OT: FIFA World Rankings came out

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USA went up a spot since last month to #28...I guess some progress is better than no progress, even if it's minimal. But, since the Euro is coming up in a few days, who do you guys have winning it? Any matchups you are looking forward to? This is a pretty slow day, so I figured some of the soccer fans out there would like to share what country they are going for.

For once I won't have to sit at the edge of my seat and pull my hair during a soccer game, since US won't be playing. But I can kick back, relax and watch some good European soccer.




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I don't understand why he's starting Mexes over Koscielny. They're potentially weak at FB too with the inexperience of Debuchy and the poor form of Evra. The DM situation is alarming because a healthy M'Vila could have shielded some of these problems. 

The big problem for me is in attack. I think they're going to be overreliant on Ribery. If a team like a Germany gets Lahm on Ribery, they can choke off the France attack. I don't like Nasri in the middle. His best moments at Arsenal were when he was playing on the wing one on one with the defender. He is more of a Marseille streetballer than a La Masia Puppeteer. I don't think his game has evolved much either. They do have a lot of attacking talent too.

There is no new Zidane though.


June 7th, 2012 at 4:53 AM ^

Koscielny had his first good season this year, he is not ready to be the national team starter. Debuchy has been great in Ligue 1 play and really looks the part with Sagna out with injury. Agree with the DM situation, Diaby is a good one but M'Vila is as solid as you can get and a great distributor.


I don't think they over-rely on Ribery. They have tons of talent at the front. Between him, Benzema, Malouda, Nasri and a good bench, they should have no problems scoring and creating chances. But I do think he needs to be greatly involved for the French to play their best. From what I've seen watching France's 2 games in the past week, a 2-0 win over Serbia and a 4-0 thrashing of Estonia, Ribery and Nasri get a lot of freedom, not being pegged to a set position but instead drift around the field wherever they feel they need to be. This should help Nasri get comfortable and not allow Ribery get shut down by a good RB


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I am excited to watch Greece. I did my study abroad work there and fell in love with the culture. It was such an odd mix between Europe and old world culture. Even with the drama unfolding over there, it was still life changing. It will be a nice break for the people. 



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My Furia Roja will repeat!! They are simply too talented and finally shed the "choke" label they carried for decades with their first major cup victory in 2008 and then the WC in 2010.

Fatigue is the only thing that could stop them from becoming the first squad to win 3 major cups in a row.


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I hate to speak in absolutes, but the team has no hope or creativity up front, and their central defense is terrible.  I truly think England will return to form in '14(Kyle Walker, Phil Jones, The Ox, Wilshere and a host of others should all be world-class by then), but until then they're stuck with a stodgy bunch lacking creativity.  I mean, cmon, Steven Gerrard is starting for them - in 2012!

Germany and Spain are by far the favorites, but don't be surprised to see Greece or Russia make some noise coming out of an easy group - and Italy is better than some think.  They have a chance to steal one right off the bat from a Spanish side that hasn't played a whole lot together.  No such problem for the Azzuri, and their refreshingly creative-minded head coach has a lot of toys at his disposal.




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Croatia @8...Denmark @9.....granted, it has been quite some time since I followed the FIFA rankings but I never remember these countries as having particularly strong soccer.


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I dont think Italy is any good, but im really curious to see how Mario Balotelli plays...

His performance in Euro 12/ ability to not be a headcase could have big implications for gli azzuri moving forward....

Who knows.... Rooting for Italy, but I think  Germany has a good shot....


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for this, but I figure the mGo community has a strict one-futbol post limit on the main page.  But Shinji Kagawa is officially off to ManU for a reported 18 mil.  Though I'm not a Devils fan, Borussia Dortmund is my de facto second-team and Kagawa was brilliant the past two years in Germany.  Not enough has been made about how good that Dortmund side was this season, and Shinji was the catalyst.  His creativity is endless and his passes are smart and always on target.  Rooney is going to love this guy, and he can now act as more of a striker and let Kagawa take care of the midfield dirty work.  Considering Hazard was sold to Chelsea for about 3 times that, SAF got himself a steal.  He'll be a household name this time next year.


