OT: High School Football Starts

Submitted by uncle leo on August 25th, 2016 at 9:09 AM

Tonight! Always fun following the teams around here.

Who's your team, how are they looking for 2016?



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I have moved quite it bit over the years (28 addresses in 34 years of marriage). We tend to support the local team!  Wayland Wildcats is the only Green and White I will ever give a shout out!



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Wolves. Best helmets in High School football. They are not the juggernaut they were a couple of years ago but they are always in the mix. Big test against Lapeer on Friday. I recommend anybody with a chance to do so to head to the Big House for that tilt.


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Lapeer is ridiculous.  They have only played 22 games in program history and 7 have been shutouts.  Not to mention that they have only scored less than 35 points 6 times in program history and 2 of those six they scored 34 points. 

Hail To The Blue

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The Alpena Wildcats way up here in Northeast Lower MI; only green and white I'll cheer for. We're on our fifth coach in five years or something like that. Haven't had a winning season in god knows how long, and we're 4-12 in openers since 2000. We're playing the hated Eskymos of Escanaba. New coach is running the Wing-T, so we'll see how it goes. I'm just excited to watch some football again.

uncle leo

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Of play are why I enjoy college and high school more than professional NFL. You see so many different styles of offense and defense, from power, spread, pass-happy, etc... None of that can happen in the NFL where the players are way too athletic for anything other than forward momentum. The stretch play NEVER works.


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But here in Georgia we got it kicked off last weekend with the Corky-Kell Classic, a now two-day weekend marathon of top matchups in the Georgia Dome. IMG plays at Grayson this Saturday and I'll be there for that one.


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Harper Creek all the way. I know they were down last year but usually a good bet to make the playoffs. Every five years or so they make a run until a catholic school from Detroit ruins everything.

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My wife teaches at Cypress Springs here in Texas and we always enjoy showing spirit and supporting the kids in extracurricular activities. An extra school may be added if I complete my student teaching in a few months and/or get hired at another school.


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Speaking of which, i know Kurt taylor transferred to a new High school (power house program) in Georgia and there 1st game is going to be televised on espn and  i beleive they play IMG. Does anybody the date and time they will be on, i would like to see that game. Any help would be appreciated. 


August 25th, 2016 at 10:46 AM ^

Can't get the image to embed, but here you go: http://espnmediazone.com/us/files/2016/06/2016-GEICO-ESPN-HIGH-SCHOOL-F…

Saturday, August 27

IMG Academy (FL) vs. Grayson (GA)
6 p.m. on ESPN2 from Grayson High School in Loganville, Ga.
•IMG Academy currently has twelve ranked ESPN 300 ranked players, including No. 5 Robert Beal, the No. 1 ranked DE in the country
•Grayson was a GHSA 6A semifinalist last year and currently has five ESPN 300 ranked players including No. 10 DeAngelo Gibbs, the No. 2 ranked ATH in the country

American Heritage (FL) vs. Colquitt County (GA)
8 p.m. on ESPNU from Mack Tharpe Stadium in Moultrie, Ga.
•American Heritage is led up front by two OT’s, No. 43 Tedarrell Slaton and No. 106 Kai-Leon Herbert, as well as No. 249 CB Marco Wilson
•Colquitt County has won back-to-back GHSAA 6A state titles, finishing ranked #2 in the country according to USA Today at 15-0; they enter the season with a 30 game win streak

Bishop Gorman (NV) vs. Cedar Hill (TX)
9 p.m. on ESPN2 from Longhorn Stadium at Cedar Hill High School in Cedar Hill, Texas
•Bishop Gorman is the two-time repeating “National Champion,” ranked No. 1 by USA Today; they enter the season with a 39-game win streak
•No. 72 QB Tate Martell returns for Bishop Gorman, along with No. 112 DE Haskell Garrett, No. 151 CB Alex Perry and No. 208 S Bubba Bolden (USC)
•For Cedar Hill, No. 140 QB Avery Davis (Notre Dame) leads a talented team that looks to make another state finals appearance after missing out last year for the first time in the last four years


Those are the games of note for our recruiting this weekend. The last game, featuring Bishop Gorman, we're recruting their backup QB.


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Support U of D Jesuit and they're playing Mumford tmrw. UofD hovers somewhere around middling... there's a senior safety there, Scotty Nelson, who looks like a starter for an Iowa, Northwestern level program in a few years.


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No allegience to either, but headed to Macomb Dakota vs Orchard Lake St Mary's tonight.  Glad to finally get my football fix and also see Michigan commit Josh Ross in person.  Should be a packed house!


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Transition year here in Big Sky for the Lone Peak Big Horns.  Recent population jump has caused a jump from 6 to 8 man football.  Depth is, well, there is no depth.  Only 16 dressing to play this year.

On the plus side, we parents will be able to save a few miles on our cars as class change means less gameday travel.  Last year we logged about 2400 miles to watch our kids play.


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Warren DeLaSalle!  4 players from the school on Michgan's roster.  Shane Morris, Jack Wangler(PWO) Jared Wangler, and Tru Wilson(PWO).  They open up at Lowell HS at Lowell on Friday night!  Should have a very solid defense this year.  New coach also so brand new offensive sceme of power running.  Should be a good year.