OT: FBI may or may not have arrested someone in Boston.

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http://news.blogs.cnn.com/2013/04/17/source-arrest-made-in-boston-bombing/                                                                                                                                        CNN has since backed off this     claim.                                                                                                            http://www.cnn.com/2013/04/17/us/boston-blasts/index.html                                                    



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Not even close to harsh enough, in my opinion. There was a family who lost their 8 year old son/brother that day, and unfortunately there is just nothing you can do that comes anywhere near eye for an eye. If someone asked me if I'd rather be blown up or live without my son, I'd strap the bomb on myself.


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My thoughts exactly.  It's amazing how much less I can stomach in life now that instead of picturing myself enduring some sort of pain or tramua, I'm replaced by one of my sons in the mental pictures that come with these sorts of events.  No one prepared me for that before I had kids.  The worst thing that I can imagine in life is a life without them.


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Like Erik said, it's all mental. If you're being tortured daily, you would know that at some point every day it would end. But solitary confinement goes on all day and night without end. At first, it beats torture, but at some point it becomes torture 24/7.


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Look to the story of the hiker who was taken in Iran and accused of being a spy.  He was only in solitary for a few months and he wrote about how he welcomed seeing the people who tortured him and missed it when it stopped. Humans are not meant to be alone, there is almost no fate that has a worse impact on a person


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Or you have nothing to add. The board isn't a twitter feed. Heck, most of the time a tweet would have a link.  If you're posting from the App you might just have to take the time and chance that you won't post it first.  But you need more info than "news happened...somewhere."

Edit: OK, you edited it to put in the link...so why not do that in the first place rather than put it in some message 8 posts down?

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This is my problem with the MGoBoard. It's laughable how many people feel the need to be the first to post a thread on the board and then we have multiple threads about the same topic. It always happens when a big time recruit commits. There is always that guy (or guys) who has to be the one to think, "I GOTTA POST THIS ON THE MGOBOARD NOW!"


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In all fairness, running away from an explosion is a reasonably natural reaction.  Also, if it was one guy, the bomber would have been able to detonate the two different bombs in a manner that would have allowed him to casually walk away and not be in harms way.  

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Things that are being pointed out by experts/reporters on cnn/news sources.  They also have department store survellaince and news footage that is aiding in identifying a POSSIBLE supsect (seen dropping the bomb, from what is being reported).  CNN is backtracking and saying they have identified a suspect on film, or rather identified an indivual, but have not confirmed who that person is at this point.  Again, 5PM PRESS CONFERENCE, stay tuned.

Again, I agree it's hard to assume anything from that photo.  It was just an unusual reaction from that one individual the moment it went off and everyone else is going down, holding their ears. 


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And I appreciate when there is REAL breaking news (like this...not OSU's athletic director farted at a news conference today) when it gets put up here, because sometimes if you're reading thorugh it you don't get the outside news. I learned to get out of here and go check some news about the original bombing, having just gotten out of a meeting and clicking in to see if there was any Michigan news.

Just give us something that makes it post worthy too.  Better late than never. (Though the other guy's comment is right....if you practice the edit function when you're not on a mobile you'll get a lot less grief over it, because it won't be posts that should be in the OP, and multiple short thoughts one after the other. It's good advice. And if you've been replied and can't edit it, it's a good excuse for the new post then).


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I wish they had statistics in news/media so you could keep track of who broke what story first and if their information ended up being accurate, incomplete, etc. You could come up with a reliability index for major outlets. I just see too much garbage to get clicks and be the first to break. Being realistic, even if something like this was created I don't think any major news organization would accept it because most of them are doing just fine without any oversight or ethics.


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AP says the suspect is expected in federal court soon. Link


Honestly, I dont want him/her arrested, just done away with so tax dollars are not spent defending him/her/it in court.


Next, find his/her friends that were involved and annihlate them as well.


Please dont put thier freaking parents on TV to tell us how good they are and that they are just misunderstood.