OT: Honest Question for MGoBlog Community re: off-season practice

Submitted by GoBlue007 on February 9th, 2011 at 10:19 AM

All, I am not trying to be funny or provide a facetious undertone by this post - I truly do not understand the rules and am reaching out to our Community for perspective:  Georgia recently indefinitely suspended its lead running back Washaun Ealey for disciplinary reasons (CLICK HERE).  I applaud Mark Richt for instilling accountability into his team; however, the reason he was disciplined was because he missed a "punishment run." 

Presumably this is common practice at campuses and Coach Carr was famous for his morning stadium stairs runs in the off-season, nonetheless, it seems that our Program has been recently chastised for our interpretation of what constitutes as countable practices hours (both during and off-season) where "punishment runs" would be permissible while GA is not.

Again, not trying to do anything from this post other than get an answer as to why it might be allowed at GA but constitute as reprimand at our Program. Is there something in the rules that I am missing?

Thanks, Go Blue



February 9th, 2011 at 10:22 AM ^

Because the Georgia newspapers don't have a vendetta against Mark Richt. And, it's the SEC, if they aren't going to stop blatantly oversigning what makes you think they're going to stop subtly overpracticing. 


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You're allowed to instill punishment during the school year but not over the summer while the kids are in summer school.  That's why UM got in trouble on the punishment stuff, because it happened over the summer.  So going back to Carr, all of those punishments occurred during the normal school year, which is fine.



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but if you're teling me otherwise, I have no reason to doubt you and I would amend what I said above about the Carr punishments.   But, it doesn't really change the point that for whatever reason the NCAA draws the line at punishing kids, in UM's case for skipping class, between during the normal school year and in the summer, at least that's my understanding.




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All summertime workouts must be voluntary.  For a workout to be considered voluntary, Bylaw 17.02.13 says that the player must initiate and request it and  must have the right to refuse to do it without repercussion.  Accordingly, any workout that is done as punishment in the summertime violates the rules, unless the player volunteers to be punished.


During the school year, conditioning can be used as a punishment, but it would be countable against the time limits for mandatory conditioning (8 hours/week out of season or 20 hours/week in season).