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Submitted by ralphgoblue on August 19th, 2018 at 11:10 AM

Grosse Pointe Woods little league team won its opening round game in dramatic fashion,down 4-0 bottom of the last inning,to a team from Idaho,the kids from Grosse Pointe scored 5 runs to come away with a 5-4 victory

Today (Sunday 8-19-2018)

  Grosse Pointe  takes on Honolulu Hawaii (2-0 winners over Georgia) 2pm  ABC (channel 7 in Southeast Mi)



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The new bats have evened the playing field a little. Not nearly as many home runs. Also think less talented kids are playing little league and just playing travel ball. 


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Travel baseball teams could have 15 kids from 10 different cities,little league teams is is where the kids are all from one city,so it was never (or will never be) an All- Star team type setting.

The bats today are so much better than years past,they keep getting better .Compare a kids bat from even five years ago and todays' bat in probably two times better .They may have "doctored" the baseball,for less travel

Late Bluemer

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In Michigan (and many other places) you are 100% correct.  If they want to show the best 12 year old ball players they should show the end of summer champions tourney from Cooperstown.  Cooperstown dream part puts on an amazing string of tournaments all summer long.  Used to be 80 teams a week (may be more now) from all over the country on an invitation only basis with the winners of each week's tournament coming back at the end of the summer for a "best of the best" tournament. 

One of the big differences between high level travel ball and little league is the mound is 50 feet + vs. 45 feet for little league which evens it out between pitchers and batters.

Late Bluemer

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Trust me.  I know what I am talking about from several years of first hand experience. 

High level travel baseball teams practice 2 to 3 times a week and play in tournaments every weekend.  If the kids play in an organized travel league (which many do) on top of that they are easily playing ball 5 to 6 days a week which leaves no time for little league.  And yes, it does start getting that intense at 11-12 years old or even earlier (and no, the coaches don't typically give a crap that you are playing for your local little league).

My son tried to do both for a year and it didn't work due to the intensity of his travel schedule.

My daughter, who is a pitcher, has done it in softball for a few years in order to get her innings in early and build her arm strength ahead of the travel tournament season bc little league tends to start games a few weeks earlier than travel ball.  The extra work was important to her since in travel pitchers can easily be asked to throw 20+ innings on tournament elimination day.  I know it's softball but the same principle and scheduling applies. 


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The third baseman made an unreal play to stay in their first game that made the LL twitter account.  I have no idea how to embed but go check it out if you have twitter.  


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I'll tell you what. If California plays better defense than Idaho did on Friday night, Michigan might be in some trouble. If not for the horrific dropped foul ball call in the 5th inning, along with some shoddy defense on Idaho's part in the 6th, Michigan would be in the loser's bracket already. Idaho's starter shut Michigan's water off until he hit his pitch limit. 

At this point, good pitching can (and usually does) shut down good hitting. How many big hitting American teams have gone into the championship game, only to have some small Korean/Japanese pitcher, who can move the ball around a bit with some velocity, completely choke them out?


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Michigan actually playing Hawaii.  This is one of the first times no team from California is at Williamsport. "Shoddy defense" is the norm at that level.  11-13 year-olds typically aren't seeing the ball hit with the speed/height that they are seeing for the first time.  Combine with crowds larger than they've ever been playing in front of, and a field no one is used to being on. 

Now the Purify kid from Grosse Point is a pure athlete. That kid baseball, or other sport is a talent.


August 19th, 2018 at 1:34 PM ^

I was saying the same thing while watching that game!  Idaho pitcher would throw one, maybe two strikes per batter, and Michigan players were swinging at everything!  I would have told my players to take all the way until you get two strikes on you.  It was a frustrating game to watch, from that standpoint.  It's funny how invested in this team I feel, but if you're a Detroit sports fan like I am, you know how starved for a winner I am!


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Another bad call by an umpire on a catch. That Hawaiian runner was out at the plate. Unlike last night, this one went the wrong way for the Michigan team. 


August 19th, 2018 at 3:26 PM ^

Umps have been struggling this game.  First base ump had his call overturned two batters in a row.  They were close plays, but easy enough that the announcers got it right live, and were surprised by the ump's calls.  The play at the plate was tougher to see live because he was blocked out a little.  Still, it cost Michigan a run, possibly two.  I don't understand why that play is not reviewable.


August 19th, 2018 at 3:40 PM ^

The force-out at the plate was a poor call, but the umpire was not in a position to determine when the ball popped out of the mitt. That one should be reviewable.

The play at the plate during the rundown, where Purify tagged the kid, was going to stand regardless of the call. It was that close, and every replay was inconclusive.