OT... Hockey/Wings question and UM hoops quetion

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Couple of random questions. Don't get to discuss hockey out here. 

Who on our hoops team might go pro?  Poole? Teske? Iggy? Odds on Teske are low, I hope.  If Iggy and Poole go pro, that will hurt.


I don't follow hockey like I used to.  Love the sport, just doesn't get much coverage out here. ESPN used to cover. Hope they will again. But my question...

Right now the Wings have 41pts and the worst team, 1st overall pick Senators, have 39 points. So if we should lose a couple more games and get 1st pick, it's Hughes and only Hughes for the Wings, right? 



Go Blue!




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this is 100% right on.  I am going to enjoy every game.  No need to even spend 1 minute thinking about anything but this team and this year. 


Wing should trade anyone they can at the deadline (even for a used puck bag) with about 5 exceptions.  and pray for the ping pong balls to fall their way so they can pick up Hughes.  

Lose for Hughes!!!!

Good new is, no matter what happens Stevie Y will fix it all starting this summer. 



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As far as the Wings, it depends who you ask.  For the past year, it seems Jack Hughes was the automatic #1 pick.  After the most recent World Juniors this past month, some people have his stock waning to #2 and Kaapo Kakko as the new #1 player. 

I personally prefer a Center, so I would say Jack Hughes would be our preferred pick.  But, YMMV and I think both are great players.


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The Wings picked up Joe Veleno with the 30th pick. He's a centerman and was thought to be a top 15 pick by the analysts.  The Wings couldn't believe he was there at 30.  Granted it's Juniors, but he's sitting on 60 points in 33 games with a +/- of +37 (!) this season.  Them's good numbers.  We'll see where he is in a couple years.

Reggie Dunlop

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Working off memory here, but I believe Veleno's junior team is just steamrolling everybody this year. Not that his numbers aren't impressive, but a little less so when every single guy on the team has an insane +/-.

(Edit: I had to check. Better than I remembered. One goal off the team lead. Leads team in assists and points. His +/- is 4th on the team, so that part was right. But he's definitely a top dog for Drummondville which is 33-9-1.  http://theqmjhl.ca/stats/team_players/190/14


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Honestly, it's worth paying to watch them play this year. They aren't good by any stretch, but the kids can play, and are fun to watch.

Fill out one more line and pairing with quality youth, coach up a couple guys, get some experience, and these guys will be decent in a couple years.


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The Wings also have to deal with the draft lottery. Finishing with the worst record only gives you a 18.5% chance of getting the #1 pick and a 49% chance of staying in the top 3.


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I think it depends on the tourney. If Poole pulls a Divencenzo (who went from no draft stock to first round in a game), he will go. But I really think Iggy and Poole will come back next year.

Teske is a G league guy in my opinion. I'm rooting for him but I just don't see the NBA in his future. The NBA is such a hard league to make it in, and in my opinion it is far and away the hardest


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Granted, poole does have some draft stock now and is a projected 2nd rounder by some. But he could play into a first rounder, so it would be worth his time to stay. I also feel like some of the Iggy hype has worn off a little and he doesn't have quite as much 1st round stock.

This is all fluid though.But I still think Iggy and Poole should come back unless they are sure fire first rounders


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Thanks.  I feel like I know a little more about UM hoops than hockey. 

I think Teske's huge frame and being coached on fundamentals is a big plus.  He can hit the outside shot, like he did in HS from what I read.  Inside/outside guy 7 footer? I think he can make to the NBA. Not sure though. 


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Hoops: Everyone's too short and too small for the NBA.

Hockey: Yes on Hughes.  If we finish second in the lottery, Kakko would be a nice consolation prize.  



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I still think hughes would be the #1 pick. Yes he is small, but the kid is so freaking smart. He is fast, great passer, and has an average shot. He will definitely grow into being a great player over the years. I think he will start in the AHL tho. 


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That’s what I thought. I believe that only applies to CHL players. College and teams outside NA can go to the AHL. 

I think he needs to add some size and strength in the lower body against the bigger players of the NHL. We are seeing with Zadina how different juniors/college is from the NHL. 

The Fugitive

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Matthews is gone.

