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I sit in front of a computer all day at work, then do the same once I get home as I teach online and am working on my dissertation. Sitting has taken its toll on me, so I've been looking to start a home workout routine. Been doing pushups and struggling with chin ups, so I figure it's time to start actually following a routine. 

I've been looking at the workout programs at the beachbody website, considering one of the p90 workouts or body beast. Anyone have experience with these workout videos, or have any recommendations for a good routine to follow at home with dumbbells and a pull up bar? 



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loves P90x, and I've seen it work for him over the course of the summer. For me, I really like Insanity tapes when it's a day where making the gym isn't in the cards.

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Hammer, Chisel, T25, HardCore22

If you have been sedentary - it might be better to start off with these prior to P90X

T25 is pretty hard on the knees - HC22 is less pounding 

chisel really is a good place to start becasue it focuses on balance and core - which will serve you well as you progress into other workouts

I have had two friends who fully committed to P90X, and it was great but huge commitment

If you have time restraints these workouts are shorter(shortest to longest) and definitely make you stronger.



Hammer - Chisel


More than anything- the food and drink you put into your body makes a huge difference.

I lost 30 pounds in 2 months doing Whole 30 - and all of my biometrics - BP, Cholesterol, BMI, Triglycerides were markedly improved.

Good Luck - and seriously - pick something and just do it


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IF you eat correctly and do Focus T25 you will see results instantly.


Ive been doing Focus T25 for 5 weeks (just completed last week) and lost 11 pounds. 


But I have to admit the workouts were simple and most of the weight loss has to be attributed to eating correctly. Mix in alot of greens and protiens with fruits and you'll see results


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If your looking to lose weight, i would go with P90x. Its more cardio based and fewer weights required. T25 is good as well, if you are short on time, as its only 25 mins a day. Body Beast is better for strength training, but requires dumbbells up to 50-80 pounds (depending on your strength). I've done all 3 and they are all good, just depends on what you are looking for. Good luck

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To the OP who doesn't have a ton of time, P90X might not be the most friendly. Each workout runs an hour+, and the yoga is like 1 hour 30 minutes. I have done P90, Insanity, T25. I like them all for different reasons. T25 was great, but went too damn fast. I think Insanity is a good medium between the two.


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You might want to consider a standing desk. Resolve to stick with it for the first couple of weeks and I promise you, you will not want to go back and you'll feel a hell of a lot better throughout the day.

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I'll second the standing desk - much better for you in just about every respect than a tradition desk setup and even better, I have one of those that can lower to a normal level if you do need to sit down for any reason, which won't be very often typically. For my building specifically, we also have paths through the habitat out back, so we actually have walking meetings during the spring and summer too and people like me who do a lap around the building a few times each day too.


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Walking meetings are a really cool idea to encourage activity. I wish the company I work for would encourage good health more other than doing stuff on your own time. My business is full of obese lazy people (at least when it comes to exercise), and health isn't ever a topic of concern among those that are further up the food chain. Bet it would stir a few laughs if I brought the idea up, but I think businesses that require a lot of desk/meeting time should start getting involved in more open-minded ideas that encourage activity and good health while on the job.

Great concept. Thanks for the idea.


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Agreed, I usually take my shoes off as well which helps.  Also you want to make sure your monitor is at the right height so you are not looking down at it.  Last, agreed with the other commenter who said it's important to move around still, and don't be afraid to go back and forth between sitting and standing.

It really has changed my work life.  I feel so much better at the end of the day - not groggy and tired like I used to.  It's easy to not stick with it, but if you make sure to do it for a couple of weeks it will become your routine and then it's easy.


EDIT: "are not" looking down at your monitor.


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So here's what I do. If you follow this, all the ladies will swoon for your dad bod.

Run three houses past your house on the sidewalk, don't go too fast, make sure your daughter can keep up. Then, run back three houses and dance around when you get back to your house for 10 seconds. Drink some juice. Next, run three houses in the opposite direction down the sidewalk. Again, running at a speed as to not distance yourself from a two year old who may or may not dart into the street. Turn back, run back to house and dance for 10 seconds. Drink beer.

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If you're looking to lose weight and just get in shape. P90X and Insanity work. 

If you're looking to really push your limits, I suggest looking up calisthenics workouts on Youtube that are based off of gymnastics bar/ring work. Some interesting channels you should check out include... 



Bar Brothers 

Al Kavadlo

Sam Tribble

Fitness on the Run




Oh and stay the hell away from Crossfit. 


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If you follow through on the whole thing, you'll definitely see results. Not because there is anything special about the stuff they do, but because you'll be doing an intense workout an hour and a half a day, 6 days a week. Lots of routines will have the same effect if you do put that much time and consistent effort into it. The problem with it, and any video routine, is that they don't really set you up for long term success once they end. That kind of intensity is hard to maintain. Case in point, I lost like 25 lbs doing p90x, and promptly gained it all back within 6 months because I had no plan for what to do afterward. I've since been more consistent with working out, but that is my cautionary tale. So, if you can avoid that problem, go for it. It'll kick your ass but you'll be in better shape at the end of it.


