OT - Future Wolverines NOW with pics!

Submitted by Geneticblue on March 19th, 2013 at 5:05 PM

My girl was born 2-16-13, and while I made no specific announcement then, I wanted to wait until I got the photos in.  Since my wife comes from a family of giants (6'3"-6'7"), I am hoping for some form of Football player for my son (born 7-10-11) and maybe cross-country, track or soccer for my girl.  Hopefully, if I don't fail at this, these pictures will come up



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Congrats! My wife and I are expecting our first on 8/26 (we're already freaking out about the possibility of missing the opening game game, which would be a hell of a bad way to the start off our parent/child relationship). Don't know if I'm having a boy or a girl yet, but here's to hoping our kids are maize n' blue teammates!


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Cool story bro time.  My son was delivered by an Alabama OB/GYN days before the game in JerryWorld.   When she gave him to us he had an Alabama baby cap on . . . We had talked about the game in the weeks leading up to the delivery.  I thought it was funny, but that was before the game.


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The best days of my life were when my children were born!  I am very happy for you!  I hope they Go Blue in 18 years, well 14 if Saban or Borseth offers them in 8th grade!



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My wife watches kids. One day the little boy she watches was wearing an OSU onesie. Without blinking an eye my 5 year old son says "dad he is wearing that team we don't like". Proud dad moment right there.


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...as it is the day after my birthday. 

To the OP, congratulations on the new arrival and future Wolverine!

While we're offering true stories, both of my kids were delivered by Michigan grads. The doctor who made sure no future children were possible was an Ohio State graduate, so learn from this what you will. 



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thing I love seeing when people post pics on here is how it reminds me what  a diverse fan base we have. When I'm talking on here I picture everyone to be exactly like me, same age range, race, ethnicity etc...it's great to come here and have the one commonality (Michigan fandom) makes people blind to that. Anyone else get this?



March 20th, 2013 at 1:41 PM ^

She's already seen it and knows.  The whole comment thing is now an inside-joke of me teasing her.  She basically has the exact same body style, which tends to be my preference.  Being that she's not a fan of sports, she will do the cheerleader dress-up for me when we watch big games ot go to AA.  Well...at least before kids she did.


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It kind of looks like you are back to pass and then your infant daughter and toddler son are both about to sack you for a 10 yard loss.

2nd and 20, dude.



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They are the most precious at the age they are now. It doesn't take more than willing arms to embrace, engulf and protect them from the world. As they start to get older you are going to be amazed at everything they say and do. My two are 8 and 6. And they are the extent of my portfolio. Love em like a beetles song. Congrats again.


March 20th, 2013 at 1:43 PM ^

I appreciate those who took the time to comment.  May your collective wisdom guide me, and may they not be swayed by Notre Dame, which is 10 minutes from our house.  Go Blue!


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So long as we're randomly posting kid pics here's what happens when they let me babysit the nephew :

(one of my cousin's twins is with him. Seriously if you don't want your kids coming back in Michigan gear what are you dropping them off here for?)