OT - Greg Robinson named DC for 2012 New Orleans Saints season

Submitted by BlueMan80 on April 1st, 2012 at 2:04 PM
Greg Robinson has been named DC for the Saints 2012 season. Saints management believes Robinson is the best choice while Gregg Williams serves his suspension. GM Mickey Loomis stated, "Greg is a great choice given his system of positive rewards for good plays is based on rubbing furry hand puppets into player's faces. We understand Greg has also added a new form of feedback for players that show great effort, but fail to make big plays through an aardvark hand puppet he added to his collection. This is just the positive role model behavior we need to develop after the recent issue with bounty payments. Robinson is also a good choice given we don't expect any controversy when it is time for Gregg Williams to return. We expect the players and fans will all be glad to see Robinson leave upon Williams return."



April 1st, 2012 at 2:56 PM ^

This thread is doing the MGoBlog April Fools' Day right. Very, very funny.

I must say, I would actually enjoy seeing Robinson use Otis The Aardvark to call plays though. Sounds entirely plausible as a teaching tool...


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What are the Saints thinking?!  There has to be someone better than Greg Robinson out there, I mean, promote your linebackers coach or something.  At least they know they won't be accused of running a bounty system this year.


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He did pretty good for Texas and the Denver Broncos. I wonder why he failed so bad at Michigan? I'm sure Rich Rodriguez had nothing to do with it.


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At least you didn't say Gerg is replacing Greg Mattison as our DC. Had you done that I would've shit myself, despite knowing full well it's April 1st.