:57 PM

Hoping for a Thursday night creature feature horror show!




September 1st, 2016 at 8:00 PM ^

App State up 7-3 early. Would love to see Tennessee flop this year. Not quite sure why. I think I have lingering angry feelings toward Phil Fulmer and I can't remember why. Something about 1997 voting?


September 1st, 2016 at 8:03 PM ^

Ugly return....was reading up on the school_that_must_not_be_named and they appear to have a pretty good team this year.  Love that Game of Thrones music the band is playing!


September 1st, 2016 at 10:00 PM ^

Does hearing about that game really get to you at this point? Honest question. I really don't mind it at this point. Shit happened, I'm over it. I feel the same about the MSU game last year. I was speechless for the ride home with my dad and needed a couple days to process it, but after that I was pretty good. Other than a drunk argument I got in with a Spartan fan about how I thought the officiating was pretty bad. 

EDIT: In that agrument, I also made the mistake of trying to reference the post on here (I'm pretty sure it was Brian's) going through all of the calls and estimating the point differential from the calls. While I think it was an interesting post, it probably made no sense when I was drunkenly explaining it. 


September 1st, 2016 at 8:11 PM ^

Anybody else rooting for Tennessee? Not like I actively root against App State or something, but I'd just like to see Tennessee rise up in the SEC again.