OT: Herbstreit Article - Would Consider Coaching QBs for Meyer

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Found an interesting article link while lurking at 11W.  It's not new but I thought it was an interesting take on Herbstreit.  It's a long read. 

Part 1

Part 2


On his number (4) in college.

"My favorite player was Jim Harbaugh," Herbstreit says, "I loved his style. His style of play and my style of play were very similar."

On moving from Columbus.

"Five times a day, there would be a car parked at a stop sign, people knocked on the door, they'd ask for autographs at the front door, they'd drive by real slow, 12:30 at night, I was getting up in the middle of the night to see cars outside in the street. I had no idea what they were doing there. The thought, that in this crazy world we live in, somebody's driving by your house five times a day or more, that starts to work on you emotionally. But we dealt with that for four or five years." 

On coaching.

"If I left (the show) I would want to go coach," Herbstreit says, "I'd want to be a high school coach at a program where it really mattered or I've talked with Urban (Meyer) about if he gets back into coaching being a quarterbacks coach and eventually an offensive coordinator for him." 

Asked if he's serious, Herbstreit responds, "Oh, yeah, for sure. At this point, at my age, it's tougher probably to imagine doing that just because I've elevated myself to a point in my career where it's hard to imagine starting over, but I'm not closing that door. I'll keep doing this (ESPN College Gameday) as long as they'll have me, but if a big time college coach asked me to be his quarterbacks coach and eventually be his offensive coordinator, it would be an interesting situation to deal with."



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I doubt Herbie would head to Ohio because of all the threats/being forced to shut down his twitter because of their fans. I think this is just commentator speak. 


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That he would love to coach, but he would be crazy to leave his job. 

Coward said he is not going to reduce his salary by 3/4 to get into a Ford Tarus to drive to Lima to watch a back up LB play.


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You like his style? So I take it that means your gonna turn down your alma mater for another job? Then act like a total dick in your first season as coach?  Classy


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is that Harbaugh led Brandon on about his interest in Michigan and then declined when offered the job, forcing a chaotic search. Had he been up front about not wanting the job, Michigan would have had a more comprehensive coaching search.

That being said, Brady Hoke and Greg Mattison coach the Wolverines now, and I couldn't be much happier about that fact.


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that as much as we wanted Harbaugh, he had mutiple aspirations (Stanford / Luck, NFL, Michigan), and his family preferred Palo Alto over Ann Arbor. At the same time, David Brandon was looking for a non-controversial head coach who's clear idea of an end destination was Ann Arbor.

I'm guessing in the end, they realized their priorities were different. DB went after Hoke (with a courtsey call to Les Miles), and JH went after the 49ers, and then the Harbaugh family helped us fill out the rest of the coaching staff.

Yes, Jim Harbaugh is an opinionated, fiery, cocky, and somewhat a loose cannon. But he is pretty good at what he does despite the fireworks.

Obviously both sides are prospering after parting paths.


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C'mon, it was a different situation. Bo's alma mater was not Ohio State. It was Miami of Ohio.

And I'm not one of the ones "butthurt" over Harbaugh turning down a supposed offer. I'm not even convinced DB ever offered him the job in the first place, and I never thought Harbaugh was going to come here anyhow.


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Yes.  Harbaugh's clear end point was the pros.  He wanted to be a pro coach and prove himself equal (or better than his brother).  If he stopped at Michigan it was only going to be long enough to right the ship, declare Michigan "back" and parlay his success into a pro gig.  

Brandon might have decided from Day 1 he didn't like the idea of Michigan being a milemarker, as opposed to an end point, and been leary to offer him.  Personally I think Brandon offered him or kind of acted like he would (perhaps solely to appeal the pro Harbaugh part of the alumni base) but I wouldn't be shocked if he lowballed it to ensure Jim ended up in the pros.  


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Herby, although he's a buckeye. With that said is there a chance we will see Woodson coaching for us is the near future? Hart? Woodley? Brady( least realistic by far)!


November 22nd, 2011 at 1:50 PM ^

Hart is by far the most likely.  Fred Jackson has been here forever, it wouldn't shock me if he retires after he sees his youngest son through college.  Hart is right down the road and getting coaching experience as we speak.  Assuming Borges and Hart get along well enough it seems like a natural progression.  


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Urban Meyer resigned from Florida, then came back, then retired. I know he had some health issues, but he also was a little indecisive. Now that he is NOT in coaching and a job he covets opens up, he is wondering what could happen if he takes the job. If he takes the job, he will think about what he is missing out of with his kids and family. The minute a health issue pops up, he's going to wonder if it's related to the stress.

To me, that sounds like having a coach that could potentially leave at any moment. Michigan is 2-0 against the guy, he had our defensive coordinator when he won a national championship. I think of it like this. Ohio State was a great offense in 2006, and Michigan had a great defense, with Woodley, Burgess....the list goes on. Ohio State managed to score 42 points on us. Then they go into the Florida game, and Florida's defense holds them to 14 points. Maybe it's Charlie Strong, but with what Greg Mattison has done this year, it was ALL him.

Meyer is a good coach, but don't get it twisted, there is nothing scary about him. You can't ignore his health issues and indecisiveness, combine that with the ridiculous demands of Buckeye fans (i.e. RichRod would have never made it past 3-9 in Columbus, Herbstriet had to MOVE away) and yeah, doesn't seem like a great fit. 


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Personally I welcome Urban Meyer to Columbus.

  1. We have the defensive half of his brain wearing maize and blue.
  2. That half of his brain also happens to be his best recruiter (and in the twilight of his tenture at Florida, when Mattison was in the NFL, he didn't recruit all that well.)
  3. He doesn't handle stress well.  Not just the medical condition, but he had a problem with the Florida expectations.  tOSU has insane expectations.
  4. With his name when he arrived the tOSU fanbase will expect him to be like Tressel, only better and with more national championships.  They'll eat him alive if he doesn't meet their insane goals.  


November 22nd, 2011 at 2:24 PM ^

In 2009 his class was ranked 11th by Rivals but had the highest average commit rating but only 16 players.  In 2010 his class was ranked 2nd by Rivals with the 3rd highest average and 28 players.  I would say he did a pretty damn good job in his years without Mattison.


November 22nd, 2011 at 2:30 PM ^

There are Rivals Star rankings and then there is 7-5 on the field (8-5 with bowl).  Followed by Muschamp struggling at Florida, issues finding a starting QB, and a half dozen other depth chart problems Spencer Hall bitches about.  

If Rivals Star rankings won National Championships we'd all be Texas's bitch on a yearly basis.  As it stands Florida has had reloading issues post 2009.  


November 22nd, 2011 at 2:20 PM ^

What Street in Columbus was that Mr. Kirk?


Seriously Herbie I think we all know why there were strange cars parked outside your house at all hours of the night and it wasn't  Ohio State fans looking for autographs or even one who were PO'd at you. 


November 22nd, 2011 at 3:38 PM ^

I actually like Herbstreit a lot, he seems like a smart guy and he gives solid unbiased analysis. It would be a bummer to lose him from broadcasting, he might be my favorite, despite his college decision.