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Group stage
  • Group A: Greece, Czech
  • Group B: Germany, Danes
  • Group C: Spain, Croatia 
  • Group D: France, Eng


  • Danes over Greece
  • Germany over Czech
  • Spain over Eng
  • France over Croatia


  • Spain over Danes
  • Germany over France 


  • Spain over Germany


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As for the Czechs, I remember when they were a powerhouse, in the 90s through about '06. That lineup was killer, with players like Nedved, Koller, Poborsky, Smicer, Galasek, young Baros, young Rosicky, young Cech in the goal. Then Nedved, Koller, Poborsky, etc. retired and they have not been the same since. The only way I see them staying in this tourney is if Cech plays well - he is still one of the best goalies in the world - and if the offense can manage to score a goal here and there. I will remain optimistic but I would not bet my house on the Czechs making it into the quarters.

Conversely, I would not underestimate the Dutch. When it comes to international tournaments, they always make a very strong showing. in 2010 they almost won the WC. Nor would I underestimate Italy. They may not be the same team they were in '06 but they still play great defensive soccer.


June 6th, 2012 at 4:34 PM ^

I love the Dutch, that has been my team for several years and they are a safe bet to win it all. However, my parents are both Danish and I've been a fan of the Danes since Euro 1992. I'm a bit of a homer. :)

The Dutch are loaded with top flight talent and given their run internaionally, Champions league play, etc., I think key players will be running on emptly. I'm probably wrong.

I loved those Czech teams, Nedved was a great player.


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Do not underestimate it. It would be very unusual for neither host country to make it out of their group (and yes, I know it happened last time). And while neither Poland or the Ukraine are all that outstanding, their FIFA rankings are depressed right now because they haven't played a non-friendly in a very long time. Ukraine in particular is dangerous, and Poland is in a very weak group.


June 6th, 2012 at 8:09 PM ^

but Poland was a power in the 70s and 80s, with 3rd place in the WCs in 1974 and 1982, beating both Brazil and Argentina in '74.

And the Ukraine was always the primary soccer province in the USSR; the Dynamo Kyiv academy was probably responsible for a lot of that.



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And Minnesota was THE dominant team in college football in the 30's and early 40's. Things change.

Poland hasn't gotten out of the Group Stage of any major event since 1986 and has only qualified for 3 major tournaments since then. Would you put them in the category of a Sweden, Czech Republic, or England--solid teams below that top tier of France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands? I wouldn't.

As for Ukraine, they've qualifed for one tournament since the dissolution of the Soviet Union. So if they were responsible for many of those very good Soviet teams of the 60s and 70s it hasn't translated to their own success.


June 6th, 2012 at 10:12 PM ^

...is that they've been allowed to host two major championships. The only real success they've ever had away from home was in '94.

At one point they had gone 18 years without winning a single match in a major tournament (they qualified for 2 WCs but only managed one draw from six matches) until they got to host the EC in '92, when they made the semifinals. They're probably the single best example for my argument--a minor footballing country that had never even qualified for a Euro but crashed the semifinals when playing at home.

Sweden's never had anything like the great 70s Polish teams with Lato and Deyna. Now that I think about it, neither has England. That makes me smile.


June 6th, 2012 at 4:20 PM ^

You are aware that the rankings are based on a simple formula (though a very flawed one) right? Nobody needs to watch anything.

For example is Uruguay the second best country? Of course not, but they are the South American champions coming off a semi-final appearance in the world cup. This is not surprising at all.


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I am a huge Italy fan

Forza Azzurri, but i think were a team in transition and looking more at world cup 2014.


would love to advance out the group stage


as for a winner

I think Spain repeats, and am looking forward to the germany / netherlands matchup as well as the france / england matchup ( i hate france )

I think Russia can surprise as well as Croatia


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Rooting for Italy and Poland (one of my grandma's is from Italy and hte other was from Poland). But neither will win. Just hoping they both have a good showing.