OT - Here's something we can use to negatively recruit OSU and MSU

Submitted by jbrandimore on January 14th, 2019 at 11:09 AM

Apparently, Columbus has passed even Detroit in the annual bed bug infestation rankings, jumping up to an impressive #5 overall. Lansing checks in at #32, while A2 is nowhere to be found.




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From the article:

“Bed bugs are the number one urban pest in many cities today,” said Chelle Hartzer, an Orkin entomologist. “They are master hitchhikers, so no one is immune. Sanitation has nothing to do with prevention: from public transit to five-star resorts, bed bugs have been and can be found everywhere humans are.”

Blue Haze

January 14th, 2019 at 2:33 PM ^

If you mean "preventing a mild infestation from mushrooming into something really nasty," I'll buy what you're pitching.

As for a completely successful defense of *any* infestation, good luck with that. It's scientific and statistical. A single pregnant bedbug can inconvenience a nice Manhattan hotel.


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I live in Dayton, OH and own real estate.  I can confirm that it seems the entire state of Ohio is infested with bed bugs.  I have also confirmed it is infested with a bunch of fanatic morons.


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While the sample is only Orkin customers, I am surprised to see Grand Rapids in the top 20 (well, they are ranked 20). Nice to see my hometown of Flint cracking another list too!




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I mean if their greatest coach of all-time can lie to everyone about keeping a domestic abuser on staff for years and years and still not affect recruiting, they aren't going to care about this.


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People who never travel to hell don't realize how large it is.  They have more people than Cleveland and Cincinnati combined.  They have more people than Detroit and still only have 1.5 major professional teams. 


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The METRO areas of Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus are all pretty much the same size at around 2.1 million.  The physical size of Columbus is much bigger so the population within the city limits is bigger.  As far as amenities (hospitals, shopping, theatre, sports teams) I think both Cincinnati and Cleveland have more to offer.  And no OSU so there's that too.