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Since I'll be consuming copious amounts of bourbon this fall looking for any suggestions.  I really like Basil Hayden's, but it lacks the sweetness to drink it on the rocks.  

And for those who don't know we should all be boycotting Maker's Mark because of this: http://mgoblog.com/content/need-whiskey-boycott



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Bourbon is my drink of choice.  My favorite by far is Bakers.  Many places get confused when i ask for it and think I mean Makers Mark.  Bakers is in the same category as Basil Hayden's and Bookers, but I think it is a little sweeter which makes it easier to drink on the rocks.  I drink it that way or make it a Bourbon press and had a splash of 7 and a splash of soda.  Great drink.  Blantons is very good as well, but overall, I have yet to find a better tasting bourbon than Bakers. 

By the way Scotch and Bourbon although cousins of some sort, are polar opposites as far as I am concerned.  The only interesting significance is that Scotch is now stored in old Bourbon barrels.  They are shipped to Scotland from America after being used.


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Not sure how true that is, but maybe.  The reason I say that is Scotch was made long before Bourbon was.  My understanding from talking with some bartenders in Scotland a few weeks ago is that Scotch barrels can be used multiple times and buying them used is much cheaper than new ones each time.  Bourbon barrels on the other hand can only be used once.  Not sure if that is government only allowing one use or the distillers only wanting to use the barrels once.


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The legal (?) restriction that requires bourbon (like all American whiskeys, including Tennessee whiskey) to only be aged in new oak barrels does not also constrain Scotch distillers. However, some Scotch distillers have taken to a "finish" in wine barrels, sherry casks,etc., which imparts some of the character of those spirits and beverages.

Flying Dutchman

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Knob Creek is great.

Basil Hayden's is great.

Booker's is great.

Buffalo Trace is great AND inexpensive!  Love it.


I'll take mine on the rocks.   I'm a long time lover of Maker's Mark, but I'll give them a one-year penalty for that stupid billboard.   After this year they won't be able to make a billboard like that.


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Cheap and sweet:  Old Taylor

"Value" -- Elijah Craig 12 year.  (Bulliet and Rebel Yell are also good, but not as good at least to me)  Eagle Rare 12 is also great, but a bit more expensive ($30/fifth).

Expensive -- Sazarac 18 (rye not bourbon) or Eagle Rare 18yr  for bourbon. 

Good Tasting, My Friend.

Magnum P.I.

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Willet is making the best stuff right now, in my opinion. They're involved in Rowan's Creek, which someone mentioned above. My favorite is their brand name stuff:


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I lived in the land of Bourbon for a number of years, and if you really want a good one and money isn't tight, try the Pappy VanWinkle 23 year.  Fantastic stuff but the last I looked, a fifth was in the $80 range.  For more manageable pricing, you can't go wrong with Woodford Reserve.

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Because it was Keith Richard's favorite.  Made sense to me at the time.  Even though I did not try everythning that Keith Richard tried just because Keith Richard did it.  I think it was just "product placement" before anybody had invented the term.  Rebel Yell was also nearly impossible to find north of the Mason-Dixon line, which made it all the more attractive.

This is such a tasty thread, with such good sugestions.

Only thing is, boys and girls, I don't plan on many sobbing weekends of teary bourbons.  I was thinking more in terms of choices for victory cigars.  We had two freshman QB's last year, and went 4-0 until Tate got hurt.  Tate's freshmanness was not the problem.  We can put serviceable CB's on the field, and win games.


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Expensive, but worth every penny.

Pappy Van Winkles 15 year old if you are on a budget.  

Both are 98 points at the Beverage Tasting Institute.  The 12 year old Special Reserve was a 99 point bourbon.


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Basil Hayden's is too light for me, not a great bourbon at its price point. I feel the same way about Blantons, although it is certainly tasty. For drinking straight, I'm a fan of Eagle Rare,  Buffalo Trace, and the new Maker's 46. On the rocks, my current favorites are Wild Turkey Rare Breed and Kentucky Spirit, as well as Bakers. I discovered that Kentucky Spirit is in fact smooth enough to drink straight when your starting corner's ankle explodes.

Note that "on the rocks" should mean "one or two cubes" and I tolerate it mostly because it is so bloody hot down here in Arizona. Just enough to give light chill and take a little of the fire off of barrel proof (100+) bourbons, which are really made for drinking lightly diluted. Drinking good bourbon ice cold is a travesty - really murders a lot of the more subtle flavors.