OT: Former Last Chance U star Isaiah Wright charged with murder

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I know OT season is over but I figure with the popularity of Last Chance U that a lot of people will find this news interesting. 

Isaiah Wright formerly of EMCC and West Georgia as well as his brother, former IU WR/RB Camion Patrick were both charged with murder overnight:

Camion Patrick, 22, was arrested Wednesday by police in Bloomington and his 20-year-old brother Isaiah Wright was arrested Wednesday in Tennessee. They are accused of killing 18-year-old Caleb Radford on July 25 in Alcoa, Tenn. Radford was found on the street in a residential neighborhood with multiple stab wounds.

Former Indiana Receiver and His ‘Last Chance U’ Star Brother Charged with Murder



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He was definitely one of the most controversial characters. Some people really felt for his background and chalked up his behavior to that. Others saw a guy with a bad attitude. I was in the former camp and pulling for him to turn it around somewhere else. Sadly that doesn't seem to be the case.

Is Camion the equipment manager brother or the IU WR brother?


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Saw this article today.  Very sad for them.  I can't help but feel bad for all these kids.  The Netflix show really showed me that these kids are not going to be prepared for anything after football.  They had a short interview with his brother up at Indiana and I remember feeling happy that he got himself out and to a major university and seemed to be on the right track.  Now this...


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There is so little in place to help these kids learn how to make good decisions and be taught the basic value of making a positive contribution to society. When it came to their education and to their off the field life, Last Chance U made it clear that EMCC was only interested in teaching kids how to play the system. Especially with that redneck coach and that aweful program adminstrator, they were continually teaching the kids to play the system rather than the value of an education and of playing a positive role in society. I felt a little dirty every time I attempted to watch that show. 


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I definitely didn't care for the coach (especially what he did to the OC in the last game).  But the program administrator (or whatever her job title was), she was just doing her job in trying to make sure they went to class and did their work (yes to stay eligible).  But what else was she supposed to do?

Bando Calrissian

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Ms. Wagner literally couldn't even get the players to remember to bring a pencil to class. I felt for those kids being so massively underprepared for a college education, but I felt for her just as much for the thankless job of having to herd students with absolutely no interest in going to class just to get them to meet the most minimum of academic standards at a pretty average community college. And after what Buddy did to her this past season... The woman is a saint.

Mike Damone

September 14th, 2017 at 3:24 PM ^

she also is a terrific person.  Her ability to be connect with the players, and show amazing patience while also being clear and persistent, is incredible.  Looked like a lot of guys who got "back on track" owe her a ton.

Coach Buddy Stephens - not so much.  That mother is a loose cannon, and f-ing crazy.  He doesnt give thought to about half of the "wisdom" that he screams at players - worthless garbage that makes no sense.  He makes John L Smith look calm and sane. 


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That poor woman was doing yeoman's work just to keep a lot of those guys eligible. The rest of EMCC is taking in a bunch of kids who are generally wasting their opportunities by not going to class, not trying, having a bad attitude, etc. It's either personality flaw or whoever raised them. EMCC is just getting them on their last stop before their introduction into the real world


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Awful program director?!! How did you watch that and not feel for her and understand the shitty, thankless situation she was in?! She was THEE likeable person on the show (yes, there were some kids I suppose I enjoyed and wish well but many just pissed me off. Wright was one of them though I very much felt for his situation and hoped he would lead a decent life and become a good father post-Last Chance U).