OT: Gators LB Cristian Garcia helps stop sexual assault

Submitted by Mr. Yost on July 22nd, 2016 at 7:13 PM

I realize this really has NOTHING to do with Michigan football. I'll be honest the ONLY reason I'm posting this is because we've heard SO many stories of sexual assault in sports over the past few years - it was nice to have a somewhat positive story on the topic.

I say somewhat because you'd hope that there would be no need to stop a sexual assault, but here's a story of a student-athlete...particularly a football player doing the right thing.

Tip of the cap to Mr. Garcia. You, your family, your team should be proud.



...and for those who can't find any happiness on this board unless it links back to Michigan. I leave you with this:


Also, Michigan will face Cristian in his final year at Florida when we play the Gators in Dallas to open the season.





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Yeah, I'm just sure the would be rapist "slipped" and busted his face on the wall. Good on Garcia for being on the lookout for this kind of stuff. 


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I am laughing about the attacker "slipping and busting his face against the wall," too.  I wouldn't mind hearing that he "slipped" four or five times.  I agree with the OP: Florida should be proud to have Garcia on their team.   I know it was his job, but he's still one of the "good guys."

The victim has a long road "back" emotionally but it could have been a lot worse.


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It's been getting really depressing to see so many stories about people doing do dumb shit and all the retards running the world acting... retarded. It's nice to see a good Samaritan story to lift your spirits every now and then.


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2017 schedule, I'm calling 10-0 going into the last 2 weeks. Only reason I'm not calling 11-0 is Wisky is a tough place to play in mid-late November. If they make that a night game ....... awesomeness

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of the last time they beat a UM team of significance and fans got trampled. I am not thinking they will beat UM but on the outside chance they do. This is no RR led UM team and wisky will feel the sting. We need that game UM against the world at night  bring it on. Then put that one up on the resume for the title hopes and votes. J am going to that game I have to its one of the only stadiums I haven't been at. Iowa and Illinois are the only other two I haven't been to after Wisky of the original Big Ten. Nebraska, Rutgers moved ahead of Maryland (for obvious reasons) if I am to go for the B1G. So if they don't add anymore teams there are 6 total to finish out the B1G. Jesus, if they add four more teams it will be like starting all over again,


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I have no Gator-love, but it is so great to hear one of these stories that has a college football player saving a woman being assaulted rather than doing the assaulting... 

Perkis-Size Me

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Well done young man. Well done.

A lot of people would've just walked away and said something to the effect of "it's not my problem," or "she was asking for it," or "I don't want to make things worse." He may have saved that girl's life.

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The stopping of something like this gives the young ones something to aspire to instead of them asking us how does this happen Dad. "How can you like these guys their just a bunch of hoodlums pushing kids around in the hallways at school then going to college just because they are athletes"  As of lately I have been saying its OSU, MSU, NFL, we rarely hear bad things about our team. This makes it easier on us parents to tell our kids that it is just a few bad apples that spoil the whole bunch.

Thank you Parents, players and Jim Harbaugh and the coaches and trainers alike. This type of thing needs as much play as possible, good on this guy the sport needs more articles about players with character. Not fake BS either, I am not asking for Superman or Batman just good ole Honest character and let the chips fall where they may. It seems we are getting good character recruits and thats what this sport really needs. Or at least it makes it "Great to be, a Michigan Wolverine" one more time " It's Great to be, a Michigan Wolverine" Go Blue!