OT: Hoosier Quest?!?!

Submitted by wildbackdunesman on November 13th, 2011 at 9:15 AM

Ever so quietly, the Indiana Hoosiers have been putting together a spectacular season.  0-6 in the B1G with games left against MSU and Purdue...two teams playing for a lot - the CCG and a bowl game.

Indiana has had a few close games, does anyone know their chances of being one of the worst teams in the past decade or two?


Sat, Oct 1 1-4 (0-1)
Sat, Oct 8 1-5 (0-2)
Sat, Oct 15 1-6 (0-3)
Sat, Oct 22 1-7 (0-4)
Sat, Oct 29 1-8 (0-5)
Sat, Nov 5 1-9 (0-6)




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Terry Hoeppner was a really good coach.  He was in the process of turning them around - maybe not into a contender, but probably into a Northwestern-type program that could regularly earn bowl trips.  His passing was a horrible blow for IU.  The year after his death, they reached a bowl, but Bill Lynch couldn't keep the momentum going after that.




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Are such huge rivals with that protected crossover game (just like UM-osu) that you know Indiana has just been Savin it up all year for the brass spittoon.


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Their scoring ratio is 32%.  Scoring ratio is the percentage of total points in Indiana games that Indiana scores (i.e. point scored / (points scored + opponent points scored) )

So, while not as bad as some historically bad teams... it's still pretty bad.


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You better hope Kevin Wilson doesn't read this!


As a note about that interview, I think he underestimated the task in front of him:

" Every year is a different year. Every year is a different year. Every season is a different season. Past successes, past failures have nothing to do with the future. The young men are working pretty hard. … We look forward to the challenges. It's not climbing Mount Everest. I just don't like being [unintelligible] with guys cracking jokes about our program."

Although he is right, Indiana coaches likely have a much higher failure rate.


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They may go 0-8 in league play, but those margins of defeat aren't historically bad.  They're pretty typical for a last-place team.  There's only one really horrible performance in there (the 59-7 loss to Wisconsin).


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I think Gopher quest only really got going after they were drubbed by Purdue (who, at the time, was presumed to be the 2nd worst team in the B1G -- Until OSU helped them out).  If purdue could go up on them by 28, the sky was the limit for gopher quest.  Indiana hasn't had anything so historically bad, just normal bad.

Would be interested in the results of gopher quest if Iowa didn't exist....


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If IU had even a functional defense, they'd be fighting for a bowl.  It's a decent little offense but they simply do not have the talent to compete on the defensive side of the ball.  Either they need to get a really innovative HC/DC in there who can make it work with moderate talent (like Casteel or Patterson down at TCU),  or they just need to go full offense and play like Houston or Okie St.  This mini-MANBALL approach on the defensive side isn't doing them any favors, and their offense, while solid, isn't creative enough to give good defenses much heartache.


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to be "my team" and the team that plays their rival.  But over the past several years, Dantonio's charm has really done a number on my fandom sensibilities.  This week my 2 teams are Michigan and IU.  Next week it's Michigan and Northwestern.  The following week I will likely be cheering for the champion of the Leaders division.  With a vengeance.


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I hope the Big Ten will organize the Big Ten Cellar Dweller Bowl at an exotic location that is somehow warm and shitty. Maybe at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, where the military base is somehow still open. (Way to keep your word Barack) Either way, if those prisoners thought waterboarding was bad, wait till they have to sit through 60 minutes of Minnesota and Indiana attempting passes, trying to tackle and missing field goals.