OT: Former Pioneer baseball coach Gerald Holley sentenced to 2 years in prison

Submitted by likerice on May 17th, 2018 at 1:46 PM

Former Ann Arbor Pioneer baseball coach Gerald Holley was setenced to 2 years in prison after he was caught in a sting last year for seeking sex with a minor. Holley was the longtime coach at Pioneer where he won 2 state titles, including one with future UM and MLB pitcher Zach Putnam. Holley also taught at Huron and Pioneer over the years.


Quite the fall from grace for Coach Holley. I knew him back in the day, but never foresaw anything like this. Anyway kudos to the Macomb County police for catching him.



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This really shocked me when it came out. I had Mr. Holley for Biology at Huron and he was one of my favorite teachers. It shows you can't trust anyone.

panthera leo fututio

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I've been a member here for the better part of a decade, and I'm offended by the insinuation.

*accusations that I'm masturbating furiously at all times while reading and posting are likewise baseless and insulting

EDIT: in hindsight, perhaps this isn't the occasion for a masturbation joke. In fairness to myself, though, I never look Watergun Beilein in the eye while I do it.


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2000 was a long time ago, apparently my memory is going bad, but now that you say that, I do remember an Eric P, although I couldn't say if we had any classes together. My apologies.


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I'm glad you're not really gone, but, hey, you're not gone.

BTW all this high school talk makes my skin crawl. It's the old joke: Two strangers, EYB and SK, glance at each other as EYB sits next to SK on a park bench in Seoul in September of 2026. EYB checks his phone and mutters, "C'mon, guys, protect the QB."

SK looks up, startled. "Hey, you speak English!"

EYB: "Wow, so do you! Awesome. I'm American."

SK: "Me too! What brings you to Hong Kong?"

EYB: "Contract work for Samsung. You?"

SK: "The same. What a coincidence. Hey, I noticed you were checking a score. You like sports?"

EYB: "Love them. My favorite sport is college football."

SK: "That's amazing, it's my favorite sport too! Who's your team?"

EYB: "Die-hard Michigan fan, man. Go Blue!"

SK: "No way! That's my team too! It's unbelievable that they haven't been able to protect a QB in 20 years."

EYB: "No joke. I was just reading analysis by this guy on Mgoblog..."

SK, interrupting: "You read Mgoblog! That's incredible, I do too! Exciting times, it sounds like Seth and Huel are finally going to update the site next week!"

EYB: "Haha yeah, I'm gonna miss that link to Burgeoning Wolverine Star on the front page."

SK: "I will also. These ten years of waiting have flown by. Say, where are you from?"

EYB: "Born and raised in Ann Arbor."

SK: "GET. OUT. Me too! Who woulda thought two A2 guys would meet way out here in Seoul?"

EYB: "Just crazy, awesome that we bumped into each other."

SK: "Definitely."

"Say, where did you go to school?"

EYB: "Huron. Go River Rats!"

*long pause*

SK: "I went to Pioneer. I got here first, find your own stinking bench."


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'98 River Rat here. I think Holley was around when I was at Huron because his face looks very familiar, though I never had him for anything and I don't think I ever interacted with him.

Saw the name of a kid I grew up with on the sex offender registry when I was waiting in the lobby of an office at city hall once. No one truly knows what evil lurks in the hearts of people we deal with on a daily basis. 


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Nicely done.

What I mean by that is that I would have never expected Mr Holley to be that type. Seriously. I know everyone says that when this sort of thing happens but he was one of the coolest, most laid back teachers I ever had. Everyone liked him. It just makes you realize that this sort of thing could come out from anywhere, even the ones you least expect.

Sort of like Frodo and the ring.


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Yup, this guy was my daughter's freshman science teacher this year until early October, at which point she came home one day and said, "we have a replacement science teacher. Mine got arrested for some weird sex stuff or something." YAY WORLD!!!


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One of my coursemates student taught PE with him early 90s and said this guy would ask out his seniors once they graduated...at that point it was pressing on creepy...guess he took it a lot further as years went on. It's disgusting to date former students (and though 18 and adultsish... It's just morally wrong even with that.) This behavior is an illness


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Former RiverRat here. Really didn't see this one coming when the news came out he was arrested. We all really liked the guy, he was awesome and friendly. All of us baseball players at Huron were jealous that Pioneer had him as their coach and my wife liked him when he was her biology teacher.

Really goes to show how these predators can hide in plain sight...and often uncomfortably close with those most like his potential victims. The sentence seems much too short as the shame is often not enough to stop a predator like this from trying again when he gets out.


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Even though he was our head coach, it was really Zach putnams dad running the show. He always had kind of a weird vibe though and this doesn’t necessarily surprise me a lot.

Still got that ring though...