OT: Greatest sports figures from your hometown?

Submitted by Dilla Dude on September 9th, 2012 at 6:51 PM

It's kind of a slow day today, so I thought i'd throw this out there. 

Seeing Bennie Oosterbaan's #47 jersey get unretired and donned by Jake Ryan got me thinking about this. 

I'm from Muskegon and graduated from Muskegon High School, Bennie's alma mater. UM's Terrance Taylor, USC's Ronald Johnson, and MSU's Earl Morrall all called Muskegon their home.

Watching Oosterbaan get acknowledged instilled in me a great deal of pride not only for my high school, but my entire community. I wish I had a time machine so I could go back in time and watch arguably the greatest all-around Michigan athlete of all time get to play.

So what about you all? The MGoWorld is a vast one, filled with many a MGoPeople. Who are some of the greatest sports figures from your hometown/town?




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Neither is pipkins

If you are from saginaw, you also forgot Serena and Venus Williams, Sam sword, shonte peoples, Jason Richardson, Ed belfour, Charles Rogers (pre-lions burnout), and I'm sure I'm forgetting a few.


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Shawn and Brian Thompson (Saginaw Nouvel)

Roy Manning (The High)

Jenny Ryan (UM women's BB PG from Saginaw Nouvel)

Mark Macon and Tory Jackson (if you count BV as "Saginaw")

Alfonso Boone former NFLer

Kenyon Martin notably of the New Jersey Nets

Terry McDaniel, former NFLer

Big Dan Severn! former MMA heaveyweight

Draymond Green (YTDG)


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For a city of modest size like Saginaw, it's really produced its fair amount of athletes amongst others (i.e. Stephen Lynch, Stevie Wonder).

Also, I haven't seen anyone mention Blair White, one of the few Spartans I have ever thought highly of. Upstanding guy that went from being a walk-on to an All-Big 10 WR and then the NFL, where he was impressively productive with Peyton throwing to him.


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another Huron grad here... Don't forget Devin Thomas. Also I would count Jim Harbaugh even though he wasn't born in aa.

And if we are also talking non sports stars, you have to mention David S. Goyer, the guy who wrote all the Blade and new Batman movies. He is a Huron grad.


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Charlie Lau, Grant Long and Fred Russell were all, at one point, residents of Romulus. Actually, my grandfather was a childhood friend of Lau. 

That being said, I grew up in Saline and graduated two years ahead of Bobby Korecky, who went to Michigan and pitched for the Diamondbacks and Twins for brief stints. I think he is in the Blue Jays organization now. 



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Wait, I'm from Saginaw.  Brandon Graham?  Where is that coming from?  He was born and raised in Detroit.  You, sir, are disqualified.


The real Saginaw list is Woodley first.  Yes, Pipkins was here for a while.  I hate to give credit to former Spartans, but Jason Richardson made some money.  Numerous other players, many Spartans, did some nice things in high school/college (like Charles Rogers, DeAnthony Arnett, Stu Schwiegart) but haven't translated it into pro success.  Arnett may still do something special, but he made the same horrible mistake (turning down UM) twice.

Kenyon Martin was born here.  Sam Sword is from here as well.  Maurice Jones is from here.  Probably the least known because he's only 5'7", but he's very exciting to watch on the basketball court.  He's the point guard at USC.  Oh, there was also some Draymond kid here too.


For the Frankenmuth guy.....uh, Brad Redford?  Might be the closest thing you've got.