OT: Help Needed for NCAA 11 roster for 2003 Michigan team

Submitted by the_big_house 500th on July 8th, 2010 at 6:16 PM

Hey mgoblog. I'm in the process of creating a team on team buider on EA's website for NCAA 11 and I'm hitting a snag at some positions for players. I will admit I was not familiar with all of the players in 03 (except for a few) Does anybody know a site where I can find the exact positions on the roster for 2003? I'm using the archives roster on mgoblue and it has been very useful up until now. I need names for these positions.

LT. RT. LG. RG. C. RT. LE. RE. DT. LOLB. ROLB. MLB. FS. SS. As you can tell I have a bit to go till I'm done. Any help would be great.



July 8th, 2010 at 6:29 PM ^

Left Tackle. Right Tackle. Left Guard. Right Guard. Center. Right Tackle. Left Defensive End. Right Defensive End. Defensive Tackle. Left Outside Linebacker. Right Outside Linebacker. Middle Linebacker. Free Safety. Strong Safety.



July 9th, 2010 at 12:14 PM ^

Jersey #s are in parantheses. After dash is recommended value.

LT: Adam Stenavich (79) - 86

LG: David Baas (75) - 89

RG:  Matt Lentz (67) - 84

C: Dave Pearson (57) - 87

RT: Tony Pape (77) - 86

LE: Pat Massey (94) - 82 (too slow to be effective)

RE: LaMarr Woodley (56) - 84 (with loads of potential)

DT: Grang Bowman (60) - 80, and Norman Heuer (90) - 79

LOLB: Pierre Woods (99) - 84 though really Woods and Woodley both lined up very similarly to what you see Roh doing today.

ROLB: Lawrence Reid (42) - 88, Make him awesome-fast for a LB.

MLB: Carl Diggs (46) - 85 all in tackling ability and awareness, and Scott McClintock (36) - 73

FS: Marlin Jackson (3) - 93 - moved here that year 'cause Curry/Hall/LeSeuer stacked CB spot. Oh, the memories. Injury screwed us here early on.

SS: Ernest Shazor (25) - 90, big hitter.

Important Backups:

Offensive Line:

Rueben Riley (72) - a plodding 84 - is backup at pretty much every position.


Willis Barringer (19) - 79, behind Marlin, and Jacob Stewart (28) - 76, behind both so he can get magical Minnesota game interceptions. Also, Jon Shaw (22) - 75, for depth, Brandent Englemon (31) - 70, redshirting, and Ryan Mundy (26) - 74, with an inexplicably burned redshirt.

Linebacker: Redshirt Prescott Burgess (6) - 72, then burn the redshirt just to make sure linebacker depth is a problem for the next decade. Include Zach Kaufman (37) - 74 all in tackling, and a sophomore Dave Harris (45) - 80, but injured to shit, so they can be praised incessantly during spring practice. And Obi Oluigbo for good measure (but give him some FB attributes). Have Joey Sarantos (59) - 68, so he can be a whiter LB than McClintock. And Roy Manning (58) - 75, with some speed, who can be good but not play.

Defensive Line: Gabe Watson (78) - 78 with loads of strength but low stamina After him there probably won't be room for any more guys (ha ha Gabe's fat) but try to sqeeze in Alain Kashama (95) - 80 and Rondell Biggs (91) - 72. No need to add #96. NT Alex Ofili (93) - 70 and DT/DE tweener Will Paul (92) - 69 can be on there too.

Wide Receiver: I'm sure you've got Avant and Braylon and Breaston, cause duh. But don't leave out Calvin Bell (27) - 79, but with great RB stats, or you can't run the Great Calvin Bell end-around.