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Submitted by cozy200 on April 14th, 2013 at 9:58 PM
Was it me or was this episode the funniest one yet?



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The light was balanced by one helluva lot of dark. The horsey-apocalypse, the condemned men at Astapor, two near rapes...and, of course, off with the hand.

But yes, a helluva lot of funny. My favorite scene? Tyrion's chair-dragging. Brilliant, upstaging his sister's move. And she looked very amused by it. Tywin? Not so much.


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As a book reader this episode was pretty good, they threw a lot of bones with references and quotes "meereenese knot" anyone?  Also I believe this was the debut of the showrunners as directors.

The rock song at the end kinda felt out of place.


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Just throwing this out there.  I don't think you've really spoiled anything and maybe I'm just being defensive, but could you please be careful about what you reveal about the books.  Even though you didn't say much, I'd rather have not known ahead of time that next weeks episode is going to be X-character centric.

I know that I used a book title to speculate in a post below, but it really was speculation, so I hope nobody is offended by that and if this seems hypocritical in light of that post, then I apologize.


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Eh... I haven't read the books, so this is not a spoiler, just speculation...

One of the later books is called "A Dance with Dragons."  I don't know for sure, but I think it is going to be a while before Danaerys gets really involved.  I'm ok with that.  There's plenty else going on that I don't feel it is being dragged out since there's always some kind of storyline moving along nicely.

For example, last week Danaerys took back seat to the Tyrell storyline which I thought was great.  This week we got to see some of the politicking going on and some major plot movement in the story north of the wall.  In fact, last week I remember commenting that the episode was so good that I didn't even notice until far afterwards that the Danaerys plot was completely absent.

I think Danaerys' story line is probably the most interesting to me, but the others are plenty interesting that I haven't been once upset with its pace.

Rather be on BA

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The Pod scene was the hardest I have laughed in the series yet.  I am a bit curious as to what they are doing with the Theon story...  It has been a bit since I read the book but it is not playing out how I recalled.  Fine with me, I trust the directors.,


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Yeah, I'm just being super-defensive regarding the books and reading too much online.  I decided to not read Storm of Swords until at least after Season 4 of the TV series, so I want to make sure I don't come across anything that will enlighten me about what is coming in the slightest (especially given I've already accidently spoiled one thing for myself).

It's a tough line to walk if you are going to try to discuss the TV series on the vast web of knowledge and information that is the Internet.


April 15th, 2013 at 9:43 AM ^

If I were you, and I didn't want any spoilers I wouldn't open any threads about the series...


or I would go over to asoiaf.com  and go an appropriate board to discuss.

thetowereofthehand.com is really good too and it lets you personalize how much you have read or seen...




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I never read the books but the series is getting predictable and less awesome. No more ugency in anything. And what are the odds that Jamie and the big bitch don't hook up?  I hope she doesn't like to be fisted.


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IIRC Theon disappears from the books for a period of time after the events of Winterfell and its ruin. What we are being treated to here with regards to his story is what the directors referred to in interviews as "extra content" that was not featured in the books.