OT: Green Bay Offers HC Job To Titans OC

Submitted by CincyBlue on January 7th, 2019 at 6:22 PM

For those that thought Harbaugh was in play for Green Bay.  Titans' OC Matt LaFleur is expected to accept the offer.  



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LaFleur spent 2017 as OC with the Rams learning under Sean McVay. Before that, he spent 2 years under Kyle Shanahan in Atlanta. Clearly Green Bay wanted a young offensive mind.


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Don't judge him by the Titans' offense this season. Mariota made a lot of bad decisions and is probably better off in a different style of offense.

Packers are going after a McVay/Kyle Shanahan offensive mind. This seems kind of risky for a franchise like them, especially since last season was his first calling plays.


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Are you a Titans fan? Cause I am and I obsessed over every game.This year wasn't remotely Mariota's fault. Our protection scheme was absymal--leading to way too many flukey injuries for him. The only downside to us losing LaFleur is that Mariota has to learn another new scheme.  Just setting him back yet again.


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I am not and it sounds like you have watched them much more than I did. What I saw from him was no anticipation for open receivers based on coverage so he was always late. You could tell some of it was the bad OL effect and him taking hits (I remember him getting leveled after a deadball whistle against somebody like the Texans without a flag).

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This cannot be.  Cris Carter had it on good authority that Green Bay would be approaching Harbaugh and that it was a real thing.  Cris Carter's impeccable sources couldn't have been wrong!



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Titans fan here. Pretty major gamble by Green Bay. LaFleur was expected to get a HC job in the near future, but the Titans offense sucked all year. 


They might as well have offered it to Nussmeyer

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My Packers fan wife isn't going to like this.  Seems like a really dangerous hire for the Packers.  He's only called plays for one year and finished with the 27th ranked scoring offense.  Plus, you never know when you hire a first-time head coach - there's a big difference between an assistant and the head man.  Seems like a risk for Rodgers last top years that they didn't need to take.