OT- Help me with targeting again? End of WSU/USC game last night

Submitted by iawolve on September 22nd, 2018 at 10:59 AM

WSU played admirably on the road last night in the late game. They were marching on USC's side of the field when the USC LB launched off his feet with a helmet to helmet hit on the QB who had been wrapped up around the legs which was not targeting. H/T to CougCenter on SBNation who has a good recap and the video (scroll a bit down).


It looks more egregious on a wider screen since you see the USC LB leave his feet, what is interesting is you see the ref in the background watching it all happen. I am stunned that the WSU QB was able to finish the game. I am all for better protection of players, but come on, let's have some some semblance of consistency here.




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Is anyone else having trouble livestreaming the radio cast from MGoBlue.com? I'm using my pixel phone running the Android OS, and the error message said livestreaming is not available on the phone, operating system or app.

oriental andrew

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Looks like targeting to me. Offensive player was clearly defenseless. Defensive player clearly led with the helmet and initiated intentional helmet-to-helmet contact with the crown. If that's not targeting, then I am at a loss. It will be interesting to hear what, if anything, the Pac12 has to say about that (non)call.

Cali Wolverine

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Must be a make-up call from the targeting call they didn’t call against Washington State earlier in the game.  

USC’s QB took a knee and then the WSU defender not only hit him way after he took a knee (which was a 15 yard penalty)...but the defender led with his head and hit the defenseless USC QB right in the head...which was blatant in the replay.

I guess it is targeting when they want it to be, and not targeting when they don’t want it to be.  In both cases under Delaney, if it was the Michigan v Ohio State game, the Michigan defender would be called for it, the Ohio State defender would not. 😉


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watching that and seeing what is going on with protecting the QB in the NFL I really cannot believe that wasnt called. it seems like protecting the "defenseless" players only matters part of the time. If things were going different in the game I bet it would have been called 


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There was a pretty obvious targeting call in the 1st half of the UCF game last night too.  The refs called the penalty and the announcers and rules officials both thought it was a good call (me too).  Under review the reversed the call.   No idea why.  


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I actually agreed with the call (the first one). It wasn't that forceful of a hit. Running backs get hit worse than that in the helmet almost every down. The second one was very obvious, but not surprising they didn't call it. All refs are horrible. That will continue to be the case until they start getting paid and it becomes a full time job.


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Wow, just watched that replay.  Not only should that have been a targeting that player should have been suspended for a couple extra games.   One of the worst targeting hits I've seen all year.


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I saw Nebraska make 7 helmet-to-helmet hits today as bad or worse than Khaleke’s last week, and certainly worse than his helmet-to-sternum hit today. Figures that a John O’Neill led crew would screw us in a game we won 56-10.


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USC hit was egregious. Waving off a hit to the head by the crown from a launching player against a totally defenseless player - officiating is an absolute joke and the rule is probably used by officials to swing the momentum of games.