OT: Get Your Give On: Give Orson a Tattoo!

Submitted by Zone Left on April 11th, 2011 at 3:03 PM

Orson at EDSBS is launching a charity drive for RRISA, a refugee relocation group that resettles refugees in Georgia. It's a great cause, and comes with prizes(!) that includes a week of hypothetically Michigan-themed EDSBS content. Also, if the larger fundraiser somehow passes $50K, he has agreed to get an actual tattoo. Michigan won the post-Hurricane Katrina donation contest, so if your credit cards aren't maxed out for Mott, consider helping here too.

Give Here.

I normally wouldn't cut and paste, but it's for a good cause:


THE GIVING AND THE FORMAT WE LIKE IT IN: Scores, of course. Donations will go to RRISA's general fund for all services including resettlement, children's programs, employment, and family support. For the sake of competition, we suggest you give in the form of a score from a game you remember fondly. For instance, we'd suggest giving $34.31 if you were a Florida fan, or perhaps $31.06 if you were an Alabama fan, or maybe even $37.60 if you were an Iowa fan wishing to rub it in the eyes of a Michigan State fan.

The donations page has been calibrated to allow cents on the online donations form, so have at it, spite-lords.

VERY IMPORTANT THING: After you specify your gift, please select the "SPECIAL EVENT" tab from the Donation Detalis options and enter "EDSBS/[YOUR SCHOOL]" in the form specifying your school, and leave the address as "NA" if you don't want to send someone a letter showing off your charity. We'll keep a tally by school and update the standings for most and least charitable schools. In past fundraisers the Midwest leads the way, so step up your game, SEC-ers. The Slow States lead us in charitable giving, and this cannot stay if we are truly to be a conference of champions. (Also, they're REALLY smug about it while being absolutely right, the worst kind of smugtivity.)

THE GIVE AND THE GET: The winning school by donation will receive their own huge list--and we mean HUGE--of all the things that make them awesome, fictional and real. We'll also trick out EDSBS in their school colors for the week and build in a week of customized programming for them along the way. 

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE. If you, the EDSBS Commentariat, somehow go insane and raise $50,000 as a community, we will get a tattoo of your choosing. There are a few rules:

  1. No profanities. I'm not going around with a popular sentiment about Clemson on our bodies for the rest of our life.
  2. We choose the tattoo artist, placement, and size
  3. We will be fair about the size. 
  4. Not on the chest, though. I'm not shaving the Selleck.
  5. The tattoo must be a logo or symbol, not words. 
  6. The tattoo must not be Florida State-affiliated. Leave us the shreds of our dignity.




April 11th, 2011 at 4:16 PM ^

but for some reason i find it hilarious for him to have to get a small Jayhawk with "Rock Chalk Jayhawk" on his body. that or a picture of Calipari with two thumbs up...