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Because who has better mothers on tv than Game of Thrones? (I mean, if you're a dragon. Human, not so much.)


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I was trying to figure out how all the other wildlings joined up with them after they climbed the wall, or did they all climb as well? It appeared a lot of them fell when the sheet of ice broke as they were climbing. I also find it hard to believe that whatever small number of men/women climbed the walls can take castle black


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show has not explained the events at or north of the wall nearly enough.  That part of the season started very strong but has really become quite a mess.  From the show you would believe that there are like 7 wildlings trying to storm Castle Black.  Not well done.


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The show has many times struggled to represent the numbers of people supposedly involved in a lot of events.  The battle of Blackwater for example seemed to involve only a few hundred people.  Unfortunately, the budget plays a large role, no doubt.  They can't afford to pay and clothe thousands of extras.  I'd like to see some CGI involved perhaps, since it seems to be doing the trick for dragons.  But maybe that's more difficult than I think.


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not just a numbers thing with the stuff in the North.  As a show only guy, I can say I have found myself tuning out the Jon Snow stuff because they simply have not explained the parties involved and the motivations enough. 


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if you look behind Jon and Ygritte at the end of episode 26 you can see tormund and orell pulling ropes out of their bags.  Those ropes, I assume, are the ladders they will drop for the others...

That said, the north has not been given near as much detail as expected (by me at least) so we will just have to see how it goes...

Last night's episode was ok.  Still good but nothing crazy.  It was written by GRRM so I thought it would be better, however there were a couple 'mysteries' solved, or at least hinted at. 

Myself, I am not as into the huge theories of the series.  I know what they are but I figure we will find out in the end. I will say that when Talisa said she was pregnant I sat up in surprise as I did not see that one coming...

And the Theon scenes are becoming redundant...






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The Theon scenes are brutal right now... and not because of the torture.  Or maybe it is that we are being tortured by redundancy.  Maybe that's the point?!  We've been tricked!


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as a book-reader, I enjoy Theon's scenes.  That's obviously because I have knowledge show watchers do not about the reasoning.  I think there are a couple of reasons for why they're doing what they're doing.  If they don't outright reveal who the broomsweep/boy/torturer is by the end of Season 3, they will have screwed it up in my opinion.


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That's what everyone has been saying, so I'm cool with the long leash.

Last night was the first time that I thought "this is totally unneccesary."  Assuming they did what was implied, then I guess the scene's build-up makes sense.  However, during the sexposition, I was doing the bungee jumping off the Stratosphere equivalent of eye-rolling.

I think it could have been done better/quicker. 


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They took their time about it, but they at least started to show just how truly afraid of the boy Theon is when he was asking "where is he?"  I do find myself a bit incredulous about his ability to believe that he was OK.  Of course, with so much lack of water and poor treatment, he may have thought he was dreaming or hallucinating and therefore figured it was OK to enjoy the experience, whatever it was.


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Game of Thrones is one of the few non-sports, non-news/interview TV shows that I watch, and I’ve enjoyed it from the start. But not having read the books, I have no way of knowing how the story develops. I agree that while it might not have ranked among the best episodes of this series, there were several important developments that were played out in The Bear and The Maiden Fair, albeit slowly. (The scene with the bear was just too reminiscent of Anchorman for me to take it seriously.)

Even in slow-moving episodes of this series, on further reflection, there often are moments that seem forgotten, but that become memorable as the story progresses. Among the other developments from last night’s episode that I haven’t seen mentioned in this thread:

Early on, we saw Osha* arguing with the Reeds about how she and Hodor are doing all the work while JoJen Reed is rambling on about the visions he and Bran may share, instead of getting on with their trek to re-unite Bran and Rickon with Jon Snow at Castle Black. Osha suddenly reveals that she had a lover when she was younger. but that her man left her for war and then returned to her as a pale-skinned, blue-eyed White Walker whom she killed. (Could this be her way of suggesting that the further north they travel, the closer they might come to the White Walkers?)

We also saw Sansa and Margaery discussing their upcoming weddings with a hint that Sansa might actually enjoy her pre-marital, love-making lessons. (Perhaps that will be reminiscent of the episode when Daenerys was introduced to the method for pleasing Khal Drogo?) 

*Osha may not be among the more popular characters in Game of Thrones, but I find her to be intriguing. In interviews, wild and crazy Natalia Tena reminds me of Ireland’s answer to Courtney Love. While she’s possibly better known as Nymphadora Tonks from the Harry Potter films, she’s also lead singer for the band Molotov Jukebox. "Get Ready" for Osha like you might’ve never seen her. 



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Really glad they blurred the end of Theon's scene.  Agree with some above commenters that it was interesting that Talisa said she was pregnant.  Also interesting/pleased at the fact that they revealed to Gendry his heritage.

Definitely a slower episode, but the more things I count that have to happen between the end of this season and the end of next season, the more I wonder how they are going to fit it all in.

The last three episodes should (hopefully) culminate for the four major arcs this season (if you can call them that).  Dany's liberation mission, Robb trying to get more troops, Jon Snow's allegiance, and the series of wedding arrangements made in King's Landing.

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Have to say that little interaction and the way they did it was fantastic.

Love how Tywin starts at the bottom of the stairs but slowly walks up and stands over Joffrey when he questions him. Then, as he walks away, Tywin is seen smirking.

Have to say Tywin is probably one of my favorite characters.