May 12th, 2016 at 7:21 PM ^

I didn't follow the diet plan to the letter, but I did set a calorie cap and tried to make sure a reasonable percentage of those calories came from protein.  If you aren't trying to GET SWOLL, BRO, you don't need to eat 10 chicken breasts every day to get the protein you need. Food is incredibly important in the whole process, though, so don't slack off on that aspect.  You can work out until you're blue in the face, but you probably won't lose the weight you want if you eat like shit.


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I hate the gym.  And i hate working out for that matter.  Never had to worry about that though because i used to play in a basketball league and a flag football league so i got plenty of exercise.   But its been a few years since i've stopped playing in those leagues.   So i had put on some weight since then.   So back in the beginning of April i decided to cut out a lot of the shitty food i eat.  And cut out pop.   I've lost 18 pounds since April 2nd and i haven't gone to the gym or worked out once.  Another 12 pounds and i'm down to where i was when i used to still play sports and be in excellent shape.    I drive a lot for work so i'm sitting on my ass for many hours a day too and i was pretty surprised how well just eating healthier helped the pounds slide off.  


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Lost 20 pounds with no other change over about 6 months. I didn't even gp strict Adkins, I would stick to whatver protein I wanted (even fried chicken) with a small salad for lunch and dinner, but I still drank milk and had cheese (which are not allowed on Adkins at first). I would even have a burger on the weekend, with bun, but no fries. I basically cut out chips (initially a big deal for me) fries, rice, bread (during the week) and potatoes, and that was it. Worked great.


May 11th, 2016 at 5:45 PM ^

I would predict that if anyone with even a somewhat reasonable diet just cut out refined sugars, they will see results. Pile that on top of a diet heavy in lean protein, vegetables and fruits, and you will see great results. Sure, it takes a lot of work to get into great shape, but its doesn't take a huge adjustment to get into good shape. Get rid of processed foods, which will cut out a lot of sugar intake, drink water instead of all other things (milk is fine, I just don't really like it) and some moderate excercise will make a huge difference especially if you stay committed. If there is some sort of regimen I would lean toward, it would be paleo but I have found that for me, just getting rid of sugar was a huge deal. Until you sit down and really look at how many things you eat/drink that contain a refined sugar, you don't really realize how simple that change can be and how much it can do for you. 


May 11th, 2016 at 10:58 AM ^

I have drastically cut my soda intake, as my HDL cholesterol is way too high (sugar has a huge effect). LaCroix is good, but depends on the flavor. I've found good flavors in Dasani and Schwepps. 

Regardless, sparkling water is a good substitute.


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I can't drink coffee and phased out energy drinks due to the sugar(needed more sugar to make coffee palatable).  Now I buy the energy powders which are workout supplements such as ON Amino Energy(One I take every morning).

Low/no calories and I dare say healthier than an energy drink and doesn't make me feel like I'm dying of an ulcer like coffee does when I try to drink it.


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I started eating really healthy two months ago and I'm done 20-25 lbs. I don't workout at all right now. Hell when I gained all the weight I was playing indoor soccer two times a week plus basketball another day. It's amazing how just eating better makes such a difference.

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As a certified Health Coach for many years I applaud you. DIet is king with weight loss, exercise is additive. People that lose weight by changing their exercise only usually gain it all back because they're creating a deficit, but one that takes time and energy outside of what you'd normally do. When that time gets taken over or they get hurt what happens? They are stuck to the diet, because you eat everyday no matter what. Best to control that first.


Great work!


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I mix in p90x, running, random cardio based videos and yoga each week. I can't stand doing just one kind of workout too often, so I mix it up. Keeps me more motivated and, IMO gets me in better overall shape

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like any program, it will work if you work it. the biggest key to any workout plan that people tend to largely ignore is the diet. also, some will say that you can eat whatever you want as long as you keep your calories down. two things, if you've been at the same weight for a while, and now you want lose, you can have marginal success by simply starting a workout. however, if you don't change your diet and stop working out, you WILL gain it all back. Diet is literally the biggest factor when it comes to losing weight and maintaining. i view exercise as fine tuning. it's crucial to build good eating habits and stick with them. p90x has an awesome diet plan, but it's pretty intense, so could be easy to fall off of once the program ends.

I've had really really great success by making a conscious effort to reduce carbs (not eliminate, reduce. you will fall apart if you try to go atkins crazy to like 20g/day). just limit yourself to like one piece of bread/day. don't get potatoes with dinner, etc. be super careful about sugar. simple choices that are actually sustainable. get a large portion of your calories from protein. i go with 180-200g/day because I'm trying to add muscle right now, but just make sure you're getting lots of protein with every meal. it basically comes down to at least being conscious of the fact that everything you eat is a choice, and making an honest effort to make the right choice. you know what is generally healthy and what generally isn't. let that instinct guide you