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A group of my Michigan friends and I do an annual golf trip.  Historically, we've always traveled to the west coast of Florida.  In an effort to change things up, we're going to Scottsdale this year.

We had our rotation of affordable, nice courses in FL, but don't have any familiarity with Scottsdale options.  We're certainly aware of the well-known courses, but those are pretty pricey for our group of golfers with a wide range of skills.  Internet searches have been a bit overwhelming given the large number of courses in the area.

Any MGoBlog recommendations for nicer courses in the Scottsdale area that would be sub $120/round in mid-April would be much appreciated.




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I've always liked Talking Stick. They have 2 courses that are usually in very good condition and cost ~$75. TPC Scottsdale also has the championship course which i think is ~$130. If you can find it in your wallets I also highly recommend making the drive up to Troon North, but that is definitely pricey 


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For the past few years I've done something similar, and typically hit northern MI. I got the group out to play some Northern CA courses a couple years ago, but this year we had Scottsdale on our list of potential destinations. I had played a random round with a manager at We-ko-pa a few years back and these were his exact reommendations when I inquired as to whether or not there were stay and play packages (I don't know about price):

"There are some standard packages that include Troon North, The Boulders, and We Ko Pa - all great courses. The Ambiente course at Camelback is phenomenal and kind of unknown. Outside of the valley there are three must-plays but they have only one course. Quintero, Wickenburg Ranch, and Southern Dunes."

My group passed on AZ mostly bc that guy no longer worked at We Ko Pa and couldn't get us ridiculously cheap rates. Instead, we're heading to St. George, UT this April with some additional rounds being played in Mesquite, NV. 

Good luck!


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If you want ridiculously cheap golf, go to Scottsdale in the summer; golf rates are upwards of 75% off, and the resorts are usually around $100/night.  And the courses are pretty empty.  You can play a round in a couple of hours.

While it is definitely hot, it's not as bad as you might think if you go early in the morning or late in the afternoon, and use a cart with a canopy.  June is the best time to go because the humidity is still very low.  In July, the monsoons start increasing the humidity and thus the discomfort.


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and I wouldn't be opposed to it. Our group isn't really on a tight budget, but the deal that I was given before that guy quit we-ko-pa would have been too good to pass up. 

All the guys in our group have young families and we're trying to fit these trips in without pissing off our wives for another year or two. My brother priced out like 8 destinations and we weighed out travel time and other factors. St. George won this time, but I doubt we ever go back after this year.

Guarantee we go to Lexington and play Valhalla next year while drinking tons of bourbon... Very excited about that trip.


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I just back back from Phoenix on Saturday, having played Southern Dunes, Wickenburg Ranch, and Estrella. Wickenburg was absolutely stunning. Southern Dunes was fantastic as well. Would highly recommend both. While Estrella was nice, I felt like the other two were a class above.


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I played TPC Scottsdale with a champions tour player of Q school fame, Joe Daly a few years back. It was a nice track, and walking rates were very cheap during the week (I recall something like $70). He recommended Talking Stick, but I never got to play again during my trip. 


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I’d always recommend either of the TPC courses. I played the Champions last year and it was a great track. There’s also Troon North, which is one of my favorite courses in the state. You really can’t go wrong either way...

Stephen Y

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You going with my father-in-law, Johnny B?  He's got the same exact story about his annaul Florida golf trip moving to Scottsdale this year.  About 30 guys or so.


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I'm not a fan of golf in Arizona.  Human settlements and golf courses should not be located in places where there is not enough naturally available water to sustain them.

That said, I've been to Scottsdale once to play golf on a boondoggle, fully comped.  I gather both courses we played were very expensive.  I don't think you'll have much luck finding courses that aren't expensive because they're hard to maintain due to the abovementioned fundamental shortage.  Good luck, though.

And one legitimate playing tip: look for the highest mountain and keep in mind that everything slopes away from that, even though your eyes don't read it at all.  During one round I stopped my golf cart on the path.  thinking I was on level ground, I got out without setting the brake.  The damned thing started rolling away from the mountain.




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A little drive down Shea boulevard from Scottsdale but well worth it. Also along the way out there in Fountain Hills is Eagle Mountain. Any Of the Troon courses are great as well.


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Played many courses there. Try Las Sendas in Mesa, Arizona Biltmore ( links course), Dove Valley, the Legacy near the airport, and Sancuary (may be too pricey, but a great track. Grayhawk may be in the budget in April. The Boulders is awesome. Maybe you can get on at 3 or so for under 150. If so..do it. Finest golf course I have ever played...anywhere


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Reasonbly priced in April.....great shape and enough different tee positions that it can be playable for anyone. The food at the turn was awesome. Saw the biggest snake that I've ever seen in my life there....ugh

The hotel concierge recomended it and actually got us a deal on the greens fees...they are $150 in April.


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Just came from there. Las Sendas and Long Bow would be alright. Neither are incredibly hard and they're affordable. Troon North is absolutely awesome. We played both sides when we were there and I had huge expectations and it delivered. It's also a course, where if you play the middle tees (Silver I think) everyone can have fun and the course is manageable. That said, really pricey but if you play 36, that second is 20% off so it's a little more afforable. I would say that if you have guys I didn't play We-ko-pa but I've heard it's in the same realm. We played Legend Trail which is a little further north and it was solid. Red Mountain is another that's one of the more affordable options. 

Ducky Bump

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Last year I played Las Sendas in Mesa with my son.  It was very nicely maintained, reasonably priced, and definitely had that desert golf feel that we were look for.


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Spend the extra money and do Troon North. It is honestly one of the most beautiful courses I have played on. It can be had for about $160 a person but it is totally worth it and the restaurant is fantastic.


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Played Scottsdale courses several years ago, and can echo several suggestions.  As others mentioned, Troon North is a beautiful course, worth the cost, and my favorite.  TPC courses are very good.  Gray Hawk was the most affordable we played.  We went off season (meaning summer months) to help offset costs and crowds.  Enjoy!


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We did our annual trip to Scottsdale a few years back. Boulders was the best of the bunch IMO. TPC was challenging and absolutely immaculate, but not nearly as scenic as Boulders.


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I played that course a few years back. It’s mountain golf, which means target golf. It offered some really nice views. Also played Wildfire, which was a great desert course and as was noted already is a Palmer course.


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Eagle Mountain is a great track for golfers of different skill sets with some great scenery. ASU’s golf teams moved to Papago this year and they dumped a ton of money into that course. I’d check that out if I were you.


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Im airforce stationed in tucson and try to play twice a week.  Dont get me wrong there is some great golf in Scottsdale/Phx area but you will pay for it.  For an 1 1/2  hour drive you can play PGA courses for about half the price as PHX.  Dove mountain (former home of match play championship) is nice but not even my favorite.  Ventana canyon has two courses and both are awesome.  Skyline samething all in the foothills of the catalina mountains.  Sewailo (home of U of A) is damn near brand new and a great course plus a casino if youre in to that.  If you decide to stay in PHX talking stick is very nice and of course Troon North is a must play but may be slightly out of your price range.  I played for 150$ a couple weeks ago.  Prices tend to start lowering in spring and summer due to heat.