OT: Hello: Reese Emilia

Submitted by sum1valiant on July 30th, 2013 at 12:04 AM

Reese Emilia hit the world by storm on 6/6/2013.  With a long and slender frame, weighing 6 lbs 5 oz and an impressive 21 inches long; there is plenty of upside in regards to this young recruit’s future physical ability.  Although she has little realistic possibility of ever contributing to a football team not affiliated with a sorority, the doc has assured me that she has all the measurables of a future star. 

Our family pictures were delivered today, and the proud father couldn’t resist the urge to share his beautiful new addition with the rest of the Mgocommunity! 


Boom Goes the …

July 30th, 2013 at 12:10 AM ^

for googling the name (before clicking the thread) not finding any relevant results, and being kinda mad we got a total sleeper vice a 5 star?  Think it's time for me to go to bed.  Anyways congrats!


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Hi, total stranger here giving random advice: do sleep training as soon as you can (basically, kid can handle it at 4 months). Getting my son to sleep took 2 hours when he was 3 months old (20 minutes to get him to sleep, but he'd always wake up 15 minutes later and it'd take a LONG time to get him back to sleep). Sleep training has not only made my life significantly better, but it has also been great for the little guy--he seems to actually sleep much deeper (or maybe just can get back to sleep with no trouble).

Also, good luck! My son is 11 months old, I can definitely say that it has gotten better/easier every month past 3.

And I think I'm now remembering you posting adorable photos in the past, so I think this is not your first, in which case you probably don't need much advice. Oh well, I guess I'll still post it for parents of other little Wolverines.


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Yeah, he probably should have shoved the doctor out of the way and pushed her back in until we were sure that a kid we've never met commits to Michigan.

Congrats, OP.  I have a 3.5 month old daughter.  I never wanted a daughter until I got one.  I'm so protective over her... I love my son as much as anyone can, but there's just something about a baby girl that turns a guy to jello...


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Congrats. Dance class, tee ball, kindygarden, sweet sixteen, senior prom and off to college before you know it. Enjoy the ride. Best days of your life.


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Great measurables, but going to have work hard for that offer. Michigan is really waiting and making the recruits earn them these days, but it will make the accomplishment that much sweeter. Congratulations.

Prince Lover

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after I had my daughter, soooo, whens the next one coming....

Congrats, your life just got awesome! And not the holy crap we just got another 5* kinda awesome, but the holy crap did you just see what she did today kinda awesome. And that's every day.
Although so is the 5* thing lately....


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I remember the day my 9 yr old girl was born, I felt 10ft tall, and invincible... Please do us a favor, after you sing The Victors softly in her ear at bedtime, whisper "we had subs, it was crazy"


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and congrats to you and mama.  nice to see her so well dressed, too. 

i realize it's a bit early in the recruiting process, but can someone embed some tape on this recruit?  need to see if she can hit for power, what kind of speed on the basepaths, you know, the important stuff....

go blue!


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Like a couple others, I saw "Hello" and initially thought, "Another?", but as a father of two, I can say that the kids were the most awesome introductions in my life certainly. Congratulations to you and your wife and welcome to the wonderful world of MGoParenthood!

I like the Michigan onesie with the name and number, incidentally - I wish I had thought of that for my kids. 


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Congratulations! They grow up in an eye blink.                         <--------------------<this one is headed to college in a month. 


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As I went looking for the onesie for my little guy I came across this Michigan Sleeper: http://www.babyfans.com/michiganwolverinebabysleeper.aspx

Best part - here's the description:


Sport your little Buckeye fan in this Ohio State baby sleeper on game days. A perfect outfit for lounging around the house cheering on Ohio State. Comes in sizes 0-24M



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We can run through the usual questions about pad level, motor, but let's get down to brass tacks; how's her riseball and what kind of velocity are we talking about here?