OT- Game of Thrones S05 E09: The Dance of Dragons

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Arya is on her first mission. I have a feeling that a "Golem Mountain" will make an appearance this episode or next. Cersei would you like more water to lap up off the floor? We all know episode nines are insane and sometimes TV history. What's your fav episode 9 between "Ned's Dead', "Blackwater", "Red Wedding", "Wildlings @ Wall" and tonights? I'm going with "Ned's Dead' just for the simple fact that showed me anybody can get it.



Do you know why all the world hates a Lannister?



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I have to wait until tomorrow, as I am watching the Cavs game. I have a feeling my squad cannot win this series without Kyrie and Love. This is so frustrating.


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I used to be a king. A king of TV knowledge.

Living in Michigan, being in the Eastern time zone, I saw shows hours before the peasants on the West coast. The power to rain down spoilers for Westerners solely depended on my mood for the day.

I was also privy to secrets our southerners were ignorant of. I knew winter was coming.

Alas, circumstances changed and my disrespect for my power were my undoing. I currently reside in the Central time Zone.

Being a full hour behind, this man truely knows nothing.



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I get this might be coming in the future books too since GRRM co-signed it, but you're telling me Stannis, a guy who survived on onions and rats at Storm's End, crumbles and burns his only heir at the first sign of adversity during his march to Winterfall? 

Come on.... I guess it's supposed to show how desperate he's becoming and how Melisandre casts her power over him, but still....

I found this funny tho. 


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Seriously. Book Stannis is a lot better than show Stannis.  the show runners always have always seemed to have protrayed Stannis in a bad light.  But this is wayyyy too far.

But then again, Stannis might do it in the next book, so we dont know for sure.


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With the exception of this episode. They failed to take his character all the way to this point and skipped some scenes that would have helped it make his leap from Castle Black Stannis (go f yourself melisandre) to desperate Stannis (everyone's going to die if I don't make a sacrifice). I think that is because they didn't develop some of the camp personalities. In the book there are some characters other than Stannis to care about in the camp. Here just a quick flash of some random soldier freezing after the raid and some shaky food tray hands.

Otherwise I like the actor who plays Stannis and his earlier stuff. Wondering now where they go next...Is going to be "guilty and crazy" Stannis?

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I'm actually rooting for Stanis to get the Reek treatment and skinned now. This episode fucked me up worse than any other. Having a daughter around that age probably didn't help... And I had just been saying how I was starting to like Stanis this season. Now he's the first name on my bedtime list.