OT - Has Calvin surpassed Miggy as a local sports icon?

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Discussed on a couple of local sports talk shows. Has Calvin surpassed Miggy as a local sports icon?



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I go back and forth on this and I can't make up my mind.  Truth is, both are in their prime and have just superhuman abilities in their sports.  If you asked me which is the better player in their sport I'd say Calvin.  But as to which is a "bigger sports icon"?  I don't know.  I'm not sure it's a question with a right answer.  I'm just feeling privileged right now to be able to not just watch them but root for them.  Both fit the mold very, very well of what fans in this town embrace in their superstars.  I like to leave the "Manny being Manny" stuff, the celebrity bullshit, for other towns.


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Miguel Cabrera plays on a team with multiple star players, while Johnson does not. If one were to poll Tigers fans on who their favorite player is, Cabrera would probably finish first, but there would be a lot of support for Verlander, and, to a lesser extent, Fielder, Scherzer, and others. Whereas if one were to poll Lions fans with regards to their favorite player, Johnson would win in a landslide.

It should also be noted that Johnson has spent his entire career in Detroit, unlike Cabrera. This is not intended as a knock against Cabrera, but at the same time when you look at Cabrera's legacy today, you note that he has one WS ring and he didn't earn it with the Tigers. Seeing as the question is who is the bigger local icon, this seems relevant.


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It's tough to compare apples to oranges though. Calvin is by far the best receiver in the NFL and Miggy is the best player on a already loaded Tigers team. 

I'm going to have to go with Johnson on this one. Not since Barry Sanders has a single player contributed as much to the Lions as Calvin.


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Win a playoff game, then we'll talk.  Right now, Johnson is a great player but in terms of iconography he isn't up there with Miggy, who honestly is a step behind guys like Trammel/Whitaker in terms of "recent" famous guys IME.  Heck, I'd argue Verlander has been more iconic, or at least as memorable.


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Detroit is arguably the best sports town in America.  Despite the crap sports radio options, the fans are very knowledgable.  But this is more a baseball town than any other sport.  The best player on the most revered team in the city will be idolized more if that team is winning like the Tigers have been the past few years.  If the Tigers were winning 60 games a year, Cabby would be just a good player on a bad team.

The only thing holding Miggy back from being accepted to some is his drinking episode back in 2009.  

Roy G. Biv

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Good question. As a die-hard Tiger fan and a jaded, casually interested Lion fan I say unequivocally it's Cabrera. I readily admit, however, I am biased. Johnson is spectacular without question. But I believe Cabrera is on the Montana/Magic/Gretzky/Mantle plane. He's that good.


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I think yes.  I think Miggy, fair or not, because he was brought here as a free agent while CJ was drafted to the D, has to do even more to be the #1 sports icon.  I think they are close.  But I think regardless of how terrible the Lions are/have been/will always be, I see Detroit as a football town. These two facts mean that to me, CJ is the greatest current sports icon.  Miggy #2.

When all is said and done, I think CJ will be considered #1 or #2 greatest WR ever, with the only thing olding him back is his lack of a Super Bowl.  If he can win even one, he'll be considered the best ever.  My opinion.  

Miggy hasn't won a World Series here, but if he does and CJ doesn't win the Super Bowl, he could over take him.


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If we're going the city of Detroit, then it's Megatron no question. If we're going "greater Detroit area," then I think it may be Miggy, though the fact that he doesn't speak fluent English definitely limits his popularity. If he spoke more fluently, he would be the face of baseball no doubt.


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I'd say right now people love the Tigers more. But if the Lions ever won a Super Bowl, the bedlam in Detroit I believe would dwarf any Tiger World Series championship.

I'm also going with Calvin over MIggy. Calvin is of that Barry/Yzerman mold that people in Detroit love. It's also a shame that Datsyuk doesn't get more love due to the lower popularity of hockey. He's seriously our Barry Sanders on ice.