OT-Game of Thrones S05 E03: High Sparrow

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Arya has made it to Bravos and has been brought into the House of Black & White. I noticed she has added Walder Frey to her Kill Bill list. The Lannisters are in full regroup mode. The Khaleesi could be getting some unexpected visitors. No book spoilers. 





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I was a huge fan of the first three books, but thought the fourth was borderline unreadable. And the fifth was better but still not to the same level IMO. Now because of the TV series, the length of the wait, the bloated stories in the books etc. I honestly don't care when the last two books come out, and am happy to find out how it all works out on the series, not the books. 


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They've become two separate means to the same end (presumably) at this point, so I'm just enjoying the chance to double down on my ASOIAF nerddom. It's obvious that George Martin is having trouble containing the plot. Maybe the mad rush to finish the books will make them more streamlined and readable. 


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I'm in full on GoT marathon mode right now. I'm currently towards the beginning of season 2. Without giving too much away, which is the best season of the next few. I wasn't too sure how much I'd like this one not being a big medieval junky or anything but so far it's been great!

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is probably the most interesting one to me as the show runners are going off on their own, making some executive decisions that are different than the books and it'll be interesting to see what they do.


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Season 3 was my favorite as it had the best episode by far with episode 9. Might have been one of the best episodes of any series ever. Still like breaking better just a bit more overall though. Two terrific shows.

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Since Tywin's death Cersei has "banished" Kevan Lannister (seemingly the only remaining Lannister with sense), added a 'magic user of ill repute' to the small council, and deposed the High Septon while giving the High Sparrow the thumbs up.

Basically she's attempted to consolidate her own power by replacing competence with extremely dubious allies.  

In her mind, for example, the High Sparrow now owes her and thus belongs to her.  The High Sparrow doesn't look like the kind of guy that plays by those rules, though.  Sure the jailed High Septon was corrupt but corruption is easy to control.  Fanaticism isn't.  

Qyburn seems loyal at least, but he also seems like the type of guy who ends up getting burned at the stake and all of his friends with him.  

I'm sure I've left out a ton and bungled a ton more and my characterization of Cersei's actions regarding Kevan are probably unfair.  Point being, Cersei isn't a serious contender.  She's possibly the worst ruler since the last Targaryen ruler.  Yeah, the guy who named "fire" his champion in a duel and sparked the civil war that left Robert with the throne.   


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I wish they'd just kill her off already. Tyrion and Jaime have turned into decent human beings, Tommen, Lancel and Kevan seem fine, Tywin and Joffree are dead...she's the only Lannister left that I hate. Though I will give props to the production team for allowing you to connect with characters you despise, if even for brief moments...


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Some epic battles are missing and I thought the entire last book was centered on that story lines convergence into another. There is still time but seems the show runners are shortening story lines not elongating them for ten seasons. At the same time they are becoming frugal with the characters and its forcing them to freelance more and more.