OT: Greatest sports figures from your hometown?

Submitted by Dilla Dude on September 9th, 2012 at 6:51 PM

It's kind of a slow day today, so I thought i'd throw this out there. 

Seeing Bennie Oosterbaan's #47 jersey get unretired and donned by Jake Ryan got me thinking about this. 

I'm from Muskegon and graduated from Muskegon High School, Bennie's alma mater. UM's Terrance Taylor, USC's Ronald Johnson, and MSU's Earl Morrall all called Muskegon their home.

Watching Oosterbaan get acknowledged instilled in me a great deal of pride not only for my high school, but my entire community. I wish I had a time machine so I could go back in time and watch arguably the greatest all-around Michigan athlete of all time get to play.

So what about you all? The MGoWorld is a vast one, filled with many a MGoPeople. Who are some of the greatest sports figures from your hometown/town?




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Yeah, I'm BG Class of 2006 myself. My older brother (way older) was two years behind Brian and played on the soccer team with him. 

My junior year, we went to the State Finals for the first time since Brian was there. At the time, he was playing socer in England and he called us during our pep rally to cheer us on. That was pretty awesome. 


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I know Fred.. There was a time I remember being able to tackle him :). Most of us couldn't. He's a Facebook friend if mine still and when I visit my Mother I still see him down the street.

Terry mills
John and Grant Long as well.


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My mom went to your school.  Muskegon High School class of '65. 

But back to the OP, I'm in Dearborn so I'm going to cheat a little and go just a couple blocks from where the city ends to claim Tyrone Wheatley.  I've driven past his high school many times. 

Gary Danielson also went to high school in Dearborn but I don't think I want to claim him. 


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The Gronkowski family. They lived a few  houses down from my family. Chris was in most of my classes in middle school - he's actually fairly intellectual.  One of my friends lived in the house behind them.  Every summer, she would have a pool party for her birthday. And every summer, the Gronkowski's would jump fence and pelt us with water balloons starting a water war. ~15 girls vs Gronkowski brothers? No chance. It freaken hurt to get hit. And they were still kids then.


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Dave and Mike Hill, wearing the familiar ALRO hat.  Dave did better in the PGA Tour, but Mike really came into his own in the Seniors Tour, tying for Tour Player of the Year in 1991.  (I had to look that up.) 

EDIT:  See Blue Delt beat me to it way down below.  Sorry.  Late to the party. 

EDIT 2:  More brothers: Gary & Tony Krupa.  Went to school with Tony, but had no idea until I got to NY and read it in the Times that they were national water skiing champions.  Guess the kids with cottages at Clark Lake would've known.


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That's about as good as it gets from Hudsonville, Michigan.

I live in Benton Harbor now and it was very cool to see Joique Bell get a TD for the Lions today (BH native and Wayne State alum). Wilson Chandler and Destiny Williams are also BH alums.