OT: Herm Edwards questionable strategy at ASU

Submitted by umjgheitma on April 4th, 2018 at 12:55 PM

Looks like Herm hasn't heard the addage "Don't fire, Inspire." I'm not sure what the end goal here to kick guys off the team but keep them on scholarship. Do those players still count towards your 85 even though they're not on the team? Also a short sighted mindset to think that because only 45 players see the field that you don't need 85 on the team....maybe gaining experience/developing your body over time might also be valuable for the future for those not playing right away.





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“I told some guys if you continue to stay hurt, continue to stay in the training room, you have no tape. I can’t grade you if you’re not on tape. I can’t grade you in the training room. And all of a sudden some guys got well."

Hello: Lawsuit.



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Harbaugh has some saying that I think I’ve seen on a poster near the locker room: “the hurt player, the ineligible player, and the unwilling player are all the same.” It’s something to the effect if you’re hurt I can’t use you. I don’t understand how it’s meant to inspire. Never met an athlete who wanted to be hurt.


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I like Edwards quite a bit.

But if I were an ASU fan I would be in agony on a daily basis. I have a hard time believing that Herm's tenure will be anything but a total disaster. A calamity spoken of in hushed tones for generations. They will be a byword, a proverb, an ancient memory, a bedtime horror story told to all athletic directors warning them of what will happen if they hire the wrong coach.



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I mean by all counts this might be the mother of all bad hires and everything that's transpired since the announcement reinforces that fact.  

To me this will be the college football version of a bad car accident you drive by slowly not wanting to look at but compelled to do so anyways.  


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Where are the checks and balances?

So damn many people in charge - in government, in business, in religion, in sports, in medicine, in media - get to use the institutions    that people rely on and cherish as their personal    play things.

It happens over and over and over.



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Was all for enjoying watching this absolute tire fire, but this doesn’t sound great. Hard to enjoy someone else’s incompetency when it’s coming at the expense of the players.


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This is going to be so good, I think we should give Herm the discretion to do everything he thinks is a good idea. Let's just let him work for 4 years and then check in on ASU at a later date. 


Also, going to be extra hilarious when this bozo beats Michigan State in Tempe in Week 2 in the most bullshit game of the year. It's going to be 6-5.


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he's not telling players to play hurt, he's suggesting they don't milk injuries to get out of practice. UVA and bronco mendenhall makes his injured players run the entire practice. bear crawls up and down the hill, lunges up and down the hill... the entire time while the rest of the team is practicing.

Mr. Owl

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Somewhere, someone disagrees that firing only the HC & bringing in a guy who hasn't coached a game since the players were toddlers while keeping the same assistants was a bad idea.  It is working about as well as can be imagined... with the assistants immediately jumping ship & everything.

Hope there's a Netflix show about this next year!


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The plan was to keep the same OC and DC from the Todd Graham era but both ended up leaving (Billy Napier took the LA Lafayette job and Phil Bennett retired).

EDIT: Ugh, I totally skipped over the part in your post where you mention that the assistants left. Good job, good effort on my part.


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I don't think he realizes that he doesn't actually need to cut anyone, and that there's not the football equivalent of a street free agent out there. I'm sure the ASU campus has a few would-be walkons who are capable of playing, even if they have to stumble out of the frat house, but the chances they'd be effective starters or depth guys is pretty minimal. 

Mr Miggle

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Maybe he thinks he can sign 40 players in his next class. College teams carry a lot of developmental players. The comments about 45 players don't make much sense.

Realistically, every coach would like to cut the players they don't think will ever contribute. They don't often talk it about it in public. I'd guess he wasn't happy with the start of practice and these statements are an attempt to motivate players. The question I have is whether he's being realistic about the quality of players he can get. It's one issue when you hire someone who had been away from the college game for so long.



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I get him wanting to see guys on film, but his condescending "and some guys got healthy" ignores the more likely case that guys realized they might lose a scholarship and are playing hurt.

Mind you, this is a guy set to make over $2M a year off the backs of these players doing this. what an asshole


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Seems like a nothingburger to me...just an unfiltered form of 'meritocracy'. And that talk about injured guys getting on tape doesn't mean he's pushing the truly injured out onto the field. Seems that he's pushing some of those with minor injuries to challenge themselves. And I'd bet that happens a LOT in big time CFB.

.Its not pretty and it will probably upset a few families..but I'd bet that's closer to the norm than fans would like to believe. 

Lou MacAdoo

April 4th, 2018 at 3:19 PM ^

Exactly. The saying in hockey was always, “are you injured or hurt?” If your hurt then toughen up and play through it. He’s just setting the tone for his program and getting rid of the dead weight. Eliminating the quitters and weak. I doubt he’s forcing guys with concussions or torn ligaments to practice. I see nothing wrong with what he’s doing or saying. If you don’t like it then transfer to a different program. I think he’s going to do well at ASU.


April 4th, 2018 at 5:40 PM ^

I get this argument and I'm sure there is merit to it.  But I hate this implicit, public threat to every player that I'll cut you from the team if I don't think you can handle it, especially pointing to the guys who are injured.  Sure, if you have a broken leg I doubt Edwards is calling for you to suit up, but as we've seen minor injuries can mushroom into major ones if they aren't treated properly.  And given Edwards' general amazement at the differences between pro and college football, this just felt tone-deaf at a time when he really could use some positivity.