OT: Friday night NBA, Kevin Love matches up with Blake Griffin

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Also Euro phenom Ricky Rubio and don't forget Darko.

CP3 still out for the Clips

Couple thoughts on Darius Morris. Darius played quite a bit the past couple of games for the Lakers with Steve Blake out hurt. If he is going to be effective in the NBA, his method of doing so still isn't known. His shot still is bad, he is not quick enough to guard the majority of point guards, and he doesn't look big enough to be a big point guard. I guess that is why he went in the second round. Darius has some work to do to be an effective point guard in the NBA



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The T-Wolves sure do have a lot of hyped players for a team that's still not good. Almost their entire roster was once or still is being promoted as a surefire future star.


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T-wolves have a +2 point differential per game, which usually is about a 45 win team.

Most of the media hype is just saying, 'hey these guys are exciting', which they are.  Nobody's calling them title contenders.  They're better than their record states and better than you presumably think they are.

The Shredder

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On Morris, his size is fine for a PG. He is 6'4 which the ideal size(Rose,Williams) but his lateral movement isn't great on defense and his effort(which I said while he was at UM) on defense lacks. His shot is terrible and he won't be able to use his size like he did in college since most PGs are the same size as him. He still finds the open man very well and his vision is his best skill but it was a reach for him to come out. 

T-wolves are nice young team. Fun as others have said. Love might be the best PF in the league. I take him over Bosh anyday. 

I am not a fan of the Clippers. Highlights are on the top of their priority list and winning and playing good defense is somewhere in the middle. As a Bulls fan I think their coach Vinny is a hack since he was booted from Chicago. During the Bulls vs Clippers game Griffin got a dunk with about 3 mins left down 15 and staired off into the crowd(look at me moment) which told me all I need to know about that team. They aren't deep enough or mature enough to make any runs. Also Rose ate Chris Paul for dinner that night. 

Blue boy johnson

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What really hurts Darius IMO is his lacking a shot defenders have to respect, combined with a lack of elite quickness, prevent his being able to break defenders down off the dribble. Darius ends up with his back to the basket, dribbling to his right, rocking back to the left, dribbling to his right, rocking back to his left, in no position to shoot a jumper and hoping to find an open teammate. I just don't know if he has enough strength and bulk to make that work in the NBA.


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You can see the talent that made people drool when he was 17. You could count on one hand how many times he flashed it in Detroit, but it's been apparent more often since. There's no doubt the guy is lazy and has major characters issues that have hurt his progress.

I'll never forget watching the 2005 NBA Draft and all the clowns ripping on the Darko pick after two years. Jay Bilas, who had significantly more knowledge than everyone else at the table that night, was adamant that at the workouts Bilas attended, Darko had displayed athleticism and skills rarely if ever seen by a teenage big man.




Hail Beilein

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Needs minutes. He's the #2 overall pick and has all the talent and athleticism in the world. And he's and inside/outside threat. Is it just a logjam of big guys in Minny or is he truly in Adelman's doghouse?

Blue boy johnson

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Ricky Rubio gotta little young Jason Kidd in his game. Can't shoot very well (horrible tonight), but he makes plays. Rubio making Darko look like an all star tonight. Very entertaining game

The Shredder

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Wow what a shot from Kevin Love. The Clippers prove my eariler point that playing defense isn't something they are interested in. Its the last play of the game and your defense is so lazy you let the best player on the court get a wide open 3 to beat you. 

On Rubio, I am not sold yet. He reminds me of Jason Williams. Fun to watch but will he win you games every night? Jason's hot dogging got him dealt out of Sac town for Bibby and the Kings got better.