OT: Former Michigan Recruit Kevin Garnett Retiring

Submitted by BursleyHall82 on September 23rd, 2016 at 6:27 PM

After 21 seasons in the NBA, Kevin Garnett is going to announce his retirement tomorrow.

It's fairly well-known that if he hadn't gone directly from high school to the NBA, Garnett would have been a Wolverine. You'll find that story here.

FWIW, Garnett would have been part of the same recruiting class as Robert Traylor, Louis Bullock and Albert White.



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I'm not going to get into the childish comparison of why someone might not have gone somewhere.  But, it certainly makes a difference where you go to school regardless of your field.  Education is no different; Michigan's grad school teaching programs are especially lauded. The outgoing dean is a national expert on education, particularly elementary/middle school math education.  Teachers' colleges around the nation are now adopting the practices that Michigan started in their teacher prep programs (longer times observing expert teachers, longer student teaching periods, heavy video analysis of one's own teaching, etc.).

And as someone involved in hiring teachers, I can attest to the fact that we absolutely take into account an applicant's college preparation, particularly when we are looking at teachers just starting their careers.

I Wrote a 4 Wo…

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HHH wasn't talking about percentages, but simply quantity. While the percentage of NBA players that are African-American might be high, I bet the NFL has a higher number of African-American players. Kevin Garnett is also a pretty polarizing guy because his trash talk. Don't be a dummy, SDW. Don't be a dummy.

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"the NBA has the most




the NBA has the most unlikeable players of any pro sport"


Unless there is a professional sport I am not thinking of right now, the NBA jumps right out as having the smallest rosters of all professional sports. Hell, even in high school, where you have to give a few spots to political appointees, Prinicpal's kids, PTA officer's kids, etc., we never carried more than 11. It's difficult for me to think the lowest number, per sport, is going to produce the highest number of those despised by the public. 


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Former Michigan recruit? So what? It drives me nuts when we try to take ownership of Michael Phelps and Derek Jeter as UM athletes. Now we're referring to a perennial NBA all star as somehow affiliated? Ugh.

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