OT: Former UM Transfer Austin White wanted by police

Submitted by sarto1g on April 18th, 2012 at 1:25 AM

A sad update on this kid.  His dorm roommate was arrested for manufacturing and delivering narcotics, possession of narcotics and maintaining a drug house, so I can't imagine his charges are much better.  Had some promise coming into UM, but flamed out here and looks like he will likely not be on CMU's team for long.







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Worked at AA Pioneer in Mr. White's first year.  I can say he's an awesome adminstrator.  Fair, and straight forward.

If you think Pioneer is a prison, should see what a real prison is or go to some other large schools.

Just because he doesn't let students roam the halls, and eat lunch wherever does not a prison make.  


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I don't see anything wrong with this post or it's content. He's not acting callous, he's simply telling us what happened to a former Michigan player who did enroll and play in fall practice. Also, am I missing sonething or is HisDudeness typically one of the more immature members of this blog who does more childish antics than most. Now he's a preacher?

OP is fine.


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My two grams:

  1. One good thing about living in Texas is I can just go out too numerous pastures and pick the darn shrooms anytime I want pretty much all year long. Not that I have ever done this, ever.
  2. I wish all the Nancy Reagans in the world would stfu about things like weed and shrooms all the while inebriating themselves with microbrews. When I think of manufacturing: a fishtank, dirt and fungi are not what I have in mind. Nyquil, baking soda, stovetops, etc. are the really bad ingredients/tools.