Iggy has come back down to earth a little bit, I personally don't think he has the athletic ability to be a long term NBA guy.  Not trying to knock him but I'm not sure how well his game translates.  He seems to have an 'old man' / below the rim game, like a poor man's Paul Pierce.  To me, if he picks it up he's one of the guys who should leave sooner than later if he wants to be paid.  Sometimes guys who stick around get scouted to death and their nits are picked.

Poole needs to be more consistent.  He's shooting better than early in the season but his scoring output is not as steady as it could be.  Ball handling could improve as well but I think he can become a good shot creator for himself and others.  He could be a really good end of shot clock option next year.

I would be flabbergasted if Teske leaves but holy crap would it be amazing to see him play well enough to get there.


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If Michigan plays well enough and dominates to where Iggy/Poole/Teske (although I really don't see NBA in Teskes future) all declare after winning a title, I won't be the slightest bit disappointed. There would definitely be a dropoff next year, but they would deliver and championship and make their ultimate dream come true. 

Hold This L

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Eh, wrong on the wings. Kappo kakko looks really good and is more NHL ready. Hughes ceiling is higher but kakko’s floor is a lot higher. I would be fine with either one of them. Especially if we pick second then the choice is taken out of your hands. That way if one ends up way better, you had no choice. It’s essentially those two and then everyone else. Not quite mcdavid and eichel level, but like Patrick and hischier level. 


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I have a feeling the Wings will get screwed in the lottery. Having said that, I’m all in on the lose for Hughes train. IMO Despite how bad their blue line is, another top scoring center is needed more.


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Lose for Hughes! The Wings do have pieces for a good, young core. Cholowski looks like a keeper and Larkin is maturing and competing every night. Berruzzi is a pest. If AA and Mantha can figure out what ‘every night’ means, throw in Zadina and Veleno and you have something. 

Poole has what Brazdeikis and especially Teske do not have—wiggle. Brazdeikis is more of a straight line drive guy. Teske is just a hair above earth-bound. Iggy can get there. Teske is a role player. 


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RE: Mantha and AA.

Don’t fall for the “consistency” garbage from Blashill and his slurp lackeys: Helene and Khan. 

Abdelkader has scored one goal in his last 30+ games and routinely logs 20 minutes of ice time per game. Hronek, who has scored 5 points in 5 games, was scratched last night to make room with Dekeyser coming back, while Ericsson brings absolutely nothing on a nightly basis.

Until the same accountability of producing “every night” is applied to the vets AND the young guys, you should side-eye anyone who brings up the consistency argument.



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I would say mattews and Iggy have the best shot. Teske has less than a 10% chance of getting drafted at this point. Regardless we have 2 more recruits coming in next season including the three 4 star freshman currently sitting on the bench. Michigan basketball is in good hands for at least the next 2 seasons 

Hotel Putingrad

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Wings will take Hughes if they're #1, but Kakko would be a nice consolation prize.

Unfortunately, with our luck, we'll end up with the third pick and miss out on both, Holland and Blashill will sign matching 4-year contract extensions, and Steve Yzerman will be named GMi of the new Seattle franchise.

Iggy and Poole are both gone as first round locks. Matthews gets taken mid-second round.


The Pharaoh of Filth

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No one on the basketball team is ready for the NBA

But, like many before them who were also not ready (Hardaway, Robinson, Burke, Harris, Stauskas, Levert, McGary, Wagner, DJ,) Three will go: Matthews, Iggy, Poole.

They will flail about helplessly, like the others, for several years, and get many threads here on the odd night they manage to actually score baskets in the right hoop for as many as 10 points, and everyone will shout about how Michigan gets players ready for the Big Time.


January 15th, 2019 at 10:29 PM ^

This is true. Levert, in my opinion, is the only that has true all star potential. Hardaway really is a bit of a ball hog and gets 20 points frequently because of it (I only say that because he's the one people fawn over a lot).

That being said, the NBA is incredibly hard to make it into. The fact that most the guys Beilein gets are in the 60-150 range in terms of ranking, it is quite incredible that he gets guys into the NBA often. A lot of people forget that most of the stars in the NBA we're top recruits and lottery picks. There's only so much that Beilein or the guys can do 


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On hockey. The NHL has a draft lottery like the NBAs. It isn’t quite as weighted as the NBAs so teams from far down can and do win it.

Having said that, I also want the Wings to lose.

As far as Hughes goes, he didn’t have a great WJC so he may have slipped a bit in the draft order.