September 19th, 2013 at 1:05 PM ^

Though in fairness, there is no reason why UGA can't be a national title contender.  Their state is a HS football powerhouse and its population is growing like crazy (it now has 10 million residents).  The state of Georgia now has twice the population of Alabama.  UGA isn't doing badly with Richt, but they could possibly do better with another guy.  (Of course, they could do worse, too.)



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Georgia is in the top five (Louisiana being the other) of states that produce college players, and it shares its state with only one other school (a school that has fairly stringent admissions standards, too) whereas California/Florida/Texas have a bunch of schools apiece.  UGA is in a pretty nice position.  


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Somehow, it seems appropriate that Mack Brown should lead the charge of dead coaches walking. The only thing about shooting Paul Pasqualoni is that now UConn will need to find someone else to lead them to 5-7 seasons. 

Excellent work by LSUFreek, as usual.