OT: Good places to eat in New Orleans and a couple things to do.

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For the past several years my wife and I have gone to NO for the Reveillon season when the restaurants do special holiday meals and music.  There are so many good places to eat that you can hardly miss but there are a couple outside the famous like Commander's Palace and Emeril's that you might want to try although most of these are to the pricey end too.  Maybe others can add to a list of the best Big Easy eateries.

Cochon (Not to be missed is the bacon and oyster sandwich mmmmmm)

Luke (John Besh is the chef and the sazerac cocktail is the besht)

Herb Saint (just outside the warehouse area at 701 St.Charles)

Boucherie (Out near the end of the St. Charles streetcar line on Jeanette. They used do a food truck but opened a restaurnat in an old house and it's one of our all time fave's)

Bayona (Susan Spicer's place at the north edge of the French quarter)

Domenica (Another John Besh special)

The WWII museum is worth every penny if you are a history buff at all. 

Audubon Park is easy to get to on the streetcar and is a lovely place to walk or jog if you want to get away from the French Quarter craziness. 

I also think that the music clubs on Frenchman Street just across Esplanade from the French Quarter are every bit as good as those in the Quarter itself.

None of the above is any big secret but to those who have not been there or have never explored outside the French Quarter I thought I would share the above favorites.  Enjoy!





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Frenchman Street was a great time about 3 years ago, but I was there a couple months ago and it's been completely taken over by hipsters. They were trying to do all this weird stuff with the jazz, and it wasn't nearly as good as before. Still though, The Spotted Cat is a great small place to hang out and listen to live music.

If you're looking for cheap seafood in the Quarter, try out a place named Cafe Maspero(I think on Decatur). Not the greatest place in the world, but it's a good place with relatively cheap eats and a good break in the action from drinking in the Quarter.


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Drago's - the charbroiled oysters are to die for; fantastic seafood!
<br>Jacques-Imo's - amazing Cajun and southern comfort food for a reasonable price; I would suggest the duck but really it's all good!

Big Shot

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Jacques-Imo's was probably my favorite restaurant when I lived in Nola. Excellent food, reasonably priced, and a great atmosphere. You really can't go wrong with anything on their menu. I highly recommend trying the Alligator Cheesecake as an appitizer if you've never had it before. 


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coquette, just down the street from commander's palace in the garden district, is also quite good, and relatively relaxed. 

and frenchman street is much, much better than the quarter. it's where locals actually go.


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You wanna know how to find a good restaurant in New Orleans? Walk in to one. Seriously I didn't have a bite of bad food when I was there. Just try stuff.


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Great suggestions. Especially love Bayona. Also, strongly recommend cocktails at Napolean House (Chartres and St. Louis in French Quarter) ... feels like a Dashiell Hammett or James Cain setting (if you ignore the geography).

Beavercreek Blue

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Another thread about what to do in New Orleans? I'm sure my friends and I can find stuff to do! We seem to be okay even in when at Purdue. So I'm sure a city that serves drinks to go will be a good time.


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Coop's Place was my favorite when I was down earlier this year.  They have some great local brews on tap and serve some great local fare.  I highly recommend their Rabbit & Sausage Jambalaya.

Another great place is The Court of Two Sisters.  It's by reservation only and a little expensive but well worth every penny spent.  I'm convinced that they serve not only some of the best food in NOLA, but also the best Mint Julep and Hurricane I have ever had.


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I have never been for dinner, but Court of Two Sisters has the best jazz brunch I have ever had. All you can drink mimosa's for the table, a masssive buffett that is filled with delicious cajun and brunch food, and an excellent omelet stand. After you load up your plate, you sit in a courtyard that is covered by spanish moss trees. Its all you can eat and drink (I think), so it is worth every penny if you have a copule hours to sit, enjoy the scenery, and eat amazing food.


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go see Kermit Ruffins play at Vaughan's, i think on Thursdays. 

Also, go hear the music and dance at Tipitina's. 

If you are there for a while and want to get out of the city for a few hours, drive a little ways outside town to Jean Lafitte National Park and take a walk through some swampland, or go on a swamp tour. 

The restaurant NOLA is a great upscale option, and hit Central Grocery for lunch and get a Muffaletta sandwich, it is an experience not to be missed. 

If you stay up all night and the sun is coming up, go to Cafe Du Monde for chicory coffee and beignets....helps a hangover from getting too bad. 


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I'm a current New Orleans resident, living a block from Bourbon Street. A few notes:
<br>1. We really need to arrange an MGoHappyHour for all the MGoBlog readers. I suggest Pat O'Brien's, but only because it is convenient and can absorb a large krewe of fans.
<br>2. I strongly suggest making reservations in advance. Use OpenTable, and lock in great reservations while they are available.
<br>Here's the deal: if y'all want to meet up for drinks, then post it and let's get a critical mass. I may be able to set something up, or we can just meet at a bar. I know all the bars, restaurants, and hotels here, so post if you are sugar bowling and have questions.


December 15th, 2011 at 12:43 AM ^

suggest you define and refine your suggestiion into a firm commitment and then solicit the board.  it needs to be "Pat O'Brien's at 4pm on Sunday".  not some vague "i'll set it up if you guys ask me to".  local dudes take control and set it up,  the rest of us will follow your lead with gusto.  Dallas guys take notes, we invade your space next September.  GO BLUE!


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Everytime I think of Pat O'Briens, I flash back to watching a VERY drunk Tori Spelling dancing by the flaming fountain wearing what I could only describe as a "flap" of fabric covering her.

I'm in favor of meeting up there...


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One is bound to stumble upon something awesome just by exploring NOLA. Exceptional food. Not to mention home to the world's greatest coffee, Cafe du Monde. I suggest throwing away any plans you may have, showing up in a pink tutu and performing the Electric Slide on Bourbon Street. Oh, and like, go to the game and stuff.

MMB 82

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Completely kicks Cafe du Monde's ass; only problem is it is out in Metarie. Superior beignets, too! (Google tells me they are still out in Fat City off the I-10, but the do have a Coffee Stand in town these days).


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Alfonso's on Frenchmen Street, right above the Apple Barrell, is a very good New Orleans Italian place.
<br>The Praline Connection, also on Frenchmen Street, is good for soul food and New Orleans basics like red beans and rice.
<br>I thought a muffuletta from Central Grocery on Decatur was a good hangover cure. And I will vouch for Coops anytime. That's a solid place.
<br>Cool Story Bro Moment: I was in NOLA couple of weekends ago and ran into the Wolfman, the guy who plays the violin in downtown Ann Arbor during the summer wearing a Wolfman mask. He apparently winters in NOLA. I was wearing a Michigan sweatshirt when I spotted him outside of Cafe du Mond. He nodded at me and started playing The Victors. It was a nice random moment. If you see him down there, drop a dollar in his bucket and say "Go Blue!"


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Acme oyster house in the Quarter
Good food snacks in the Market near the old US Mint. Court of Two Sisters for Sunday brunch. Too many too mention but dome quick hitters.

Magnum P.I.

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For the French Quarter, Fiorella's had pretty awful service on my visit, but it's the best (a) fried chicken and (b) red beans and rice I've ever had in my life. This despite getting awful service.