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Okay, so I don't approach this from a neutral perspective.  Gus Johnson's name resides right next to "Pam Ward" in my book.  The only question was whether he could completely ruin the Champions Liga for me, or whether it could be tolerable.

Lucky for Gus he had a pretty good, straight-up match to call (a 1-all draw between Real Madrid and Manchester United) without anything too confusing to expose his lack of knowledge.

But of course there isn't a single announcer from the UK (not even just limiting it to the English Premiership) who couldn't do a demonstrably better and more entertaining job than Gus Johsnon.  He got it by default, essentially,   because, as somebody said, there was no way in hell they'd ever get Joe Buck to do it.

I liked this wonderful paragraph from Deadspin:

I don't believe Johnson is distractingly bad, but there's something to be said for the fact that he brings nothing to a game. Think of all your favorite Gus Johnson moments: they're buzzer beaters, long touchdowns, incredible plays all. Johnson became famous for losing his cool when the moment called for it—but those are just moments. He's the ideal announcer for the morning after on Youtube, but not someone you want to spend three hours with. 


The verdict after Gus Johnson's debut; it wasn't so bad that I had to turn the tv off.  He may have actually benefitted from the viewing possibility that he'd screw up so badly, and there would be such a tremendous crack-up, that you wanted to be there, watching, when it happened.  Like watching a NASCAR race.




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I like Gus and didn't watch the match, but the reviews haven't been favorable. That said, Gus basically admitted he doesn't know a heck of a lot about soccer and FOX basically told him that come World Cup 2018, he'd be their guy.

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It wasn't so bad you had to turn it off because turning it off would have yielded the same result! He hadn't a fucking clue what was going on the entire time! Fox would have done better to put out a flyer for any aid soccer fan with a radio-journalism degree. Ugh. This World Cup is going to suck to listen to.


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I heartily disagree about him in general. I love him for basketball. I do agree though that there's no reason they couldn't find a guy who actually has a passing knowledge of the game. Standard operating procedures for the big sports networks though to go with flag over substance. I sometimes wonder if 12 year olds are doing financial analyses or these networks. They were just talking on CBS sports radio the other day about how they're sick of ESPN talking about the Lakers drama but that's what brings in the viewers. I almost called in I was so baffled. I don't know a single person interested in the stupid shit stories they play and replay and play again. They're mistaking as a legitimate interest what is actually a lot of sports fans just watching ESPN out of compulsion and thirst for anything sports related. If they weren't so shortsighted and actually mixed up the stories a bit they'd get even more viewers than they do now. Same thing here. Fans are going to watch the soccer games regardless of whos announcing, and new fans are not going to be brought in by 5 outbursts from Gus Johnson per game. This is not his wheelhouse. Tangent ended.


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i still don't know why cbs just didn't extend johnson and give him the final four


jim nantz is unbearable to listen to,Nantz needs to stick to golf.

Joe Buck should not be allowed to do any games but regular season st louis cardinals games,, he is only where he is because of his father.


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I remember him providing commentary for one of the MSU/ Wisconsin games in the 2011-2012 season. There were a lot of momentum shifts in that game, and it was just very exciting in general. His reactions seemed so genuine, something I think is missing from a profession that otherwise is rather contrived. I can understand the criticism he receives, and maybe he isn't right for soccer, but I disagree that he's comparable to Pam Ward. I can't help but smiling at his unbridled enthusiasm. It's almost comforting in a way to me, though that probably seems strange. 


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The article brings out nothing specific to slam him for.  He bides his time waiting for a big play.  All announcers do that.  They call the game the way it's seen until something big does happen, then the announcer usually gets more animated.  His way is unique and it's great for  sports, especially college sports.

I guess it's better to have Joe Buck playing morality police or funny man for three hours.  If I want jokes or lessons on how to conduct yourself in public, there are tons of other stations I can watch.

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This just shot to the top of the list of "Things I Wish I Wrote."  Except Gus Johnson could ruin the English Premiership.  Maybe he could be relegated to the Kyrgyzstan Second Division.  Or do the Bundesliga, in German.  Gus Johnson in German might be worth listnening to.  As Mark Twain said about Wagnerian opera, "It's not as bad as it sounds."


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I like Gus for B-Ball, but when he gets out of his element, bad things happen.  For instance, he did MMA coverage for CBS, declaring Petruzelli's TKO over Kimbo Slice the greatest upset ever.  Even worse was during a live CBS broadcast, a post fight brawl broke out, and Gus announced that "these things happen in MMA," when they do, if fact, not happen.

On second thought, anyone can do soccer.  Half back passes to center, center back to half back, half back holds it... holds it...  holds it...


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This American calling the Chelsea v Sparta Praha Europa League game is better than pretty good. I didn't mind Gus though. I can handle him if he does the World Cup..