OT: Friday night lights for Sparty vs Boise St 2012

Submitted by readyourguard on May 5th, 2011 at 3:48 PM

I just read that Sparty will open the 2012 Season under the Friday night lights in a nationally televised game on the Big Ten Network.  The game is scheduled for September 2nd (the beginning of the Labor Day weekend) in East Lansing.


As you know, we open the 2012 season on THURSDAY night against the Crimson Tide in the 8th Wonder of the World.  What a great weekend of football it will be.



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Is it weird to anyone else that MSU is pulling out a night game(supposedly the 8th in their history) for their 2011 opener against YOUNGSTOWN STATE? Wouldn't they want to reserve that for a more high profile opponent, like I donno, Notre Dame?

I was also trying to figure out whether I would be more dissapointed if Boise manhandled MSU, thus catalyzing the annual ESPN analysis proclaiming that Boise should already be a lock for the Nat Championship game, or if MSU beats Boise, giving the folks in Lansing something to brag about, and me having to hear said bragging.

I guess I won't really care too much because I will still be celebrating Michigan's 1-0 start to the 2012 football season.


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No, BTN is available on plenty of cable syatems around the country without pay-per-view. I live in Las Vegas and have Cox Communications cable. They added BTN last year to its sports/entertainment tier (which I already subscribed to -- it has ESPN Classic, ESPNU, ESPN news, the pro sports league networks, and a few other national and regional sports networks, costing a few bucks a month).

I used to subscribe to ESPN's Game Plan college football package (about $140/season) but Big Ten games are almost always on free ABC/ESPN/ESPN2 or BTN now, and dropped GP last year without missing anything I cared to see.


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had to see that one coming.  will sparty be able to take down such friday night tv titans as America's Funniest Home Videos or Access Hollywood?  it is a good thing for them that Urkel is no longer on.


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On the Michigan press release of the Michigan vs. Alabama game it said September 1st which is a Saturday not a Thursday.


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With the new lights, I could see UM having a Thursday/Friday night season opener in the near future. If a big name school were to come to the Big House, it would probably be a great event.


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Jesus, I f'd this whole thing up.  Good God.  Mods should delete this turd and slap put me on Topic probation.

Michigan State opens the 2011 on Friday night against Youngstown State.  How I got Boise St involved in the conversation is a mystery.  In 2012, MSU does play Boise, but not on a Friday as far as I know.  Meanwhile, in September 2012, we will play Alabama in Dallas.....presumably not on a Thursday.

I'll go now.

This is Michigan

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"Michigan State announced that it will open the 2012 season on a Friday night as well when Boise State comes to Spartan Stadium on Aug. 31."


Boise St. vs. MSU is on a Friday night as well. This has been scheduled for some time now. Way before the current news that YSU will play MSU on a Friday night to open this season.


Also, under the future schedules on mgoblue.com, the UM vs. Bama game is set for Saturday Sept. 1st. Maybe it will change, but logically thinking, since the game will be at a nuetral site, I highly doubt that Jerry would allow for a Thursday night game.