OT-Granderson to yankees

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according to jon heyman of SI its final pending medical reviews. 3 way deal between Yanks, Dbacks, and Tigers. Phil Coke, Scherzer, Schlereth, and Austin Jackson to Tigers



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Thanks for the new post, the old one seemed to be dead.

I hate this deal for the Tigers. I was fine when it was just Jackson but they're really getting very little for Curtis. The fact that they had to "cave" to the Yanks' request to remove a pitcher from the deal is ridiculous.

(Then again, I was completely against the Joyce for Jackson deal last year and was very wrong about that)


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He struck out 123 times in the minors last year. If you think that number is coming down in the majors, you're insane.

I know about Austin Jackson. He's a good prospect, not a great prospect. And any prospect outside of the once-in-a-decade phenoms - which Jackson is not - that has a season like this: .302-23-74 with 23 triples, will have panned out better than most prospects do and be considered a success. That's Granderson from two years ago. Can you promise me that's Jackson in four years, with the defense to boot? You can't make that promise.


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Tiger fans have an emotional bond with Granderson, but truthfully he's not all that great of a player. He hits the occasional homer but has a poor on-base percentage, can't hit at all against lefties and isn't that great on the basepaths. This looks like a great deal for the Tigers.


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and he's unbelievably unclutch. Speaking with a friend today, who is one of the emotionally attached, he responded to my unclutch contention by saying that "He gets triples when they count! Like in the all star game!" I laughed. I feel like every time Granderson is up in the ninth it ends up poorly. Back in the days when he was on the team, I argued strongly that he was the best centerfielder in the division (over the douche from Cleveland, of course), based on his defense and ability to hit and capitalize on his speed. Now, in my process of divesting from him, I still believe that he's better than Grady, but I think our dependence on him really hurt. A guy consistently leading the team (and near the top of the league) in strikeouts getting the most at bats for six years was a problem.

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This is a completely inaccurate representation of the trade. Granderson is a pretty good player defensively and offensively. He hit 30 home runs this year, and as a lefty in new Yankee Stadium with that shallow right field, he could hit like 35 next year. He does strike out a bit much, and his OBP could be better, but he draws a decent number of walks as it is. Hes a certain upgrade over Melky Cabrera or Brett Gardner, though he has trouble hitting lefties (well platoon him probably with those other two and a resigned Damon).

Austin Jackson is not really our top overall prospect on offense. That would be future catcher/DH Jesus Montero. Jackson could end being fairly good, though. Problem is he strikes out a lot, and probably will never hit for as much power as Granderson does. If he progresses well in about 3-4 years he could be almost as good an outfielder defensively, and probably a slightly worse batter.

Ian Kennedy is definitely not our top pitching prospect. That would be Joba Chamberlain or Phil Hughes. Kennedy is something like a AAA all star who cant seems to put it together in the pros. His location is good and could get even better, but his stuff just isnt that great speed wise.

Yankees made a pretty good trade. They essentially swapped a good prospect for a player already in their prime who is probably better than that prospect ever will be anyway. They also had to let go of a decent pitching prospect, who probably wouldn't have ever seen meaningful time in the Bronx anyway.

Detroit should be happy for Scherzer, hes pretty good; the best pitcher of all three involved.


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The tigers are getting a good deal out of this. As a yankees fan i hate it. I would much rather have Austin Jackson. There was no need to go out and make a deal. It seems like the Yankees just made a trade for the sake of making a trade. Always trading away the fucking future. I dont mind getting rid of phil coke though, because he is the worst ever.


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What use have the Yankees for prospects? They exist only so the Yankees can trade for other teams' best players that they can't afford any more. You're getting right now what you hoped Jackson would eventually be. You're adding a brilliant defensive center fielder and a powerful hitter to a lineup that won the World Series anyway. And you're the Yankees, so you have the luxury of using Granderson only against righties if you want, making him even more valuable.

And you gave us "the worst ever" pitcher in return, whose only value to a team as far as I can tell is which arm he throws with. What do you have to complain about?


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Man the 21 (now 22) year old who got promoted to AAA this year struck out 123 times and still batted 300...Crazy.

When Granderson was 21 he was still in Single A ball...(also he only hit 3 HRs there)I am not saying that Austin Jackson will be better then Grandy but he has the potential to be a great player for the tigers.

Also considering that they just got a player who is younger and has played better then Cameron Maybin it seems like a good deal.

I think Coke will be a good fit in Detroit and I believe both the pitchers from Arizona could be number 2 or 3 starters in MLB given some seasoning.

Please also consider that Detroit just got 10 times the value then Minny got for Santana.

Granderson is a very good defensive outfielder and it will allow the yankees to sign Damon as a DH.

Jeter - R
Damon - L
Arod - R
Tex - S
Posada S
Cano - L
Swisher - S
Granderson - L
Melky - S

How do you pitch to this lineup....Look at the speed...look at the defense in the outfield...what is that in the distance...is that...28 world championships...and the gator bowl (please Michigan get in the Gator Bowl)


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Really, i just dont agree with the deal because it never needed to be made. Trades should be made out of necessity and there was really no reason for the yankees to trade their best prospect for someone who plays the same position and isnt great in his prime. Plus I hate trading for/signing big names because everyone just goes on about how the yankees buy championships. Id much rather have them develop their own talent. Its worked in the past with Jeter, Posada, Rivera, Bernie Williams, Andy Pettite, Etc...why continue trading away prospects?


