OT: Game of Thrones Open Thread

Submitted by M-Wolverine on April 7th, 2013 at 9:01 PM
I'm not sure there are enough people with HBO watching here, but this is my apology for having to mash this with Walking Dead last week. Give it a trial run to see if it's worthwhile.



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so.  But I must say I am enjoying seeing Joffrey in a couple of scenes where he is not calling for the brutal graphinc death torture of somebody.  He can be quite interesting but usually I have to cover my eyes when he on screen because I know some scary porn violence is on its way.  Good to see him being developed as a character a little more.


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Great series but I don't want to post in the thread considering I haven't seen any episodes since season 2 and have read the books.  I lose track of what's been seen/what's a spoiler still. 

Blue in Yarmouth

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I absolutely loved the first two seasons, so much so that I read the books in the "offseaon". Now, watching season three I am constantly nagged by what is being left out. In fact, so far this season hasn't followed the book much at all. I find myself constantly complaining to my wife about it. 

The show is still top notch, I just have to stop tyring to make sure it follows the exact course the book takes to enjoy it more. Anyway, love the books and the show. 


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Martin has made the intuitive point that the show will deviate from the book more and more as time goes on because it's a ripple effect: small deviations early necessitate larger ones later.  I would also add that the book can do certain things that a TV show would find impossible.  Barristan Selmy is the example that springs to mind.


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Yahoo had this article earlier this week about how omg you guys the guy who plays Jojen Reed is totally the kid from Love Actually.  I didn't even know Love Actually involved a kid, because I'm pretty sure the fanbases of these two particular works of cinema don't overlap.  There are like at least a dozen more interesting "that's that guy/gal from that thing" actors and actresses in Game of Thrones than that.

Blue in Yarmouth

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Being Canadian I don't see much of a difference between most Canadian accents and most American accents so mimicking an American accent has never been an issue for me, but my cousins in the U.K. have been mimicking American accents with great success since we were little kids. I think American accents are pretty easy to copy. Having said that, I think british accents are fairly easy as well though for such a small group of countries (geographically) Great Britian has a wide variation of accents.


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I've learned to appreciate all different kinds of cheeses and ethnic cuisines and certainly whiskeys. But plots involving dragons I just can't get into.

He says, as he sits in the kitchen with headphones plugged in to the 19" TV because his wife is watching that stupid show.

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Man... they are changing a lot of material. At least, the order of it. At this point, the show has become its own thing to watch. It's still excellent.. but it's different enough from the book that I have no idea what's going to happen next. When Arya's in that tavern that confused the hell out of me!


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Great episode.  Totally engrossing - I did not even realize we saw none of Daenerys and that plot line until after.

I loved the scene with Sansa and soon-to-be-queen Tyrell and her grandmother.  "He's a monster" was delivered so perfectly. 

The Jon Snow story from Cat Stark was also stunning.  The acting in this series is just so amazing.

I've made a mistake (I think) of stumbling across a major spoiler on the Internet a few times. I won't expand on it, other than it was such a minor detail that (may or may not, but I'm pretty sure does) have revealed something to me.  So I would caution non-book-readers to completely avoid anything about the books.  If you have to look something up, go only to the Wikipedia page for the TV series and nothing else.

Because of that - if this assumed spoiler does not occur by the end of this season, I think I'm going to read ahead.  Not sure yet.


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Yep, she was great.  Such a different character in a series that is full of unique, deep characters.  I really loved that reaction when Sansa finally admitted Joffrey was a monster.  Basically a "yep, thought so" reaction from both Lady Tyrell and Granny Tyrell.  The ensuing scene in with Joffrey and the crossbow was so unnerving.  On one hand I'm thinking "Tyrell is probably the smartest person in this show right now and she's planting all the right seeds," yet on the other hand I'm like "Whoa he is holding a crossbow get the fuck away from him"

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The books are really good. Having said that, Gergoe R. R. Martin likes to end things on cliffhangers, and then take 2-5 years to publish the next book.

The books certainly do help to supplement the series. Many more minor/secondary characters and plot lines. I'd still recommend reading all the books, not just starting on the third.


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Don't read them.  This is going to sound crazy but they're too good.  You'll get sucked in, get to the end and be pissed you have to wait another decade to read the conclusion.  I finished the last one a year ago and am still pissed I can't keep reading.  Save yourself the trouble and wait until they're finished.  If you ignore this advice, enjoy, they are damn good reads, much better than the show which is also excellent.

GRRM needs to get to work.


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The good news is that the TV series should be incentive to get writing. Two more books to go and the TV series would theoretically finish up in 5-7 years.  Luckily, by all accounts Martin is in great health, despite being rather large. Also, he's told the Game of Thrones executive producers the end of the story, so even is something were to happen, they can bring a close to the television series.

However, in the event he does die, he has stated that he will not allow anyone else finish the series.


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When the Reed kids and the guys who follow no banner(or whatever) showed up last night I though "Great, now there's MORE characters I have to follow." Love the show but there is a LOT of characters and storylines. Glad I watched from Day 1 or else I'd be lost.