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Submitted by Fishbulb on October 12th, 2018 at 5:51 AM

Guys, can we please collectively abandon attaching those ‘warnings’ to our posts? It is more than played out, and it isn’t even necessary—I may be a little unique in this regard, but seeing ‘freep’ in the link I consciously click is a dead giveaway to me that it is a link to the Detroit Free Press. No warning needed—I can assemble that connection in my head and then choose if I want to click or not. Stretchgate was a couple coaches and AD’s ago, and it’s not like it caused Michigan to miss a bowl (they did that on their own) or remove a banner. Thanks, and have a great Friday! 



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And while we're at it, ditch SIAP. It's lazy, stupid, and doesn't do anything except make me want to neg you regardless of whether or not your subject was already posted.

It's like yelling at a cop as you're driving by 'Sorry if I'm speeding!' Well, thanks, but you're still getting a ticket.

UM Fan from Sydney

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You ask that but then use “gate” after “stretch,” which is THE most played and idiotic thing fans and the media have created over the years. Watergate is a hotel name. Why every scandal gets “gate” after a word is beyond me. You also noted “OT.” Reading your thread and thread title, we are able to see if it is off topic. So, there is no need for “OT.”



I have deleted the political comments below and blocked this user. Please refrain from posting political comments in reply to this post. Thank you. 


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Hello UM Fan from Sydney,

I have taken the time to review your account. It looks like you may need to step away from the keyboard for a week or so. There is an increased amount of bad posts here lately. Might be a good time to relax and tone it down a bit. I’ve blocked your account and will give you access back next week. Have a great day!



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For me it’s more about continuous shoddy journalism and employment of known horrible people, e.g., Mitch Album.  The stretching article was just one example of a newspaper that has very little journalistic integrity.  

I don’t need the warnings, but I won’t click on the links 


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never said I am impacting the world by not clicking.  I don't like the freep; i don't need a warning its a freep article though because I can see the link.

as far as mitch album he is a pretty terrible person who treats people around him and that he encounters like complete $hit.  he is an entitled a$$hole.  find anyone who has encountered him not at a book signing and they will agree.  His wife typically follows him around apologizing for all the mean horrible things he says.  In the scheme of things is this a big deal? No.  Do I want to give my business to that person?  No.  

his writing in a non sports context is pretty good but is an abysmal sports writer and the freep lets him write whatever her wants because of name brand


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By writing $hit and a$$hole, are you avoiding shit and asshole?  Because you're not.  It just looks dumb.  Which is just like saying that it looks like shit.  Or $hould I be writing $tuff like thi$?

It'$ the internet, if your kid can $ee the bad language that you don't like, don't let your kid on the internet without a family lock on certain $ite$ in place.

yossarians tree

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Mitch used to come to the hot yoga studio I frequent. One of the teachers was a very sweet (and smoking hot, but I digress) young woman who apparently said or did something to piss off Mitch Albom. After class he confronted her and began arguing with her before he stormed out and I've never seen him back. I remember thinking what kind of an asshole storms off on his yoga instructor?


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I think the Free Press in an industry already under financial pressure did feel the pinch of many Michigan fans from turning away from their paper subscriptions and less links clicked.

Remember they passed Rosenberg off from reporting on Michigan football to MSU football after the hit piece was published and fans were upset.

Rosenberg had told multiple people that he had a disdain for Rodriguez BEFORE the investigation started.  The Free Press should never have let him do the investigation - it should have been passed off to someone neutral. 

The reason is obvious, the investigation was a hit piece that manipulated sources, used poor logic, apparently didn't care to properly understand the actual NCAA rules that was being reported on, etc...  Rosenberg's hit piece did do damage to the program and it was mostly BS directed at a man the investigator publicly despised.

Read this link from a MSU Journalism grad.


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Freep warnings are among the least of my MGoBlog worries. They're easy to ignore. They don't take up board space (as they're typically embedded in a title). They rank far below, for example, the vaguely virtue-signalling "thoughts and prayers" posts with information on sports tragedies that can easily be found umpteen other places on the WWW.

As for the Freep, maybe they could raise their journalism standards and apologize for the harmful 2009 hit piece.


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whoa...WHOA there fishbulb...are you saying we are supposed TO THINK FOR OURSELVES and make rational decisions about sources, and not consider a post pure truth and gospel???? you sir...are out of control /S yeah there are more than a few paranoia mongers here who feel any contrarian post MUST be the enemy or some sort of multiple user account troll...instead of you know...looking at a topic title and say...moving on. Thanks for the OT. Sometimes the obvious simply needs to be stated over and over.

Section 1.8

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1. I never initiated "Freep warning."  There was also "Freep boycott!", too.  I said at the time that I was not a warning/ban/boycott proponent.

2.  I certainly did criticize Michael Rosenberg, Mark Snyder, Michael Rosenberg, (sports editor) Gene Myers, Michael Rosenberg, and (publisher) Paul Anger.  Oh, and Michael Rosenberg.  Not one of those guys has ever apologized or admitted their error(s).  Fuck each and every one of them, forever.  They hurt Michigan.  Wrongfully.  And there is no doubt about it.

3.  I did say that I had 1000 reasons to hate the Detroit Free Press, apart from Stretchgate, and I still do.  But that's not an MGoBoard topic.

4.  About Lloyd Carr; I have spoken with Coach Carr since then.  I have always liked and respected Coach Carr.  I wish he would say more.  The last time I spoke with him I seriously questioned why a book lover like him was not writing a book.  I do not get that at all.  He should.  He's got an awful lot to say, about Michigan football from Bo to Harbaugh, about playing and coaching in high school, playing QB for Northern, attaining an NCAA national championship, about life and coaching, and of course about Chad Carr/Chad Tough.


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Nope, not until Michael Rosenberg apologizes. And he has to apologize while naked, in front of a UM alumni club event, on a large, elevated stage that is well-lighted. 


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The whole thing was overblown, look-at-me, pseudo-journalistic tripe. I still won't go to the Freep and appreciate any warning on a post so that I can avoid that site. When they admit that it was stupid, I'll forgive them. Until then, I don't and won't forget it. Maybe immature, but I also am holding out for an apology from Chris Webber.

Section 1.8

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But the absolute worst offender -- the guy who cooked up the story because of his personal animus toward Rich Rodriguez -- is still doing sportswriting, and he still covers Michigan football when he chooses (or is assigned by his current employer).  And that is Michael Rosenberg.

Mark Snyder works for a school district.  Paul Anger retired.  Gene Myers retired.  They were all wrong, but by all accounts, it was Rosenberg's story.  Snyder got roped in on it, and seems to have been a full participant, however reluctantly, because he was the Freep's Michigan beat reporter.  Gene Myers signed off on the story as Sports Editor.  (In what Jon Chait called, "journalistic malpractice.")  Paul Anger got all riled up and did an editorial defending the story in so doing proved he knew nothing about the subject.

I don't know why, to this day, anybody at Michigan talks to Rosenberg.  But Harbaugh does.