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Being an all-star doesn't make you great. Robbie Cano was an All-star and he's not great. He may have had a good season one year, but its not like he's a premiere player in the league. Granderson making an all-star game doesnt make him the best cf in the league necessarily. I cant say that Jackson would be better than Granderson, id just like to see him get his chance, instead of making this trade for no reason.


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Robbie Cano is a great second baseman. Your threshold for "great" is really high.

I'll gladly let you take your chances on an unproven commodity. I know the range of what I can get from Granderson and I'll take it. Add Carl Crawford or Juan Pierre to the leadoff spot and Granderson hits 5 and that team is a World Series contender. Oh well.


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He hit higher than 270 twice...and his obp has never been great. You are doing exactly what you accuse him of doing in looking solely at one year, where his BABIP was something like 330. Curtis granderson is a 260 hitter who is completely helpless against lefties. They got 2 top tier arms in terms of talent, a high ceiling CF prospect who is 5 years younger, and an effective lefty reliever.


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...are always overrated. The Mets prospects are always overrated too. Remember when Phil Hughes was the best starting pitching prospect in the minor leagues? Several years later they learned he was finally good enough to remain in the big leagues as a setup man. Mike Pelfrey was the best pitching prospect in the national league, and he became...decent. The national media always exaggerates the prospects of NY teams because they get talked about so much by the NY media.

Austin Jackson may end up being a good player, but he is not better than Granderson or E-Jack. As a Tigs fan, I don't hate the trade, but I really am annoyed by NY fans who underestimate the value of Granderson. He is instantly your best outfielder...by a mile. You played Nick Swisher and Melky in CF last year. Are you kidding me? Granderson is one of the top defensive CF in all of baseball. He will hit 30-35 HR next year when he gets to play half of his game in the wind-tunnel-band-box that is Yankee Stadium. Scherzer is filthy, but so is E-Jack. Given the choice, I'll take the youth in that scenario.

Also, the Yankees just added Grandy and the best human being on their roster. That is saying something, because there are some real professionals and quality men on that team, but Granderson is easily among the best human beings in baseball. That absolutely is worth something, even if it is something immeasurable.

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You looked at his strikeout numbers lately? 123 Ks in 132 games in triple A. He looks like Granderson with less power.

To argue that he is anything but a prospect is foolish. He is only thought of as amazing/can't miss by yankees fans who think everyone that might don the pinstripes is the next Mantle.

Maybe he'll be better than Granderson, but there's also a real chance that he never even contributes on an everyday basis.


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this is a smart move by the tigers. granderson has had one great year so far and hasn't been able to build off of that year since. the other problem is, where does he bat in the line up??? is he a lead off guy or should he be batting in the middle of the order??? with all of the people complaining it just reminds me of when higginson was here. there was a time that the yankees wants higgy in a bad way but the tigers wouldn't trade him because higgy was the face of the team... well how did that work out??? the tigers have no players to speak of in the minors really so they need young talent to keep them going.


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I disagree with the Higginson comparison (even if baseball-reference says that his closest comparison at his age is Bobby Higginson, that's just freaky). He's actually been a solid-above average player since '06. He was one of the guys that was a face of the franchise, obviously loves the game and overall meant a lot to the team, plus his contract wasn't terrible. I understand that all of that makes him one of the more tradeable players on the team, but I really think you need to get a sure-fire replacement for him in CF and I don't think that's what Austin Jackson is.
In any case, hopefully everything works out for the Tigers. But I hope they stop pretending they're not having a fire sale after a deal like this.


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i like going to a tig's game as much as the next guy and will always root them on. however, when one team can spend 50% more than the second highest team's payroll the sport gets to be a joke. the problem will only continue to get worse. that's what makes the nfl so great. a team like the packers can be good every year and it's not just a function of it being in a major city and being able to spend a bunch of cash (we'll see how long this lasts though).

the funniest thing to me is how excited the yankees get when they win. shit, teams like the yankees and red sox should be embarrassed when they don't win considering the huge payroll advantage they have over smaller market clubs (which make up about 20 teams). i love it when teams like the marlins win it.


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need to happen for MLB to get on track. one thing has already happened, donald fehr stepped down. now the next thing that needs to happen is bud selig needs to go far far away from baseball. MLB needs a commish that is going to work as hard as possible to try and get a salary cap in place, or a salary floor. with a salary floor teams would be forced to keep a payroll above 10 million as an example. until either one of these things happens baseball is always going to be a joke. the yankees are just going spend as much as they want and no one will be able to stop them.


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If you forced all major league teams into the same salary...LA and NY would still have a huge advantage since they are the biggest media markets and with the loss of playing revenue players would look to increase their revenue through other streams...like advertising.

Detroit will never have the marketing that NY has...plain and simple but under the current rules a guy like Ilitch can out spend anyone he wants...(guy is one of the richest owners outside of Baseball)

Clarence Beeks

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Salary floor is right on the money. As a Yankees fan, it almost kills me to admit that John Henry had a good point, but he most certainly did in his interview a few weeks back regarding the teams who take in revenue sharing dollars. It's what teams like Pittsburgh do, not what the Yankees do, that is the real problem with baseball.


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The Expos weren't really like that until after the strike hit in '94. Prior to that, they had a decent-sized payroll. After the strike the owner panicked and ordered a fire sale, attendance cratered, and the franchise started a slow, painful decline.

If the strike had never happened, I believe the franchise would still be in Montreal.