OT: High Times in Iowa City

Submitted by Geaux_Blue on December 28th, 2010 at 1:45 PM

Coming off the heels of the DJK "drug house" arrest(s) and Iowa confirming that players have been cheating their testing, news has emerged regarding suspended Hawkeye RB Adam Robinson:

Suspended Iowa RB Adam Robinson (941 rush yds, 11 TD) arrested and charged with marijuana possession

AFAIK, no information was given about his suspension and the reasoning behind this but these charges appear to be new. It would be crazy if he was suspended from the bowl for failing a drug test and then got arrested for possession during that suspension. FWIW, on December 14th, Ferentz said the following

While Adam has been cleared medically, he will not be participating in the upcoming Insight Bowl game as a result of failing to comply with team expectations and policies. Adam will have the option to rejoin the team when classes resume in January.

Fans of the Hawkeyes are quick to blame the coaching staff for these problems, most specifically for Ferentz's choice of graduate assistant in charge of running backs and wide receivers. 



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The players just need to deny that they knew they were smoking marijuana, maybe say that it was a gift from their parents and they thought it was cooking spice. 


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for academic reasons. He was just cooling his heels with a friend back home and got into more trouble. Unfortunately, this might be enough to boot him from the team as he has been on thin ice. Iowa has two really good RB recruits coming in so it should not be that big of a deal.

On your other note, a Mr. Soup Campbell is coaching the WRs at Iowa so let's not throw too many stones that direction.

Zone Left

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Adam Robinson getting suspended is a huge deal.  You don't want to have to rely on a Freshman to be a solid player before they even arrive on campus.  A RB can adjust more easily than most, but will typically struggle with route running, blocking (blitz pick-up), and with trying to bounce everything for huge gains.


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Really?  Iowa has two good RB recruits coming in?  Who?  I assume one is McCall, the guy who picked the Hawkeyes over such powers as Purdue and Illinois.  He's a guy who could be solid in a few years, but not exactly a sure-fire instant contributor.  Is Rodney Coe a running back?  He's a monster, but I thought they would put him on defense. 

st barth

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First, OSU implodes with a tattoo for autograph scandal and now Iowa is losing bodies to marijuana laws.  What's next, a stripper scandal  at Wisconsin?  Child porn at MSU?  Slavery at Illinois?  Good grief.


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Michigan ends up with the harshest penalties.

For stretching an extra 8 - 20 minutes a day.


Edit:  BUT... if the Wisconsin plays say they didn't know she was a stripper, the MSU plays say they didn't know it was children, and the Illinois players say they didn't know it was slavery, they could get away with virtually no punishment.


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Rich Rod should just arbitrarily call timeouts in the first quarter and spike the ball on 4th a few times to beef up his "poor clock management" or "inadequate clock education" defense to any future practice-gate scenarios. 


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To me (outside of the long hair and the beard) I think these two quarterbacks are extremely similar in their demeanor at the quarterback position. Brady didn't put up the greatest numbers in college and was overlooked because of it and I think the same thing is happening to Stanzi.