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Not sure if this has been discussed yet, but saw this article in the Seattle Times regarding a UW infographic advising women how to do their makeup and hair for cheer-team. It's really pissed a lot of people off here, including those in the cheer community who feel it belittles the athletic nature of cheer.  More than anything, I just wonder how the hell does this stuff get approved?  People in charge are in charge just because...








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The first sentence of your post is the 100% truth.  You nailed it.  No one actually cares about cheerleaders and if they are burdened or excluded by this conformity.  And further, if you actually do, then I might direct your attention to approximately a billion other more important challenges, struggles, and injustices to care about.

It is all about saying, "Look at me, I'm offended, and somehow my ability to contrive offendedness makes me superior to you, mouthbreathers".


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UW can be pretty clumsy sometimes. Still, let's face it: at the end of the day, cheerleading is really just about hot girls in skimpy outfits being on the sidelines during football games. This poster was really, well, honest.


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I generally agree with this, but a sizable part of cheerleading is kind of like synchronized competition gymnastics (or something). I think the two are in tension. "Competition cheer" has never made a lot of sense to me

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Agreed about the tension. There's a lot of "girl about town" history with women cheerleaders that doesn't completely square with the modern competitions.

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That poster is a smorgasbord of unintentional humor. Highlighting just a few:

  • false lashes (one of many points that should be accompanied by "trigger warning")
  • girl about town lipstick (Will an inspection of the make-up kit take place? What if they use a cheap knock-off?)
  • natural tan / spray tan (Probably not healthy, eh?)
  • (no) visible tattoos (Just for a change of pace, I'd like to see a bunch of ink and piercings on our cheerleaders.)
Predictably, it has stirred some controversy. One of many articles:


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Doesn't seem as bad as I thought it might be. Most of that seems like basic cheerleader stuff. I kind of expected them to have "be hot and skinny" in the do's for it to be any issue. I'm actually surprised there isn't more of an outcry over cheerleaders in general. They're clearly there to attract dudes during breaks, but nobody ever says anything about it. Do we honestly think they are there to just encourage the team and get fans to do chants? No, they are there because they are physically attractive.

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Jesus F Christ and this Trigger Warning shit. I hope I am long retired before this shit makes it into the workforce. It apparently is making its way into the military already.

If they can't deal with interpersonal conflict, what are they going to do when they deal with real conflict?

[edit:] maybe the use of "trigger warning" should be a trigger warning for me ...   /s


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Too late.

After corporate America was overrun with Health & Safety departments posting hallway monitors and patrolling stairways for handrail use, taking a "time out" is the latest folly of misguided MBAs (I have one too) trying to make their niche in the cube farm.

It's been rumored this made it way down to Lackland AFB. It hasn't. But (as a grad) I found that basic training to be pretty weak to begin with -- I gained weight in BMT.

We are back

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I don't feel this is bad at all, in fact My high school sweetheart was a cheerleader and would tell me about how judges would knock points off for girls having different hair styles or nail polish

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Jack Hammer

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Male Judge #2: Amen. Amen. You see, Barney, we considered the possibility that our heavier female customers might actually prefer a heavier, heavier man that they could identify with.. but then we decided..

Adrian's Thoughts: [ as Male Judge #2 drifts off ] Even as I stood there listening to them explain why they'd chosen me, I still couldn't believe it! Ever since I could remember, I had dreamed about becoming a Chippendales dancer, and now I was one! I never saw Barney again.. but I would never forget how, for one moment, he brought out the best in me. That was the time of my life.