OT- Game of Thrones S04E02 @ 9;00 PM: The Lion and the Rose

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An obvious allusion to the Lannister and Tyrell wedding. I'm curious to see what mischief Prince Obeyren will get into at the wedding/reception. As always no book spoilers. Enjoy.


We Do Not Sow.



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Show Shae is very interesting to me and I like it...

The writers have done a great job of setting up Shae as someone who actually cares about Tyrion, is pissed off about Sansa, but still cares for Sansa.  Something is going to come to a head, I wonder how/where and what the fallout will be.




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You think there is any truth to the rumor that she won't get naked any more?  I find it intrigueing that she auditions to play a girl who likes to get down, or at least be naked all the time, she then proceeds to get naked, show it all, and at some point declare that she won't do it any more.

On one hand - you took the role, what did you think?

On the other - If you can declare you won't do it and they have to listen good for you...

Or, on the third hand-  why get so upset when we have all already seen it?


What do you guys think?





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I was just joking.  But I don't think she will be naked anymore, really.  She is too powerful and respected to be subjected to that.  


As for the actress, I would bet she just understood/understands the importance of character development of Daenerys/Khaleesi. 

Ali G Bomaye

April 14th, 2014 at 10:36 AM ^

I don't see any way that he could fit even 1/100th of the character development, history, and intricate plots of any of the GoT books into a 2-hour movie.  The only thing that makes sense, as mentioned below, is some sort of prequel about the Targaryen rise/fall, but even then he would have to drastically alter his storytelling style to fit the time constraints.


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if you can't possibly glean a single detail then why write at all?

Its a catch 22 and either way you lose...  like I said last week: it took me some time to realize that any comment that isn't specifically based on the show story and written around the show story can be a spoiler... maybe I am being too strict but I think you know what you did...






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I talk like an asshole, and I was wearing my asshole hat, but what you didn't wasn't evil or outragious or anything;  it just would have been better if you didn't say anything at all... like I said, stick to HBO story and HBO story alone...

or don't, in all reality it is rather hypocritical to tell anyone want to do around here...

Lets talk about how awesome it was to watch that fuck die!

and who did it? 

Tyrion is up for grabs at this moment.  I think he knew what he was doing because of how he looked at the cup right in front of Cersei... 

there are many people motivated, that is for sure...





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but this is one mystery the books don't solve. My theroy is it's tywin lannister. In a past episode he said joff was in need of a sharpe lesson, and he isnt fighting this war to place robert the second on the iron throne.


April 14th, 2014 at 12:13 AM ^

He definitely thought Joffrey was an idiot but it's insinuated that Tywin would never have gone so far as to commit kinslaying. I haven't watched the episode yet and don't want to give anything away, but there's a pretty good consensus on all the ASOIAF forums as to who was responsible. There are two people in particular for whom the evidence is almost irrefutable. Tywin, Sansa, and Tyrion are not considered major suspects.


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Good grief, man.  You couldn't possibly have gleaned a single detail of anything from that.

Sure you can.  That comment is basically saying "Something big happens" which means "someone dies." 

Joffrey's death wasn't a huge shock, but it can even be less of a surprise when people are telling you to expect something big.  And when we were reaching the end of the episode and nothing big had yet to happen, it was kinda easy to put 2 and 2 together. 

Not the biggest deal in the world, but hopefully that makes sense.


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Sure you can. That comment is basically saying "Something big happens" which means "someone dies."

Well that's certainly rare and unexpected in this show.

OK, I'm done being a smartass now.  You make a fair point, but let's also be honest: this show takes enough surprising turns that didn't involve a main character getting killed, that going straight to "someone dies" means people were basically expecting it anyway, and are just waiting around to see who's next to get it.