OT: Favorite Michigan QB

Submitted by M3chagodzill4 on November 12th, 2015 at 4:31 PM

It's been about 2 years since the last one, so... Who ya got?

I'll start off with mine.



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As a photographer and photo editor, I guarantee it looks slightly different on EVERY computer screen...

I'll touch up the white balance, lighting, color balance, saturation, vibrancy for 5-10 minutes to get a picture juuuust right on my screen and then remind myself "every phone screen/computer monitor is calibrated differently" resulting in a *headdesk*... I've since developed a quick-edit process that probably looks just as good to most people...

Ghost of Fritz…

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the shade of 'maize' has shifted a LOT.

Check out the opening post picture of Navarre.  The maize in his uniform is very different from  the maize the Michigan is using this year.  The maize this year is much darker more orangy than in the Navarre photo.

From that photo and many others it is clear that during the Bo-Carr years Michigan maize was several shades lighter and less orangy than what is being used this year.

The maize this year is getting much closer to the shade that Iowa uses in their uniforms.  In the Bo-Carr years the maize was never as close to the color of Iowa's pants as they are this year. 

Pre-Bo it would be hard to know, as the photos often were BW and/or faded.  Even by looking at actual preserved uniforms from the 40s-60s is inaccurate as the colors would shift somewhat due to age. 






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Gardner #2 


These 2 guys were the main reasons why Michigan football survived through the dark ages. They gave it their all even when coaches let them down. Pure class throughout as well. 

It's a shame we will always be asking "what could have been...?" in reference to them. 


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Agreed. What would our record have been in 2010 without Denard? 3-9 again? Would we have had a good rushing attack and a Sugar Bowl victory in 2011 without him? No way. Denard hid deficiencies for years. It's unfortunate that him and Gardner were on so many crappy teams. 

Hail Harbo

November 13th, 2015 at 8:31 AM ^

I don't believe your #1 and #2 have either of those accomplishments, but unlike Dennis Franklin (my #1) and Rick Leach (my #2) they did play for losing programs.  While Rick Leach did lead his team to three Rose Bowls and one Orange Bowl, alas they were all losing efforts.  On the other hand, he did beat Joe Montana under the watchful eye of Touchdown Jesus.


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because he's one of my least favorite QBs. He chose Steinbrenner and the Yankees over us, and Lloyd screwed around with Tom Brady to give Henson PT costing us a chance at another national championship. Brady is my favorite and he was before he became Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady. Kid just had moxie.

I went to undergrad at UofM during the Grbac years. I wouldn't say he's my favorite, but we bonded over those four years.

Leach was the first QB I can remember, so he gets votes for favorite QB. Demetrious Brown of the 7 INT game against STAEE is not one of my favorites. Michael Taylor and John Wangler are in my brother's top 3, most likely. Not bad choices either.

Griese is the only UofM QB I ever talked to. He wanted to play on the co-ed softball team I managed, but we already had 11 guys on the roster for 5 positions. I've got to draw the line somewhere.


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The kid chased a dream and money. Can't say I blame him... But I do. I just enjoyed watching him hit people in the numbers with a 100mph fastball in stride. For me it is the arm equivalent of Shoelaces's break neck speed


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He was also the first QB that started who was signed after I left UofM. I had already moved to California by the time Tom started, but he was on the team while I was a student. Henson represented the next generation, and he didn't stick around for what could have been a great year. He also had all that hype surrounding him - not his fault - but I prefer that guys earn their accolades on the field. He eventually had some good numbers, but I don't think he lived up to the GOAT-level hype he was getting.

Chitown Kev

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'cause Leach is the first Michigan QB that I can remember.

My head and my heart says Jim Harbaugh or Brian Griese.

My head should say Tom Brady for obvious reasons...so many to choose from!