OT - Go Irish!

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I see the predictions thread but want to branch off in a different direction with this topic.

Life long Michigan fan who is pulling for Notre Dame!

Why you ask?

Because I live in the South and while I enjoy the living here, I do not like the football mentality. The idea that the whole ESS EEE SEE conference is somehow interconnected.

I have always simply rooted for Michigan and while happy that other Big 10 teams did well in bowl games, I would never feel a sort of pride. I most certainly did not stick my chest out in 2002 when OSU won the BCS title and proudly proclaim to all my southern friends BIG 11! BIG 11! BIG 11! or some other rediculously sounding chant. Michigan didn't win the National Championship that year so nothing else mattered.

The states that I have lived in Kentucky and Tennesee has not done crap for years. Kentucky hasn't had a winning football tradition and the Vols have been in turmoil since they fired Fulmer. Does that stop the rabid college fans from boasting their pride despite their actual TEAM not winning JACK SQUAT? NOPE! For these group of states for some reason like to stick together. They were in my face when OSU lost to Florida and LSU, did I give one crap that OSU lost? NOPE! But I still had to hear it day in and day out when the topic of football came up.

Am I happy or proud to root for the Irish? No! Am I sick of hearing about SEC pride day in and day out by fans who don't give a crap about Alabama any other day of the year? YES!

I would rather have ND fans boast again and see Michigan thump the reigning national champions next year and for one year atleast have some peace regarding the SEC.

So for one night, GO IRISH!



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I want ND to win, too. Hate them even more than I hate AL, but you have to think about what helps Michigan AND the sport. In this case, the two COINCIDE for Michigan, because if ND wins and we beat ND next fall. . . we are back--fully back--in business under Hoke. Case (for me) closed. 

An ND win also makes our game against Alabama look more anomalous. 


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This is my thoughts exactly. I live in Florida and am so sick of hearing SEC this SEC that. I'm ready for them to go down! If I lived outside of the South I would probably be pulling for Alabama as I despise Notre Dame. So I say Go Irish as well!!


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In an ideal world both teams will lose but the idea of 3 of SEC's top teams all losing this Bowl season puts this over the edge to make me root for the Irish.

That said, I have a hard time seeing them pull out the W...


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I live in the south. It is the only place in the U.S. that has an affiliation with a conference almost as much as their team. I have been told that this is part of the "southern identity" and the us vs. them, north vs. south, etc. territorialism that is strongest in the south while much of the north and west is more transient. I have also been told that this is directly related to the 2004 Auburn team not playing in the title game and the sense of inferiority that fans of SEC teams got from that.

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I too live in the south as well, and while frankly I have a deep hatred for ND, I am too sick of hearing how 'Bammer and the ees eee see are the best in Murica.' If there was a way for both teams to lose, though, Lord make it happen now.


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The logic according to a close friend of mine who goes to ND: If you pulled for the Union in the Civil War, you pull for Notre Dame tonight.


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I am in the military and live in Nebraska. My roomate is a lifelong Tennessee fan from Tennessee, and every year he boasts about "SEC power". It's so ridiculous, because I tell him that Tennessee is awful, but he just rants on.


January 7th, 2013 at 6:13 PM ^

And quite frankly am sick of it.

I live in an area where people can't boast about their team but find a way to boast because their school is in this dumb conference. If I wasn't an Alabama fan I would have virtually no stake in this game but that is not the mindset of an SEC fan.

If this were four or five years ago, I wouldn't give two craps about the outcome. I don't want to see an SEC school win this game anymore.


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...100%. The idea that the SEC is invincible is extremely destructive to CFB. As to you people who attempt to exert rooting interest orthodoxy, screw you.


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Let me clear about where I stand:  I would rather college football cease to exist than ND win another championship.  I think we do not see eye to eye on who should win this game.


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May the earth open up and swallow Kelly and Saban during pre-game warm-ups. May ESPN implode under the weight of its own hubris, causing the game not only to not be televised, but creating a crater that encompasses the field and makes the game impossible to play. In an unprecedented move, may the polls determine that both teams (and their fan bases) are so odious and narcissistic that the voters cannot in good conscience vote for either of them.


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One more year of Alabama and the SEC winning, is just that, one more year. I could deal with that. The SEC's title streak is going to come to an end soon. The B1G and the PAC12 have both recruited well and have better coaches now. If ND wins - that means it will extend their ability to remain relevant and independent for decades. I do think Saban's straight laced gameplan will be susceptible to Brian Kelly's ability to move things around on offense and defense.