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I'm interested to see what everyone else thought about tonight's episode. Obviously Grandma Tyrell was hilarious as always and she stole the show. Everything going on with Daenerys is awesome and so is seeing her in the tub. Good episode with some great scenes and character development.

My one question, why in the world did Sam run off leaving that dagger behind? 



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I'll move my thread here:

Have at it.  I kind of wish they swapped the Daenerys scene and the Sam/White Walker scene - I feel the Daenerys plot line is more interesting and I'm just not sure what to think of the White Walker scene.

I think what happened was that the White Walkers were supposedly killed by fire, but since Sam was able to kill this one, it means something big maybe.  Or I'm wrong about fire thing.

Also, ladies and gentlemen, place your bets!  Robb, Joffrey, or  Balon Greyjoy.  Who does the God of Light strike down first?  Or none of the above?  (Obvs, no spoilers book people, please and thank you).

Lady Tyrell's speech at the wedding reception about fathers and brothers-in-law and sisters was pretty funny.

Speaking of it, the new Daenerys coalition with what his face seems a little uneasy if you ask me.

Also, next week they are off because of Memorial Day and the following week will be Episode 9 which has been the climatic episode in the previous two seasons, so things are picking up quickly here!


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(The guy who joined his forces with Dany's).

Also, please let me say that I enjoy these threads.  There is little more rewarding than getting people who have only watched the show's reactions to events.  The show is meant to be discussed.


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Them running away didn't seem as gripping an ending as all the stuff with Dany. But maybe it's just because I'm really intrigued by that plot and couldn't care less about the tubby nightwatchman.  (Though really, it tells you all you need to about how anything can happen in this show when you're afraid the baby's going to die).


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Really liked this episode, nice and focused without Theon, Robb, and Jon.

I believe they have already explained enough about the dagger Sam used for me to explain it.  It is Obsidian, and is known in the Realm as "Dragonglass."  As part of the lore, Dragonstone (where Stannis currently is) is chock full of it.  I actually like that being at the end, because the real threat to everyone and everything are the White Walkers and everything else going on is relatively petty.

The scene between Melisandre and Gendry had me guessing (book reader), they definitely gave a lot of red herrings about what she was going to do to him, but in the end, they kept quite true to the books.  Actually, this episode had a lot of book moments (wooden c**k!).

Hopefully the momentum keeps building going forward as we don't have much time to tie off the storylines for the season.

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I am definitely interested to see how this season ends and I really hope Rob doesn't die. He is one of my favorite characters right now, but it would set up a cool plot line for Braun becoming the king of the north

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Loved the wedding reception and Tyrion threatening to cut off Joffrey's member. Ending was great and I would be remiss if I didn't give thumbs up to Dany's boobs.

Can't wait for what happens next.


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But I'll take a shot.

We know from Bran's story that crows/ravens have an importance to the show (most notably the three-eyed crow).  They also made a point to point out that they perched on a weirwood tree (red leaves with faces).  If you remember from previous episodes, the weirwood trees are regarded as facets of the "Old Gods" worshipped by Northerners.  These are different than The Seven and The Lord of Light.  So, with the element that Gods in Westeros/Essos do seem to have real power (see: Melisandre and Thoros), it's worth wondering if the Old Gods were looking out for Sam in this case.


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Interesting theory, the crows as sort of avatars of the old gods.  I had never really considered that.  I always just figured that crows always hang around dead things (in the ASOIAF world) and wights are dead things.  But the way you put that is interesting.

I find it ironic, though, that of all the various gods floating around Westeros and elsewhere, it seems to me the only gods that never do squat for anyone are the Seven.  I can't recall any time in which they've proven themselves useful to those that rely on them.


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I have many more theories regarding the importance of the various Gods in ASOIAF, but that's not appropriate for here.  We also have the Drowned God that the ironborn of Pyke worship, but we don't know much about him.  Suffice it to say that I agree with you that I actually think The Seven are one of the more ineffectual deities in the world.

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I was curious about the crows as well. I also thought the fact that they were perched on top of the tree that represented one of the "old gods" if I'm correct would have some significance. The red god seems to be the only god making moves right now. I personally like the old tree face gods and was hoping it would do something in this episode. 

p.s Definitely please always keep these threads book spoiler free, I love seeing everyone's reactions to the show as it progresses 

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All Hail Tyrion Lannister. God Of Tits And Wine. Also, Dany's boobs. Nice.

Not looking forward to their being off next week, but episode 9 seems to always be the big climax of the season, so I'm guessing it will be well worth the wait. I haven't read the books, but it looks like they're moving to end the season with Robb taking Casterly Rock and having the Lannisters by the balls.

Also hoping that before the season ends, they delve a little further into the tension that's assuredly brewing between Tywin and Joffrey. That scene last week with Tywin approaching the throne to look down on Joffrey was nothing short of amazing.


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Great episode.  I can't wait for the next one, and I have just learned from this thread that it isn't for two weeks.  That disturbs me.  I always like the Hound.  Particularly his reponse to Arya's assertion that there is no one worse than him: "You haven't met my brother."  


Interestly, now that I think about it, she has, at Harrenhal.  


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Love this week's episode, but if you've read the books you know what's about to happen.  In fact, you know 2 or 3 things that are about to happen, and all of them are huge.  I really wish they had more episodes per season so they could follow the books more closely, as I'd really love to see who they'd get to portray Strong Belwas.  Unfortunately we won't get to see him :(


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that we have to wait two weeks for episode 9 of the season.  I don't want to have to wait that long!  In the past two years those have been the major "holy crap" episodes, with Ned's fate in season 1 and the battle of blackwater in season 2, and I already am eagerly awaiting this season's episode 9 because I expect to know what is coming.  I also hope to get a chance to watch it with a non-book reader, to see their reaction. Should be a ton of fun! 

To you non-book readers, definitely stay away from any spoiler sites the next two weeks, and probably a good idea to stay off Twitter that day too when it finally airs.


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Has anyone ever read an interview with the producers that explained why the only do 10 episodes? Many HBO series have went into the 11-13 range (Six Feet Under, The Sopranos, The Wire). As the books are so long, why not add 2-3 more episodes and let it breathe? My only guess is that the budget for GoT is already much more  substantial that any of those ever needed and they were cutoff at 10, but who knows. 


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They did turn the book into 20 episodes instead of 10... what more do you want?

I know, you want 12-13 episodes or longer episodes (was last night's episode even 50 minutes of action? I felt like it was very short)....  the problem comes down to budgets and profits...

I've said before that I don't think we will see a season 5, but who knows... what I do know is that HBO is going all out on what they show so we can't complain too much as viewers.