OT- Hardest hit you have ever seen?

Submitted by InRodWeTrust333 on May 1st, 2010 at 3:16 AM

What's the biggest football hit you have ever seen? My vote goes to Daydrian Taylor on a hit against Bob Stephenson which ended both of their careers.



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I saw this thread title and opened it just to say that this was the biggest hit I ever saw.  That year had everything; biggest hit, the best interception (Woodson at MSU), best play (punt return against OSU), HUGE year.


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I was at that game.  That play was practically the first time penn state got positive yardage and the tight end got positively lit up.

If I'm not mistaken, that hit ended both players' careers.  Daydrian Taylor is a folk hero.


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Yes. There really is no competition. Never has there been a hit where two players were two players had full steam and just went right into eachother. This is exactly the type of reaction that would happen if two freight trains hit eachother. A chilling, terrifying hit.

A very hard hit that was less destructive would have to be the hit on Reggie Bush from the Philadelphia Eagles. Left Reggie sucking air on the ground.


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was in 1973, the famous 10-10 tie.......Steve Strinko, a beast of an inside linebacker, filled a hole and hit Archie Griffin straight on ....sounded like a gunshot, Griffin stayed down.

My recollection is that OSU later claimed Griffin had injured both hamstrings, and I dont believe he was much of a factor in that game after the hit.

Strinko had two great exhibition games as the Lions second round pick, then tore up his knee and never played again.  #59 was as good a Michigan linebacker as I remember.


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Penn State '97 will be tough to beat. Exactly what I thought of when I read the title of this thread. Listen to the crowd on that. Eesh...our guy was seriously hurt wasn't he? You know, beyond your normal, every day, bashing of brain against skull.


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I remember seeing this posted at some point. This post was different however in that it asks for users to offer their opinion on what they believe is the hardest hit they have ever seen. My vote just happened to be the same as that particular user.


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I forgot who he hit, this was a few years ago, but the dude took a helmet-to-helmet from Junior, and went limp before he hit the ground. It was a pretty scary moment, but at the same time, one of the sickest hits I've seen.


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That one came to mind.  Another one I always think of was laid by Corwin Brown (I think) when he was a Lion, on Keyshawn Johnson.  Beautiful hit because I've never liked Keyshawn, and his helmet went corkscrewing off his head and spinning way up in the air like a top.

edit: sweet, I found it:


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I can't find this on YouTube, but back in the 70's, kickboxing used to be on CBS Sports Spectacular.  The female champion walked up to the male champion after a fight, called him "chicken," slapped him in the face while he was being interviewed, and challanged him to a match the next week.  It looked so much like a pro wrestling promo that I thought it was fake.

The next week, they had a "match."  The male, possibly Superfoot Wallace, hit a spinning back kick to the head and the female "helicoptered" face down to the mat unconscious. IIRC, she spun a total of about 540 degrees in the air with her arms and legs splayed out.  The "match" took about three seconds.  She ended up OK, but I don't think she challanged any more males who outweighed her by fifty pounds to fights anymore.


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The penn state hit was the best I've ever seen.  I also have to say the hit by brendan graham on winston is up there in my memory along with the hit by marcus ray on darrell boston that was on the cover of sports illustrated.  


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It's Daydrian, I can still feel that hit, I remember it like it was yesterday.  Honorable mention has to go to the hit Eli Manning got when he was a rookie, awesome, hate that guy.