OT- Gigs Up- Nick Sheridans NFL Dreams Fall Apart

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According to ESPN Nick Sheridan's dad was fired by the Giants today, looks like the NFL dream is up. He really had me convinced, I thought with a little help from his (dad's) friends he could make it big time (snickers). Find the Story Here:




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chances of being a coach. You're kind of a jerk.

Sure, he's not a good football player, but he's part of our team and works hard for Michigan. Rich Rod appreciates the work he's put in helping Tate and Denard learn the system and so do I.

Sorry, my sarcasm meter hasn't reached equilibrium after the holiday season yet.


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The guy was honorable-mention all-conference in High School. He walks on to carry a clipboard and learn the coaching trade, and I'm sure to his utter disbelief, found himself on the field.

Zero star, walk-on Sheridan gets crap, yet three-star scholarship QB Cone is beloved for his rapping. Go figure.
(I'm not bashing Cone, but by the transitive property, those that rip on Sheridan are in effect slamming Cone's progress and production.)


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I wouldn't be surprised if Sheridan is a graduate assistant at UM next year and eventually becomes the QB coach if Rodriguez is able to stick around.


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I wouldn't be surprised to see Nick Sheridan rise through the ranks at UM or even be the head coach someday in the future, after RR has helped raise a few National Championship banners.

Sheridan has a lot of heart; he just doesn't have enough talent to play QB at an elite level. He has accepted his "demotion" with a lot more grace and class than, for example, the kids who left and shit on RR on their way out the door.

I don't ever want to see Sheridan play QB again other than as a "human victory cigar," but I have a lot of respect for his intellect and intangibles, not to mention his love of the program, and hope he becomes part of the Michigan coaching family as soon as he is eligible to do so.


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Never mind that he worked his ass off for three years, played behind what looked like five middle schoolers blocking for him at times, willingly sacrificed his body and health to get teed off upon by three hundred pound hellbeast defenders of the Big 10. No, he hasn't suffered enough. Let's rub it in some more. Let's piss on his coaching dreams, let's invent more nicknames like DEATH, let's boo him when we see him walking down the street.

P.S. please, no one respond to this with "he's living out his dream playing for the team, he gets a free education so we can mock him!"


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First, this has been posted a couple of times already.

Second, it's entirely unnecessary for you to rip on Nick. For a whole number of reasons. And especially since he barely even played this year.


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1.) This is not OT.

2.) Someone's dad on the team losing their job is not funny.

3.) I do not see the humor in the fact Nick Sheridan will not play in the NFL.

4.) The OP is a tool for creating this thread on this topic.


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He loves the program, and accepted being in a position that he had to know was a bad one for him as the starting QB. He didn't quit, he didn't transfer and he didn't whine.

I believe that he will make a great coach one day, and I hope that it is with this program!!


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Agree that this is a pretty douchey OP.

Sheridan may not be even one tenth the QB that Tom Brady, Chad Henne, Tate Forcier, or even John Navarre were, but he has shown up everyday and given his all...for Michigan. He stepped out onto that field, probably knowing that he didn't have much chance of success and knowing he would be criticized by thousands, and yet he did it, and did it like a man. He hasn't earned our praise for his performances, but I think he's earned our respect.


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People like you are dicks. You're the one that screams during the game "WHAT? SHERIDAN'S IN? TAKE HIS ASS OUT! HE SUCKS!"

If I remember correctly, Bo treated everyone the same who all showed up and gave it their all. Nick is going to make a great coach someday, so someone needs an attitude adjustment.


January 4th, 2010 at 9:26 PM ^

Nice Sheridan played when no one else was available and did the best he could. Now he is effectively a coach and given how well Forcier looked at times he may just be doing a pretty good job. That may serve us well the next few years as more QBs come in.

FWIW I am a Giant fan and saw every game this year. Sheridan Sr. may or may not have some shortcomings as a DC but I can tell you that for whatever reason that defense did not play hard for him. There were also a lot of key injuries.

Bill in Birmingham

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I appreciate all of Nick Sheridan's efforts for my team and school. I wish him the best and suspect he will make a heck of a coach one day. Good luck to his dad in finding another position.


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I had the pleasure of playing against Nick in high school, and I'll never forget the day of the Utah game when I "casually" dropped in multiple conversations that I sacked him my senior year. I didn't get Threet, so I was hoping Sheridan would get the starting nod (selfish, I know).

I think he's going to become a great coach. Props to him for staying with it, not many of us are able to live out our childhood dreams.


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thanks for making fun of a former coach and his son, who is a walk-on.

In any case, maybe we get lucky and Bill Sheridan decides to come home!


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Oh yeah, suck on THAT you walk-on who helped UM win one of 3 games in 2008 with a thoroughly competent performance, who never complained about being moved in and out of the starting line-up, and who seems by all accounts to be a good kid who was able to follow his dream and actually play for UM! Haha!


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So as my first post, after over 3 years of watching and reading, how do you neg a guy into oblivion. This is why reading this board is so difficult. You read some good posts/responses, and then you get garbage like this, from 17 year olds. Brian wants the best, without censorship, but there has to be a line drawn. I believe we have reached it. I will now go back to just reading. Thanks for your time!


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Is the 48 point upswing (48 points as of now) a record for The #4 post by those.who.stay ???? Well said

I can't say much more about the OP being an idiot

Hoken's Heroes

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"Nick. Nick's a real name. Nick's your buddy. Nick's the kind of guy you can trust, the kind of guy you can drink a beer with, the kind of guy who doesn't mind if you puke in his car, Nick!"


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I never understood why people picked on players on the team. They're on the team for a reason. They're playing for the name on the front, and not on the back. That's all you can ask from someone when they suit up for the Maize and Blue. Those who stay will be champions. As far as I'm concerned, anyone that stayed on the team these past two years in a champion in my book.

Huntington Wolverine

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I don't know if I've ever seen this much consensus on a thread before. Only one +1 for the OP and all the rest negging. And every other post on the thread is in the black or neutral. It's also remarkably civil with only a few insulting posts. I'm impressed at MGoVa's ability to unite the board


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Lol sorry guys i was a total douche. (No sarcasm there) We all say things we don't mean, and people here made some good points. He's worked his ass off his entire career only to be butchered by dumbasses like me. I should probably lay off the posts for a while.