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Sorry I havent posted much, I do read and laugh all the time, just not much of a poster.

I just wanted to let everyone know we are having a family fun day at Corner Brewery on MAY 31st.  We will be painting and playing chess and having a silent auction. We are raising money for our Flint #EATING Garden Project.

For those who don't know, we have a project called The #EATING Project.  We connect with fans and alumni and plant community gardens.  My main goal is brining youth into the gardens, especially ones getting in trouble.  Also to educate people about health and nutrition.

Our first garden was in my hometown in Pahokee, Florida.  We chose Flint because it was always our plan to grow and come to Michigan and Flint seems like it needed a lot of care.   It is like my home town because when jobs left crime went up

We have had so much support from Michigan family and we are in the planning stages for Flint.  We couldnt do it without such great support and I feel proud to be part of Michigan and have gotten an education to be able to do great things.

Our website is teamgardens.org

and please share our save the date on your social media.  We want everyone to be able to come and meet up.


I will keep everyone updated and thank you

(PS our bannana trees in Florida are huge and I will post pictures when I get them)







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Much respect Vincent. This is awesome. Your thoughtfulness and devotion to community should serve as an inspiration to us all. The idea is great as well

Gil From Omaha

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Thank you Mr. Smith

If anyone could claim to be a Michigan Man, you fit the criteria. Keep up the class, and way to represent the university. Wish I could come....



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Thanks for all that you do for the kids as well as how well you represent Michigan and the Michigan family in this awesome cause. 

Incidentally, the "Finger Guns" GIF has made it into a presentation or two at my office to much applause. 

I actually will be at this one, and I will definitely post this on the bulletin board here as well and share it on social media. 


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My group of friends and I should all be there -- Jasmine and I are planning to come back from Florida the day before just to be able to show up!

Anything you want us to bring? Anything we can contribute?

I wouldn't be opposed to dropping a bit of cash at the MDen to help out with the silent auction.


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Having grown up in Flint, this makes me incredibly happy.  Thank you so much for your continuing work Mr. Smith!  I'm on the west coast now, so I won't be able to attend, but will be sure to donate.  Go Blue!


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Had a nice time. Ate downtown at the Halo Burger (awesome) and then went to the Sloan Museum to see a traveling video game exhibit. The city definitely has fallen on some hard times, but still has some real gems (e.g., I had no idea it even had a Cultural Center), and hopefully it can get better through project's like #Eating.

Hopefully I'll make it to the Ypsi event. Corner Brewery is a fun place.


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Hey Vince!

I'd love to help you get up to Flint and spread the word!  I have been working with the local chamber of commerce for the past 7 years, I have a lot of great contacts!


I think your project would also be a big hit with a young professional philanthropic group that I am a part of!  GenForward.


Not to be creepy, but I'd love to hear from you and get you to Flint to spread the word!



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This is a great thing you're doing.  I was born in Flint and stayed through the days of 25% unemployment in the early 80s before I had to pack my things and try somewhere new.  I cannot tell you how pissed I've been over the years that my hometown was a punchline to cruel jokes.  People want to help when a hurricane hits but make fun of people when they lose their jobs, I guess.  God bless you for this work.  I made a small donation and hope it helps in some way.  Thanks for caring and being an exemplar of the Michigan Man.


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Thank you it means a lot and I can relate to the same unemployment rate in my city in Florida and thats why I am so passionate about this project and I will make a change.  People might say the same thing about my city and I feel where you are coming from.  If he ever comes back intown and see the garden I hope it inspires you in some way.


April 29th, 2015 at 7:34 AM ^

This thread just reminded me of a feature Sports Illustrated did on Pahokee Football a while back. It focuses on the economic struggles of the community and how the high school football program strives to ensure all the kids, despite the many hurdles, get a decent education.

This was actually part of a series called "Underdogs" that includes segments on high school football programs in which teams and/or individual players have been challenged by unlikely, difficult circumstances. From watching a few other episodes, all of them seem to do a nice job of displaying how the sport can play an enormously positive and integral role in the lives of young people.

There's twenty episodes all together, and along with Pahokee, Ann Arbor Huron and Ishpeming HS are also featured.